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The Mandalorian Season 1 & 2 DVD Set

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Another hit for the Star Wars saga

I loved the continuing stories in the Star Wars saga. I can’t wait for the next season.

action packed series.

a movie with a lot of action but without a plot is not something i enjoy – but this series has both and is very good.

It is the real thing but poor video quality

I was surprised this is the actual shows from Disney+. This dvd has 1990 quality but if are not ever going to have D+ You probably won’t mind. I give this 4⭐️s. The only negative is not great HD. It is a great watch for any StarWars fan. All in all I recommend.

Excellent series, excellent DVDs

If you haven’t yet experienced The Mandalorian, you need to get this season 1 and 2 set and sit back and enjoy some of the best Star Wars content since The Empire Strikes Back. Djin Jarin is the Mandalorian. He is so well known only by his race’s Mandalorian moniker, almost no one calls him by his real name. He is far more than the average bounty hunter and has a heart of gold. He gets word of a bounty with such mystery and intrigue and the highest reward of any bounty ever in his parcek, he feels he has no choice but to accept the job. But it is quite a challenge, not because it is a particularly difficult or dangerous alien to procure, but because so many others are seeking the same bounty…a small child resembling Yoda. What ensues is a tale of courage, bravery and love… and of course adventure beyond imagining. The DVD set is good, but you may want to change the settings on your TV to ‘movie’ before viewing, if your tv has that option. That will ensure you get the full cinematic experience. Some darker scenes may make it difficult to see the definition of the screen if you are in standard mode on your TV but movie mode fixes it. Also, be sure your DVD player volume is turned up and you are using your full 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound if you have it and not just 2 channel. There is a lot going on at times and having the full surround sound experience is definitely worthwhile here. My speakers on either side of the room and in back really got a workout in some scenes.

Great series. Bad format

This is better than the disney star wars. Simple clean good story line good actors. The only problem is in the disc formats. Wont scan properly from scene to scene. Wont go to specific epidodes. Cant use the menu at all. But just start from the beginming of the disc and you csn slowely click past one session to the next. Its dooable but not right or at all convenient.
I dont care. Its the complete movie and thats what i want.

Mandalorian 1&2 (DVD)Mandalorian 1&2 (DVD) 4.6 View On Amazon

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