PetSafe RFA-67 Batteries Economy, 2 batteries (Pack of 4)

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4.8 out of 5 stars

Genuine Pet Safe brand. Fits most Pet Safe fence, bark and training collars, including the Pet Safe wireless Fence collar.

Facts About PetSafe RFA-67 Batteries Economy, 2 batteries (Pack of 4)

How low can voltage go and still be working

As I recollect NEW batteries measure 6.3 volts. Nominal Voltage is 6.0. Anything less than 6.0 V will probably cause an indicator light on the collar to flash RED indicating a dead battery.

How many batteries are included? Picture shows 2, description states 8. Thank you!

The pack has 2 in it but they are probably sending you 4 packs which makes 8

I want to know how many batteries do i get for the purchase price? description states total of 8! others have posted they only got 2 batteries?

I received 4 cards of 2 batteries each, 8 batteries.

Is there anything stronger than 6v?


Info About PetSafe RFA-67 Batteries Economy, 2 batteries (Pack of 4) (Reviews From Amazon)

Works as described

Works as long as the OEM ones you buy at the store. I have not had any issues with them working as long as the originals. It just depends on how much the dogs decide to get close the the boundary lines or not.

Real deal

Don’t buy these radio fence batteries at your local pet store. For the price of two there, you can get a whole box from this vendor. And his batteries aren’t dead when you open them nor do they die a day later! Vendor and product are the real deal!

Worth the Extra $

I’ve used off-brand mega packs as long as my dog had lived. They last for about a month. Then I bought a pack that were all DUDS. I thought I recalled the 2-pack had done well, so I purchased the PetSafe batts (short and hip for batteries).
Yep. Way longer life. Going on 3 months with the first one.

What a bargain,

These are the real deal and much lower price than the $11 for two batteries that I can purchases locally.

Great price!

I actually have not used any yet, but have bought before. Great price!

Batteries used in dog collars…

We use these for the collars on our Huskies & if you don’t know Huskies, they have to be contained or they are long gone!! Batteries have been lasting over a month.

Good Value

Works great with our PetSafe dog collars. Affordable option instead of buying form PetSmart.

They work, no duds

They fit in my dog’s radio collar, so that she, again, remains safely inside the set perimeter. Don’t know about longevity but I expect to get at least 6 months. as I have previously.

Outlast the generics

These batteries work almost twice as long as the generic. Worth a little more on cost.

Good purchase

Love that I can purchase multiples at a time. We regularly use our dog perimeter collars. Buying one over priced battery at a time sucks! So thank you!

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PetSafe RFA-67 Batteries Economy, 2 batteries (Pack of 4)PetSafe RFA-67 Batteries Economy, 2 batteries (Pack of 4) 4.8 View On Amazon

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