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Posted in TILs by Mary on December 2, 2022

iPhone battery 101 percent in status bar!

iPhone battery 101 percent charge in status bar? Battery charging past 100% if you keep your device plugged in for a longer time? Experiencing dramatic draining after unplugging? Device shuts down unexpectedly?

iPhone Battery 101 Percent Charge?

We’ve recently seen this issue reported on Reddit:

“How is my phone charging past 100%?”

Are you encountering the same unexpected charging behavior? Share it please in the comments as we’re curious to find out is this is a real issue encountered by others or just a jailbreak tweak.

How To Fix iPhone Charging Past 100 Percent

If you’re really encountering this reading, it’s most likely caused by a battery calibration problem. You either replaced the battery of your device with a non-genuine part, or you haven’t used your iPhone in a long time!

1. Calibrate iPhone Battery

  • Use your device until power drains to zero.
  • Charge it back to 100%.
  • Deplete the battery again completely and charge it back fully.
  • Repeat this a couple of times and check if the battery calibrates.

2. Use Genuine Battery

If the problem persists and your device is also experiencing other issues like inconsistent screen on times, unexpected power offs or extreme battery drain, you should most likely switch for a genuine Apple replacement battery.

Have you managed to fix iPhone battery 101 percent charge? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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