macOS Ventura Freezing Frequently? Mac Unresponsive? (Fix?)

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Tyrone on November 4, 2022

macOS Ventura freezing

Is macOS Ventura freezing your System frequently after update from Monterey? Mac unresponsive for several minute at a time? Mouse cursor continues to move on the screen but no input is registered? This happens even when you’re not performing heavy computation?

macOS Ventura Freezing Frequently

This issue has been reported by Lily:

“System freezes repeatedly after Ventura update. I have to wait for minutes for the Mac to become responsive again!”

and confirmed by Tim S. over email:

“System freezes without any reason.”

We’ve found similar complaints on Reddit too:

“System just freezes for few minutes (5-10 minutes usually), you can only move your mouse, but you can’t do anything else. Eventually, it returns to a normal state. I’m using MacBook Pro 16, M1 Max and it’s really annoying.”

How To Fix macOS Ventura System Freezes

You can unfreeze your Mac by restarting it. However, with the system blocked and unresponsive you can perform a reboot from the menu bar.

You have to press & hold the Power button until the computer shuts off. Wait a few seconds and press the Power Button again to start your Mac.

Fact: This troubleshooting sequence might cause you to lose unsaved changes in open documents. If you can’t afford that, better be patient a couple of minutes until macOS Ventura unfreezes itself.

How To Prevent System Freezing in macOS Ventura

It’s always better to prevent than fix. You can try to find the root of this problem by running the following Terminal command:

  • 1. Open Terminal using Spotlight Search (command + space and search for Terminal).
  • 2. Copy, paste and execute: systemextensionsctl list
  • Fact: This command will reveal third-party extensions running on your Mac. If these extensions haven’t been fine tuned for macOS Ventura freezing episodes might occur.

    Apparently extensions like Endpoint Security System, Karabiner Elements and Ad Guard could generate freezes. Have you discovered other problematic extensions? Share them in the comments!

    Thanks Code-Financial for this tip.

Have you managed to fix Mac freezing in macOS Ventura? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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