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Posted in TILs by Tyrone on October 26, 2022

Login Item Added notification

Is the Login Item Added notification showing up on Mac every time you open an app after updating to macOS Ventura? Notification is recurring even if you keep the app added to the Login Items in System Settings?

Login Item Added Notification Error

This issue has been reported by guitarmarketing:

“The problem is that i’m getting ‘login item added’ notification every time i open apps like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This seems to be a bug.”

We’ve found similar complaints on Reddit:

“Everytime I open an app on Ventura it adds it to “Open at Login” Why?”

How To Fix Login Item Notification Reoccurring

Apparently, these alerts are triggered by certain extensions that might come with a launch agent that’s not optimized for macOS Ventura.

For example, it seems that the Microsoft Edge app triggers the Login notifications when the Clockify extension is in use. Remove the time tracker extension to stop the recurring alerts! (Thanks Create-An-Account for the fix.)

Fix: Another extension that’s triggering repeated Login Item notifications is PayPal Honey. (Thanks twingeofregret.)

Turn it Off in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to get rid of the annoying alerts.

Have you managed to stop recurring Login Item Added notifications? Do you have a better solution or more questions? Share your feedback in the comments.

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