macOS Ventura System Settings Problems, Shortcuts, Requests

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Posted in Reviews by Tyrone on October 26, 2022

System Settings macOS Ventura

The macOS Ventura System Settings represent the biggest UI change in macOS 13. The old System Preferences section has been totally revamped and reconfigured in the style of the iPadOS 16 Settings app.

Let’s check out the common problems, improve the experience with shortcuts and voice out expected updates!

macOS Ventura System Settings Problems

In this section we list all issues reported for this macOS 13 app, along with available fixes and workarounds:

  • 1. System Settings window can’t be expanded horizontally. You can only enlarge it vertically. This is a dealbreaker because the Mac screen is much wider than the iPad or iPhone one.
  • 2. System Settings loads slow when you initially open the app.
  • 3. To be updated! (Contribute with bug reports in the comments. We submit feedback to Apple daily!)

macOS Ventura System Settings Shortcuts

Improve your experience with this revamped macOS 13 app with the help of the following shortcuts:

  • 1. option + F2 combo opens up the Displays menu in System Settings.
    system settings displays shortcut
  • 2. command + space combo brings up Spotlight Search. Type “s” and System Settings will instantly show up as a suggest result. Press Return key to open the app.
    system settings spotlight search
  • 3. command + H shortcut can be used to hide System Settings.
  • 4. command + Q combo is available when you want to quit the app.
  • To be updated! (Are we missing a shortcut? Share it in the comments)

macOS Ventura System Settings Feature Requests

Missing functionality from the old System Preferences app is listed here:

  • To be updated! (You’re not finding an option? Report it in the comments!)

Conclusion: Opinions are split when it comes to the new Mac system settings. While some love the change and consider it very intuitive others hate it because it’s not tailored to the Mac’s needs!

How do you find the new macOS Ventura System Settings app? Help us fine tune it by sharing your feedback in the comments!

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