Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush Full Review 2022

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4.7 out of 5 stars

Product Description

The Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush is designed to help parents clean baby bottles, teats and teats cannulas; it can also be used to clean other baby products including breast pumps, dummies and sippy cups. The brush features a natural sponge and is shaped to fit the top of the bottle, so parents can easily clean baby bottles, teats and teats using one hand. The brush features a rubber handle and comes with a hygienic lid to prevent messy spills. The Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush is available in different colours. Hasbro’s Ultimate Super Soaker is a magical toy. It soaks the pants off all your little monsters. It can throw water farther than you can throw water. It’s basically a toy that can be used for everything. Except, you know… All of the things that the Ultimate Super Soaker can already do: soak, throw, and soak some more. And that’s when you’re the one soaking those pants off little monsters.

Facts About Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush, Pack of 2, Blue

How long/tall is the brush?

7-8 in. Compact/ long enough to clean bottles but do not take up much space – love the screw off nipple cleaner

Are the sponges removable/replaceable?

Good morning, The sponges on the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush are not removable/replaceable at this time. You would need to replace your bottle brush every 30-45 days.

can it be recycled?

Good afternoon! We recommend reaching out to your local waste management to verify if the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush can be recycled.

Do the plastic bristles warp in hot water?

Hi Bailey, the plastic bristles of the Munchkin, Inc. Sponge Bottle Brush should not warp in hot water while doing dishes, however they are not designed to withstand boiling temperatures.

Tell me more about this product !

Good afternoon Roberto, for assistance with the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush, please kindly reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team directly. Phone: 800.344.2229 Text: 805.344.2229 Email: [email protected]

How does it work ?

Works great. I love that the silicone mile brush screws into the handle of the brush for storage and safe keeping.

Can I sterilize these brushes after using them for sometime?

Good morning Prateek, The Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush should be replaced every 30-45 days for sanitation purposes. Unfortunately the Sponge Bottle Brush can not be microwave, boil or steam sterilized but can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Does the 2 pack come with 2 separate packages? Or are they together in one package?

One pack

Does it come with a guarantee?

Good afternoon Rodney, the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush does not come with a guarantee. For further assistance with your bottle brush, please kindly reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team directly. Phone: 800.344.2229 Text: 805.344.2229 Email: [email protected]

does it fit Philip avent nature bottles?

Good afternoon Ivy, Yes, the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush will fit the Phillip Avent Nature bottles.

Will this fit in a Soda Stream bottle?

Good afternoon, the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush has been designed/tested to be used with most standard and angled baby bottles. As such, we are unable to suggest the use with Soda Stream Bottles as it has not been tested for such use.

Can these brushes stick to the inside of the sink?

Good morning Nique, the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush does not stick to the inside of the sink.

Cleaning nipple part is hard or soft brush?

Good morning Winnie, the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush has a soft rubber nipple brush that is gentle on small parts.

Info About Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush, Pack of 2, Blue (Reviews From Amazon)

Best by Far

I keep trying other brands and coming back to this one. Munchkin bottle brushes are just the best for bottles and sippy cups. There is something different that they do with the sponge at the tip that makes it so you can shove the sponge down in the nipple to clean it. Others that look similar don’t do that. On the others, the sponge separates and you end up scraping the end of the nipple with the wire that holds the sponge (hopefully that makes sense) which doesn’t actually clean the nipple. These, however, perform perfectly and you can shove the sponge right down in there and get a good, quick clean. Keep making these Munchkin! They are perfect.

Not just for baby bottles or sippy cups!

We started using this brand/style of bottle brush when my now 11 year old daughter was first born. It quickly became our “go to” baby bottle and sippy cup cleaning brush, but then we ended up continuing to purchase them long after our daughter grew out of baby bottles and sippy cups – these became our “main dish-cleaning brushes”. Lately they have gotten difficult for us to find in local stores, so we were very happy to find a two pack available on Amazon for a fair price. I hope the manufacturer is not trying to phase them out.

These brushes are incredibly durable and seem to give a gentle yet firm cleaning to everyday dishes. Obviously we don’t use them on difficult to clean scrubbing jobs like greasy pots and pans, but they are perfect for daily items such as cups/tumblers, water bottles, silverware, plates and bowls. We love that it is a bottle brush combined with a sponge, which eliminates the need for those two separate items and saves sink space. Works especially great to clean our automatic cat watering dish/fountain. Surprisingly this simple “baby bottle brush” has become an indispensable part of our dish cleaning routine and is the best (and most durable) of many dish brushes/sponges we have used over the years.


I found these bottle cleaners to be wonderful! Although, I must admit I use them for an unusual purpose. My dog eats from a slow-feed bowl, and I felt like I could never get it clean enough. I washed with my hand, with a sponge, with a rag, wit a toothbrush…there was always a hard to reach place and I felt it never got all the way clean. But these bottle cleaners are perfect! The sponge at the end provides a thorough clean that gets into the small crevasses of the bowl. Bonus because it’s a two pack – so one is used on the dog bowl and one is used in my own long/tall cups and bottles. Win win. Would definitely purchase these again.

Useful for More Than Baby Bottles…

These brushes are the perfect solution for cleaning sports bottles. I bought this set to gift to my brother for his Ello glass jugs that he carries fresh pressed juice in each morning. These really reach down into the bottom and clean out the residue and pulp left behind. He appreciates them!

My one qualm is that there isn’t a suction cup to stick these to your counter (like another competitor offers). These are easy to knock over if you keep them by your kitchen sink. They’re still useful beyond that, but I’d choose the competitor’s brush for the convenience of keeping them by my sink going forward.

Super happy with these bottle cleaners

Super good quality and well made bottle sponges. Nice grip handle with built in stand for setting on counter. Reach is deep, so you can get in a large bottle fairly easy. Make sure you have soap on the end sponge and enough water in the bottle to get a nice lather up.

Cleans well and gets into crevice a normal sponge cannot. This is great for some of the powders I use for my smoothies. Super good price, Highly Recommend this bottle sponge.

Re order

It doesn’t have suction on the base, but that’s not why I bought it. It’s great value for the money! I use one for the baby bottles/toddler cups and the other for my water/tea bottles.
Ordered a pair about 4-5 month’s ago and we kept them well cleaned after each use and they held up for much longer than expected! The nipple cleaner isn’t my favorite style but to be honest I use a different item to clean them any how. That’s just personal preference, nothing to do with the product itself!

Just what I needed

Not much to say except I love these brushes, this is the second time I’ve ordered them, the first set lasted six months which I think is great. you should always be changing out your sponges/brushes every so often because they get yucky after washing so many bottles but they hold up great, do a job well done and I’m happy with this purchase

The Best Bottle Cleaner

I first started using this product many years ago when my son was born. However, I’d love to use this bottle cleaner for every day dishwashing, especially for travel mugs and other cups. Munchkin hands-down is the best bottle cleaner there is. I have purchased other ones where the sponge after several washes comes apart and I have to throw it out. I love how it comes in multiple colors and I love the sturdy handle and even well I don’t need the nipple cleaner anymore I can use it for some of my other kitchen items to clean. Are used to be able to find these in the store but it’s so hard to locate the. Why bother to drive around when I can order on Amazon and I will be in my house in two days.

CPAP use for bottle brush pair

So useful for cleaning my CPAP humidity chamber and nose masks! I don’t know how I got along without them for years until I used one at my daughter’s house when she was cleaning baby bottles, LOL! The end comes off with a little silicone bristle brush which just fits down in the CPAP hose elbow. AND, one of the pair now cleans my stainless water bottle which my other daughter gave me for Christmas. Perfect fit, easy to use, they sit upright on the end of the handle for drying.

Dad’s bottle cleaner

These are perfect and perfect price

The little nipple cleaner is great but it’s weird to take out and clean it. Without it the brush won’t stand straight.

Which it was easier to balance the brush straight up even the the bottom attchment screwed in.

It would be nice if it had a suction base for it to sit in. So the brush is not falling down when trying to keep it standing straight.

Otherwise it cleans great


In conclusion, the munchkins bring the magic. They bring sweetness. They bring smiles. And they bring sanitation. Happy holidays, everybody!

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Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush, Pack of 2, BlueMunchkin Sponge Bottle Brush, Pack of 2, Blue 4.7 View On Amazon

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