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Posted in Freebies by Patricia on January 17, 2023

M2 MacBook Pro wallpaper

Looking to download the new M2 MacBook Pro wallpapers? Apple has released two new Macs today powered by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips and we already have the pink and green wallpapers used in the mini keynote!

M2 MacBook Pro Wallpapers

Below you can download the low resolution wallpapers that Apple showcased in the M2 MacBook Pro keynote:

M2 Pro MacBook Wallpaper

m2 macbook pro wallpaper green

M2 Max MacBook Pro Wallpaper

m2 max macbook pro wallpaper

Source: Google Photos.

M2 MacBook Pro Wallpapers HQ

If you’re looking for the high quality, 4K resolution, it will be updated here soon:

M2 Pro MacBook Wallpaper 4K

To be updated!

M2 Max MacBook Pro Wallpaper 4K

To be updated!

Do you like the new M2 MacBook backgrounds? Do you plan to download and use them on your own non-M2 device? Share your feedback in the comments.

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