macOS Ventura Printing Problems? Printer Not Working?


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Posted in Bug Fixes, Errors and Issues by Tyrone on November 26, 2022

macOS Ventura printing problems

Are you experiencing macOS Ventura printing problems? Printer stopped working after updating to macOS 13 and 13.0.1 versions? Unable to configure printer, drivers missing? You’re not alone. Report your problem here.

macOS Ventura Printing Problems

In this article we plan to cover common as well as rare macOS 13 printing issues. Please report yours in the comments and we will list it here together with any available workarounds.

Try to provide as many details as possible (exact Ventura version, Mac model as well as any errors that might occur):

  • 1. Printer stopped working after Ventura update. Reported by Lori (HP PRINTER 7640).
    Fix: To be updated!
  • 2. Printer not showing, disappearing after receiving a print job. Reported by stuporman86 (HP 9018e, HP 8025e).
  • 3. Printer drivers not available in macOS Ventura. Reported by beast_within_me (Samsung SCX-3401)
    Workaround: Try a generic PCL or postscript driver available in System Settings -> Printers & Scanners -> Add, Printer, Scanner or Fax.
  • 4. Error printing PDF files via Airprint in macOS Ventura. Reported by NapoleonHeckYes (Samsung M2070)
  • 5. To be updated!

Fact: Apple is currently beta testing macOS 13.1 with new features and bug fixes. This software update is expected in December alongside iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, watchOS 9.2, tvOS 16.2 and HomePod OS 16.2.

Tip: However, you can install the 13.1 public beta now, if you’re curious to find out if the macOS Ventura printing problems will be solved in the next update.

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