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Posted in News by Tyrone on June 7, 2022

macOS Ventura Beta

Apple has seeded the first macOS Ventura Beta for Developers. It’s labeled macOS 13 Developer Beta and has build number 22A5266r. You can install it on any Mac or MacBook that’s compatible with macOS Ventura.

macOS Ventura Beta Download

Before proceeding please be aware that these initial test versions are very buggy and lack in performance. We don’t recommend you to install them on your main computer.

Also, do perform a full computer backup via Time Machine as described here.

1. macOS Ventura Beta Profile Download

The first step requires you to enroll your Mac to the macOS 13 Developer Beta program. This is done by downloading the appropriate configuration profile from your Apple Developer account.

download macOS Ventura beta profile

download macOS Ventura beta profile

How To:

  • Sign In with your Apple ID and confirm with two-factor authentication.
  • Join the Apple Developer Program by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Select macOS from the available OS listed horizontally in the upper part of the page.
  • Click on Download, found in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll down and click the macOS Ventura Install Profile button. The file will be automatically downloaded to your Mac.

Fact: If you’re not a paying Apple Developer, you can still download the macOS 13 Beta Profile from third-party websites. However, we don’t recommend this path.

2. Install macOS Ventura Beta Profile

install macOS Ventura beta profile

  • Open Downloads and double-click on the macOS Ventura Developer Beta Access Utility .dmg file.
  • Double-click the freshly deployed macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg file, to start the installer./li>
  • Click Continue twice, and Agree with Apple’s terms.
  • Confirm the hard drive for installation and click on Install.
  • Provide your admin password to authenticate the installation.
  • The Installation was successful message should be displayed on your screen. Close the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility window.

3. Install macOS 13 Beta For Developers

macos 13 beta for Developers

macOS Ventura Beta Release Notes

The macOS 13 Beta release notes focus on new features available for Developers as well as known issues and their workarounds. Some of them are listed below:

  • Accessory Security – new USB and Thunderbolt accessories require user approval before the accessory can communicate with macOS.
  • Calendar – ‘Enable this account’ checkbox doesn’t work for some account types like iCloud or Google. (Workaround: Enable/Disable Calendar accounts from System Settings -> Internet Accounts)
  • Clock app issue prevents user from typing a digit into the timer hour, minute or second fields. (Workaround: Press up or down arrow key and then type the digit.)
  • Mail – you have to wait up to 24 hours after updating to iOS 16 b and iPadOS 16 beta until the search function works properly.

    Also in Mail, searching for ‘me’ doesn’t provide suggestions for yourself or your ‘me. card. (Workaround: Search for your email address instead)

  • Safari – Reordering a Shared Tab Group by one user, causes that Tab Group to reorder for every user in the share.
  • Stocks – The Stocks watchlist widget incorrectly shows Watchlist Deleted, although the watchlist is present in the app. (Workaround: Remove and re-add widget.)
  • Wallet – Automatic Payments are only supported for Visa and Discover payment networks. Mastercard and Amex aren’t currently supported.
  • Fact: To check out the full release notes please read Apple’s official article.

macOS Ventura Beta Features

macOS 13 brings an impressive amount of new features and enhancements to your Mac. Below you can find those highlighted by Apple during the keynote:
macos Ventura features

macOS Ventura Beta Bugs

Have you updated Mac to macOS 13 Beta? What’s your feedback? Have you spotted any other features or bugs not mentioned in this article? Share it in the comments and we’ll update it in the article.

Related: Apple has also rolled out iOS 16 Beta (20A5283p), iPadOS 16 beta (20A5283p), watchOS 9 Beta (20R5287q) and tvOS 16 (20J5299n).

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