iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues.

Dealing with the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue? Are the new Apple flagships getting too hot to hold in hand while performing intensive and even medium tasks? iPhone 15 Pro Max heat issues when using the Camera or playing music in the background?

iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issues?

This unexpected behavior has been initially reported by JayJay:

“Device doesn’t seem able to cool down properly. it’s overheating very easy, when performing basic multitasking like typing messages while listening to music in the background!”

It appears to be a hot problem! We found numerous iPhone 15 Pro overheating complaints on various websites including Reddit:

  • 1: “I’ve been experiencing heat issues when using the camera or even when simply having music playing in the background.”
  • 2: “My iPhone 15 Pro throttled when charging overnight last night. Never heard to do that on my 14 pro max.”
  • 3: “Listening to Spotify while using iMessage and it’s uncomfortably hot in my hands caseless. Even with a case it’s quite warm. This is pretty alarming as I’ve owned every iPhone since the 6 and never experienced this type of issue.”
  • 4: “I’ve noticed when charging iPhone 15 Pro Max gets hot super quick.”
  • 5: “My iPhone 15 pro is constantly warm! Photos and videos make it super hot, charging makes it super hot, using it for YouTube and social media is also warm.”

iPhone 15 Pro Not Too Hot For Others

To be fair, we also have to showcase the other side of the story. There are plenty 15 Pro / 15 Pro Max owners that are not experiencing the overheating phenomenon:

  • 1: “Mine isn’t getting hot at all even with MagSafe charging.”
  • 2: “So far no issues. Only when I was restoring from iCloud it was heating, but that makes sense.”
  • 3: “I was charging with a 30w charger and the 15 would heat up. No issues with the iPhone 20w charger.”
  • 4: “For me, it’s cooler to hold than my 14 Pro because I feel like the heat is spread out more and the sides get hot as well, which I can’t feel much of because of the case.”
  • 5: “I’m on the 15 pro max. Absolutely no heating issues so far (outside of initial set up). I’m surprised that there are so many reports with battery life and heating.”

iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Facts

Here are some of the conclusions that stand out after reading dozens of reports about this issue:

  • Devices seem to get hot in the left side, next to the volume buttons in the proximity of the CPU.
  • The new A17 chip that equips that new iPhone 15 Series doesn’t seem to be very efficient when it comes to heat management.
  • Titanium appears to be a poor heat conductor, so the new case of the 15 Pro models doesn’t seem able to disipate the heat as efficient as the older models.
  • Fact: The strange part is that not all users are complaining about iPhone 15 overheating episodes. This hints that there must be a chain of factors that lead to temperature increase.

How To Fix iPhone 15 Pro Overheating

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do at the moment excepting usage limitations when the device gets hot!

Apple might address this in an upcoming software update. If we’re dealing with a design flaw (hardware issue) there isn’t much that can be done excepting CPU throttling via software.

In the meantime try to apply the following:

1. Avoid Multitasking

This is a dealbreaker, but if you will that your device gets hot to touch, you should stop from multitasking. Even simple tasks like browsing Safari or messaging while charing or listening to music, should be stopped.

2. Avoid MagSafe Charging

If iPhone 15 gets hot while charing. Use the USB-C charger instead of MagSafe.

Tip: Also avoid the 30W charger. Use the 20W instead!

3. Avoid Hot Environments

Limit the usage of your device when in a hot environment.

Tip: Avoid exposing your iPhone to the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Have you managed to fix iPhone 15 Pro overheating episodes? Do you have a better solution or additional questions to ask? Use the comments section!

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