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4.7 out of 5 stars

Product Description

The Munchkin Snack Catcher is a handy little gadget that prevents kids from leaving their lunch unattended. The Snack Catcher comes with a durable, plastic tube that attaches to the open end of a water bottle or lunchbox. It works by sliding over the top of a lunch bag, water bottle, or lunchbox, latching onto the bag or bottle, and sealing the opening where the bag or bottle rests on top. The tube serves as a mini-refrigerator, keeping the bag or bottle cold and fresh until the Snack Catcher’s trigger mechanism is pulled and the bag or bottle is resealed. The Snack Catcher also comes with two clear, plastic cups with a sliding lid, which clip onto the Snack Catcher’s tubing and could be used to carry snacks, drink mixers, or condiments. Why settle for those boring reusable bags when you can have something more fun and adorable? This cute munchkin snack catcher by Skip Hop is a fun and functional way to curb those snack attacks. Made of durable silicone, this snack catcher is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Brand Story

By Munchkin

Facts About Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green

can you get replacement lids?

Good Afternoon, we don’t currently make/sell replacement parts for the Munchkin Snack Catcher. Please reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team directly for further assistance on this issue. Phone: 800.344.2229 or SMS: 805.344.2229

How can you label these? I need adding name, contents and dates on these for daycare. Thank you.

Check Mabels Labels. They have stickers you can order that I have on bottles and can go through the dishwater. They may have ones that have dry erase? If not you could use making or painters tape and make your own labels.

Were these cups inspired by that one SAW trap?

As a full time dragon, I can CONFIRM these were modeled after the trap we all witnessed on SAW.

How to use this product?

Good afternoon Bruce, to use our Munchkin Snack Catcher, remove the top lid, fill it up with your toddlers favorite snack, place the top lid back on and enjoy! Your toddler can access snacks through the soft flaps.

If it is on prime why is it taking 1 to 2 months to ship?

Could be based on location ( if shipping from another country

Is this product recyclable?

Good morning Ben, please kindly reach out to your local Waste Management to confirm if the Munchkin Snack Catcher are recyclable as each city differs.

is the lid plastic or some kind of silicone/rubber ? It seems like it would pinch fingers or hurt your hand squeezing it through the lid

It does not hurt fingers at all very soft flexible material would definitely recommend for your little one

What material is this product made of?

Good afternoon, for all material inquiries regarding the Munchkin Snack Catcher, please kindly reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team directly. Phone: 800.344.2229 Text: 805.344.2229 Email: [email protected]

Why does the pink/purple version cost twice as much as the blue/green?

Actually it’s because pink plastic is more expensive to produce. Almost all pink options for all products, baby or adult, are more expensive.

Is this made from recycled plastic?

Good morning Brooke, The Munchkin Snack Catcher is made of Polypropylene and Silicone. The surface elements used on the product fall within the acceptable standards as currently defined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International.

Is the product harmful to children’s health?

Good afternoon Ralph, the Munchkin Snack Catcher is safe to use. At Munchkin we conduct thorough testing on all products, for all regulatory requirements.

Where is this made

Good morning Haelee, The Munchkin Snack Catcher is made in China.

Can I sterilize the cover and bottom?

Hi… How are you??
– Do not take this product to the (microwave). … Hi… How are you??
– Do not take this product to the (microwave).
– Do not boil or steam sterilize.
– Can be washed with mild soap and water.
– Dishwasher safe

Can a 3 year old possibly take off the lid by himself?

Yes, my 1 year old was able to take the lid off on day 2! Kinda defeats the purpose of the container!

Can adults use this for sliced fruits?

Good Afternoon Tabby, the Munchkin Snack Catcher would work great for sliced fruit with adults or kids!

Info About Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green (Reviews From Amazon)

These things rock, slap a cheapo carabiner on them and its perfect.

These things are a lifesaver for a toddler on the go. I throw a cheapo dollar store carabiner on them and its perfect. I use these every day at the store as a easy way to keep my kiddo happy. The carabiner makes sure that when he gets bored or tries to get my attention that it doesn’t get tossed overboard when I’m not looking (secured to seatbelt in shopping cart). Great size for most dry treats, keeps them off the floor and is a nice little diversion. The material is soft on the top so it won’t hurt little hands but provides plenty of positive containment for the goods inside. Cleaning is a snap, just a quick wipe down usually, but I’ve thrown them in the dishwasher too when more heavily soiled. Great buy, and huge mess saver.

Very useful for independent, wandering snakers!

My one-year-old granddaughter is a free-range snaker. She’s a very busy kid who is always on the move. Before these, there was often a trail of PF Goldfish or yogurt bites or whatever she was eating that left a trail across the floor. These contain her snacks and she loves toting one from place to place. If you held one upside down and shook it, you might have one or two things come out, but for the most part it secures the contents very well. Obviously larger snacks like Cheezits would be less likely to find their was out accidentally than tiny things, but we have put all kinds of dry snacks in these and they work great. Easy to clean. Bought a set for our 7-month-old granddaughter since her older cousin (and her parents) loves them so much.

Must Have!

These are perfect for my constantly grazing 10 month old! We spend most of our day in the livingroom or on the go, so strapping him to a high chair isn’t convenient for snacks. I was tired of the constant mess on my floor where I had to vacuum multiple times a day. These little cups are way more convenient for us! My baby can crawl all over the floor as he pleases and drags the cup with him. No spilling, no mess. He loves having a road snack or even just the cup itself and I don’t worry about having to find snacks under my seats or buried into the car seat.

The cups themselves are easy to use. The lid comes off even if you don’t have longer nails and it’s super easy to clean. My child easily reaches through the lid and has even slowed down on his consumption since he can’t shovel handfuls into his mouth.

Other than an occasional snack getting accidentally flung by a lid flap, these cups are the best mess free option!

Great for containing messes and slowing down eating

Bottom Line Up Front: they keep my toddler from throwing an entire jar of snacks all over the floor and I feel like it was money well spent.
Pros: super easy to fill and out the lid back on, easy to clean, easy for my 1.5 year old to understand how to use, can fit a variety of snacks in there and SLOWS down his eating (he used to shove a bunch of things into his mouth at once, now it’s only as many as he can get through the hole). HUGE BONUS I didn’t even think of when buying.
Cons: smaller snacks and crumbs can fall out if you have a crazy snack shaker like I do. They also don’t fit in the cup holder of the stroller (which is obviously not a huge deal but would be nice.
Overall: I’m super happy with my buy. My toddler used to take whatever snack I gave him in a cup or bowl and throw it everywhere. This keeps it contained and slows down his eating.

Lessen the Crumbs! Anger the Dog!

These cups are pretty handy. I’m not a kid person and I NEVER trust toddlers, especially with food. Seeing a toddler holding a bowl of crackers, Goldfish or Cheerios gets my heart racing and I start sweating. You want to give them the opportunity to not spill everything because they forget to keep track of what their right hand is doing, but they well. These cups help make it very difficult to spill dry goods and easy enough to get them out by picking them out one at a time like a normal human being. Not dumping the entire cup on your face and hoping for the best. They are easy to clean and the lids are made of a firm but soft plastic that does not hurt when reaching into the cup. It may take a little time to adjust and understand the cup for some kiddos, but everyone is different. I recommend to anyone wanting to decrease the amount of spills and crumbs. The dog is not a fan because she isn’t able to eat all the dropped food. That is the only downside.

Good to have

This thing is great to put in your backpack for the kids.
It’s not spill “proof” but it keeps snacks in.
It’s great for your 14 month old to be independent with their cheerios. But, there will be cheerios everywhere because the 14 month old grabs a handful and drops just as many as however much makes it in the mouth, lol.

But, in the carseat, or sofa, at least when they are done, the bowl itself is not spilling the snack.
So it’s perfect for the child to hold for sure. An open bowl would have zero snacks left in the bowl.

The mindset on this isn’t that there aren’t spills.
The mindset is that the child can hold it, access snacks, and then toss the bowl without losing all of the snacks.

I love it and I think it’s great.

Fun for all ages…and friends. Furry ones included!

TLDR: Useful for other purposes besides toddlers!

Disclaimer #1: I don’t have any kids. I have 78lb 18 month golden retriever who thinks he is a child.

Disclaimer #2: I am not endorsing having your little ones (2 legged or 4 legged) swapping out baby food for dog food or dog toys for little hooman toys, etc. Please be nice.

Saw this with my cousin’s child, happily chomping in goldfish, self soothing, while Bento sniffed quizzically at the container.

*light bulb moment*

That being said, I have not 1, not 2, but 6 of these containers in my house, in my car, at my sister’s house, stashed behind a bush at my walks. My roommates have them in their room, and there is one on the kitchen table to teach “quiet” when the mailman comes by.

They have endured some quick Bento and Momo chompies when we are training and made getting a quick treat for positive reinforcement super easy. I can easily reach in, while it keeps my dog’s snout, out!

Bento automatically know that these containers hold some sort of magical powers in that there is always something yummy in there.

His hooman mom appreciates that it is mini hooman approved, so I don’t have to fear plastic toxins or that I am storing food in something that might retain stains or smell. I use these instead of dog treat pouches purely for the cleaning purposes. They also fit nicely in a cup holder in the car.

I use this also, in a pinch, to store spare trash bags in the car for all sorts of reasons. Yes, I have even used this for my own snack grabs during the work at home era. No, I have not mistakenly eaten a dog biscuit.

Munchkin should really start looking into the pet industry, because let’s be real, some of the management techniques are transferable and I applaud all little hooman parents after my stint with this potato.

Now, if any hooman parents have ideas on how to train Bento from obsessing over squirrels, hit me up.

Perfect purchase especially for price

These are literally the best snack cups on the market. I bought a pair and loved them so much I came back and bought more. They are a moms save in grace. I put fruit, chips, crackers, and multiple other snacks in these cups and they work like they are suppose to. The cup itself is drop proof plastic (won’t break) and the lid is a rubbery type plastic that allows you to pop it off with ease but flexible enough to allow the child’s hand to enter the cup to pull out the snack without scratching them. The cup top is cut in triangle shapes and holds the food in while the toddler moves about and then can reach in and grab and pull the snack out when they want. The little handles on the sides are a plus. My 1.5 year old loves these. The only downfall is the grooves inside the lid are super difficult to clean all the way to the edges. I put them in the dishwasher and they don’t melt on heat dry. Love em.

Convienant and our son learned how to use these FAST! Don’t sterilize in microwave though!

This is a life saver and keeps my son’s snacks available to him without a huge mess. Some small crumbs fall out so just vacuum up behind them after they’re doesn’t be aware of that (had it on my bed once until I saw crumbs all over), also thear are easy to clean in hot soapy water, we use a microwavable steam sterilizing container on all our baby’s things, mostly, these said dishwasher safe so we assumed steam sterilizer safe, wrong! The lids were warped and melted so you definitely don’t want to use a microwavable steam sterilizer to sterilize these. Hot soapy water is more than enough to get these clean. We love these and we’ve purchased a few packages between accidentally melting the two and our son misplacing them, we take them everywhere between walks, car rides, leave 1 in each car, the stroller, etc etc. These are so convienant for baby’s snacks on the go!!

Not childproof but grandpa proof (also should of gotten sooner)

My son did learn to hack these within 30 mins at 12 months old, but that’s to be expected. These cups were an absolute life saver on a 33 hour road trip. We also take them to church and it helps him through the majority of service now. It’s amazing to see how independent he feels being able to take his little snack cup around the house and eat and he pleases. The dogs have also figured these out but again, to be expected. I’d rather him be able to push a flap down and spill his snacks vs the flaps being too stiff that they hurt him. And if it’s any consolation to those looking for something more “childproof” (which is dumb since the point of this is for toddlers to be able to use) my dad had a heck of a time trying to figure it out-holding a flap up to try to pull out a snack


In conclusion, the Snack Catchers are designed to help parents make better choices when children snack. Fun, convenient and kid-approved, these bags keep snacks fresh while you go on with your day. The Snack Catchers include a sealable top, which makes it easy to transport snacks from your kitchen to your car or from your car to the classroom. The bags also help keep snacks fresh, clean, organized and easy to transport.

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