Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky Original Review 2022

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4.7 out of 5 stars

Product Description

Being a parent is the best job in the world. And nothing beats the joy that the little kiddos bring to our world. There’s nothing better than watching them grow from a sweet little baby into a playful, playful child. But, as the kids grow, so do their requirements. They start needing more things, and as parents, we need to provide them with all that’s required. That includes things like diapers, clothes, toys, shoes, and all the small things needed in the daily running of growing up.

Brand Story


From the Manufacturer

Test the waters with America’s #1 Safety Duck. No need to worry that your baby’s bath water is too hot to handle. This adorable rubber ducky has our White Hot safety disc at the bottom that tells you when the water is too hot, then let’s you know that it’s safe to put your baby in. And, it’s just the right size for little hands to hold and cuddle.

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Facts About Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Will the duck explode if hot enough?

YES! Lukewarm, even cold water is preferred by this potent rubber ducky. If the water is too HOT, it will shriek like a banshee from the depths of hell. It’ll become one will the tub and its stain will forever linger. Not even the most potent essential oils will work afterwards so buyer beware.

Can programmers use this?

Great size for programmers to keep in the office. If you need to be able to slip this into your pocket or purse, you might find the mini rubber ducks more suitable as a travel option, Just find the proper size for your needs (; . Other programmers and mechanical engineers will understand.

what temperature does it say “HOT” at? What temperature does “HOT” go away?

Manufacturer specifies the HOT indicator to appear at 104F and above. It should go away below 104F, in theory.

Is this BPA free?

My child loves to gnaw on this. It’s a shame i have to take it from him because it isn’t BPA-free. There are some natural rubber bath toys on amazon.com (as a heads up).

What is the size of the duck???

Good Morning, the Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky is approximately 3.25 long and 3″ tall.

Does this have a battery in it? My dog just ate it…

No definitely does not have a battery.

Does the White/hot duck contain Lead?

Not to my knowledge. It’s made of rubber and has the bottom HOT that works well.

Is this a real duck? Because it’s a little cheap…. I’ve done so much research and I think it’s a pekin male.

No, it’s a rubber duck.

Does the duck have a hole in the bottom?

No it’s not a hole, it’s just shows if the water is hot

Where is this item made?

Most likely some factory in china, which is listed as the country of origin on the consumer packaging according with international import policies.
That said – it is quite well made for a cheap item.

How many equivalents are there?

There is one per package

Is this product good to use?

Yes very good to entertain baby at bath time

What is the best way to clean this product?

Good morning David, to properly clean the Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky, rinse with warm water after use and allow to air dry.

Isnit dangerous for songs to play with?

No not at all, it’s a pretty large duck. Wouldn’t choke on it.

Can my baby use this product a lot?

Hi Galen, the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky can be used often.

Info About Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky (Reviews From Amazon)

Finally, I have fulfilled my dream

All my life, I have wanted a rubber ducky. I may be 60 years old but now I finally have fulfilled my dream of having a rubber ducky of my own. I know this sounds ridiculous. However, until you actually have a rubber ducky sitting on the edge of your bath tub, you really do not know the joy of seeing it there every day. Although I don’t use the temperature feature, it is a great thing if you have little kids although I am not sure why you can’t just stick your hand in the water to make sure it is cool enough for them. After all, I would trust my own hand before I would trust a rubber ducky I hardly even know. Super good quality material and appearance. I highly recommend this item.

Yay! Rubber Ducky!

What can you say about a rubber ducky? It floats, it squeaks and it’s shaped like a ducky! Perfect for kids bath time. I got a few of these for my mother with Alzheimer’s to trick her into taking a bath more often, as she has become claustrophobic and argues about bathing anymore. Oh the things we do for our kids/parents. I hope my kids will do the same for me when I am 80 and need to be entertained in the tub.

Don’t think, just buy.

For such a simple and inexpensive product, this thing is one of the most durable and valuable things my 19mo has in the bath. What I love about this item compared to competitive products is that there are no pinholes to draw water in. As many parents know, mildew growth is a problem with some rubber bath toys as there’s no good way to clean them other than a mild bleach solution to kill the growth inside. And even that’s not a comfortable fix to the problem of mildew.

Now Munchkin figures this out. The presumed statement of, “let’s seal the darn thing up,” must have been met with roaring applause after the Munchkin executives heard it. Then I imagine the designer adding, “and we can put a bath temperture safety puck on the bottom to let parents know at a glance if their kid is about to be boiled alive in the bath.” Yes and yes, well done Munchkin!!!

Bottom line, get this duck for your kid(s), your friend’s kid(s), the kid(s) you’re considering having, or your inner kid / Ernie. It’s inexpensive, genius, and of great quality.

Makes a cute cake topper

I used this for a topper for a duck theme baby shower cake. It was so inexpensive and looked great on the cake. I liked that they can take it off the cake and use it when the baby arrives as a special remembrance of the baby shower.

Without having used it for the purpose it has meant for (in the bathtub) I can only say that the packaging was nice, it seemed very well made and my experience with this companies products for my own children have always been great.

Stays Upright!

Not only is this rubber ducky an amazing value for the money, but it’s the only rubber duck I’ve found that actually stays upright. I’ve submerged it upside down, I’ve subjected it to the choppiest bath waves, I’ve intentionally tried to capsize it-nothing fazes this duck. It always floats and rights itself l. I could not be more pleased.

As for the temperature bottom, I am impressed by how quickly disk changes color and it seems accurate. As an adult I don’t really use the feature, but it’s nice to see that my bathwater is an acceptable approximation of lava.

I cannot recommend buying this duck more. Bath time has improved a hundredfold with it.

I bought this for:

I bought this to drill a hole through it to drill a hole in the ceiling so that it can catch the debris in the duck’s body upside down pushing it against the ceiling while drilling the drill bit into the ceiling. I get asthma so this idea is good for people with asthma bronchitis and all lung problems that do not have any means to pay for someone else to come and drill a hole in the ceiling for them. Or just wants to do it themselves. Or you can use it as a baby toy lol.

I Hope I helped a few people out there

Stay Blessed safe and happy.

Great toy in or out of the water.

I bought this duck after some cheap ones we used before grew mold. My 18 months old absolutely loves it. I love that it can’t grow mold inside and it’s pretty solid plastic. The heat sensitive disc on the bottom is just a perk for me. It floats well, dries quickly, perfect for play in or out of the bath tub. I’ll probably buy this for other families in my family with babies/toddlers.

Husband can now get bath ready

Great little indicator! Cute, durable, cheap and effective.

My husband always worried he made it too hot, now we just keep ducky in the baby bath and he can get bathtime ready without having to get the thermometer or check with me lol

Only thing is you can kind of read the word ‘hot’ all the time, so you have to be aware of the difference in color, because otherwise just the texture of the word on the background could throw you off

It’s a rubber duck? Pretty much what I expected.

So…this is an odd review because I didn’t buy it for its intended purpose. I bought it so I can use it for the “Rubber Duck Debugging Method” when studying (I’m in Vet Tech school). Anyway. I mean, it’s a rubber duck? Pretty much was what I expected. I will say it’s about twice as big as I expected it to be. I feel like most rubber ducks fit in the palm of my hand but this one is a bit bigger. But I think that’s probably good and safe for the little ones! Can’t speak to the temperature thing on the bottom since I don’t use it for it’s intended purpose. But yeah overall I think it’s great! And it was one of the cheaper ones I could find too. It was a good value!

It’s good to know it’s “safe”

It’s good to know it’s “safe”. I mean, I’d hate to see the “lethal” ducky. The name is mostly accurate. It’s small, like what I would envision a Munchkin to be. It’s definitely a “Bath” toy. The safety part has already been covered but I feel as though the “White Hot” nomenclature is misleading. I mean, it’s at best, water temp or maybe as hot as the ambient temperature but it is no where near white hot. I would imagine if it were made of phosphorous or magnesium it could be white hot but then it wouldn’t exactly be safe now would it


In conclusion, I am sure many parents will love these bath toys because it can make bath time more exciting and enjoyable for their kids. It ensures the safety of the little ones by keeping them inside the bath without slipping out.

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