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Posted in Reviews by Patricia on September 8, 2022

iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island

The iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island is one of Apple’s most unexpected innovations unveiled during the Far Out keynote. It’s the first major design change to the notch the iPhone has been equipped with ever since the Home Button was ditched in favor of an all-screen display format.

What Is The iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island?

iphone 14 pro dynamic island music controls
It’s a pill-shaped cutout at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max screen that has both hardware and software functionality. It’s a smaller, animated notch!

It replaces the traditional notch by taking up less space thanks to a re-engineered proximity sensor that has been placed under the screen to save space.

31% Smaller is the TrueDepth camera system making the dynamic island smaller in size than the traditional notch.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island vs Notch

iphone 14 pro dynamic island hardware layout
The biggest change is not the reduced size, but the fact that the dynamic island is glanceable, interactive and shape-changing.

Advanced display algorithms make the new iPhone 14 Pro notch responsive to tap, swipe and hold gestures.

It’s able to integrate notifications and activities into an interactive island available at the top of the screen.

It works with both stock and third-party apps to surface the info that you need when you need it.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Features

iphone 14 pro dynamic island apps

  • The new notch is able to expand fluidly to show a notification about an ongoing Live Activity and then shrinks back into place.
  • It’s also able to show your next turn in Maps.
  • Touch & hold it to control music playback.
  • Stay updated about the status of your ride while you continue to browse your iPhone and multitasking in a stylish way.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island changes it’s shape when you authenticate with Face ID.
  • The new notch can split and show info from two distinct apps or activities as seen in the nearby screenshots:
    iPhone 14 pro dynamic island splits
  • Fact: The new animated notch is only available with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models!

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Video

Take a better look at how the new iPhone 14 notch works in the video embedded below:

iPhone 14 Dynamic Island Apps

iPhone 14 dynamic island shapes
Here you have a list of apps that have updated and provide support for the new notch:

Stock iOS 16 Apps

  • Apple Music
  • Phone App
  • FaceTime
  • Apple Maps
  • Clock
  • Wallet
  • AirDrop
  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

Third Party Apps

  • Lyft
  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Gif

Also check this animated image to better understand its functionality:

iphone 14 pro notch animation

iPhone 14 pro notch animation

Dynamic Island & Privacy Indicators

The camera (green dot) and microphone (orange dot) indicators are displayed within the island when it’s not in use by apps as seen in the screenshot embedded below:
camera indicator in dynamic island

However, when the dynamic island is displaying info from a compatible app, the privacy indicators show up outside of the notch as pictured below:
iphone 14 dynamic island microphone indicator

What’s your take on the new iPhone 14 dynamic island? Does it convince you to upgrade? Have you already tested it? Share your feedback in the comments.

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