iPhone Time Lapse Lagging When Recording In iOS 16? Fix?

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Vlad on January 22, 2023

Time Lapse lagging on iPhone

Time Lapse lagging on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Issue only occurs when recording, but the actual video plays normally? It happens only when using front facing camera or also with main camera?

Time Lapse Lagging iOS 16 Bug?

This unexpected behavior has been reported by Pau (iOS 16.2):

“I have an iphone 14 plus. I only have issue (camera lag) with using the time lapse. I have updated my IOS to the latest software but still not fixed.”

We could replicate this issue only when recording time lapse in low light conditions. More, we’ve noticed that the screen lags only when AE/AF Lock is enabled!

We’ve seen many similar complaints on Apple’s Discussion forums:

“Laggy time lapse recording after updating to IOS 16. When I put the phone down, the screen starts lagging.”


“Why when i’m filming at time-lapse mode my iPhone 13Pro it gets the screen lagging only when the phone is at rest.”


“I have a question about time lapse. When i use it, it is really really laggy. If i put my phone on any surface and start to film, video is not saved and on if i film on back camera it is saved.”

How To Fix Time Lapse Lagging On iPhone

If you’re experiencing this issue please try the following to troubleshoot:

1. Toggle AE/AF Lock Off

We’ve noticed that time lapse lags during recording when AE/AF Lock is enabled:

  • Swipe from the Time Lapse mode to another mode and return, in order to get rid of the AE/AF Lock.
  • Start time lapse. Does it still lag?

2. Turn On Prioritize Faster Shooting

A Reddit user informs that he managed to stop time lapse lagging by enabling the following Camera setting:

  • 1. Open Settings and scroll for Camera.
  • 2. Turn On Prioritize Faster Shooting. Does it help you too?

3. Update To iOS 16.3

This bug has been reported since the early iOS 16 versions. Some users confirmed that it’s been fixed by the iOS 16.2 update, but others are still experiencing it.

Apple will release iOS 16.3 on Monday, January 23. We recommend you to update to this latest build and inform us if it fixes the time lapse lag on your iPhone camera!

Did you manage to fix time lapse lag on iPhone in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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