macOS Ventura Login Screen Loading Forever? (Fix!)

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Posted in News, TILs by Vlad on November 1, 2022

macOS Ventura login screen loading

macOS Ventura login screen stuck on loading? You’re trying to sign into your Mac but the loading bar takes forever to complete? You type the account’s password and it takes more than one minute for the login process to complete?

macOS Ventura Login Taking Too Long?

This problem has been reported by Mia:

“Signing into my Mac takes a long time after the Ventura update. A progress bar is shown. Is this normal?”

We’ve found a similar complaint on Reddit:

“M2 MacBook Air taking for ever to sign in!”

How To Fix macOS Ventura Loading Login

Macs especially those packing Apple Silicon chips are known for their instant wakeup times and quick login interface. However, it seems that in these cases, the computer is performing additional scans!

In this case the culprit seems to be the FileVault security option. If it’s enabled on your computer, data is encrypted for protection and log-in will take longer.

If you’ve accidentally enabled it and don’t really need it you can easily disable it in:
System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> FileVault (Thanks Snooklefloop for the fix!)

Does this help? Is the login process in macOS Ventura still taking too long to complete? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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