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Posted in TILs by Tyrone on November 2, 2022

MacBook Air overheats when gaming

Is your Macbook heating up when playing games and not only? Does this happen after updating to macOS Ventura? You’re wondering if it’s safe to continue gaming or you should better stop?

MacBook Heating Up While Gaming?

This issue has been reported by Dominic:

“Macbook air m1 heating up when playing games after i updated to Ventura! Is this normal?”

We’ve found a similar complaint on Reddit:

“I’ve tried playing dota 2 on my mac, it runs smoothly. But the issue is the computer becomes really hot… Is it okay to keep playing?”

Fact: macOS Ventura will automatically reduce the CPU and limit the clock frequency to allow your Mac to cool down. More, if the machine gets dangerously hot it will shutdown!

Important: Although there’s no imminent danger to continue gaming when Mac overheats, if you’re gaming on a MacBook you should be aware that constant heating up will reduce the battery life, because Li-ion batteries degrade faster when they overheat.

How to fix Mac Overheating in macOS Ventura

In most cases it’s normal for notebooks to heat up when playing games or performing other resource intensive tasks.

If you feel that your MacBook is getting hot faster than usual you should check the Mac App Store for updates on games that your playing.

Most apps might not be fully updated with macOS Ventura integration and this could lead to overheating.

Tip: If you’re an avid game we also recommend you to use a MacBook cooling pad:

Are you still experiencing macOS Ventura overheating problems? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments.

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