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Product Description

Position & Lock’s Farmhouse Collection combines the simplicity of a pressure-mounted gate with the beauty of a farmhouse-inspired design. Position & Lock’s gates are not only easy to install, but they pass the safety test as well, thanks to their pressure-mounting technology. The hardware for the gate fits tightly around the frame, which prevents the gate from pinching fingers and scratching floors. Additionally, Position & Lock gates are high-to-low and two-piece gates, allowing for easy passage of stairs and baby gates. This gate model includes hardware for installation on 32” to 40” openings, making it perfect for wider stairways. Our Pressure-Mounted, Farmhouse Collection offers a variety of gates and stairways, including this 2-Panel Gate for doorways up to 36 inches wide and 7 feet tall. This gate is easy to install and fits openings up to 28 1/2 inches high and 8-1/4 inches wide. The gate features pressure-mounted installation, so there are no tools necessary. Simply open the gate by pushing on the arms, then prop the gate door closed by repositioning the arms. When installed correctly, the gate creates a 3/4-inch gap between the gate and the wall.

Facts About Position & Lock Baby Gate, Pressure-Mounted, Farmhouse Collection

Does the door slide open or swing? If swings which way?

It does not slide or swing open. It is a pressurized gate that would need to be removed to walk through.

Can a two year old knock this over?

Knowing our 2 yr. old great grandson, I would say they probably could!

can i use with trim

Yes, but the bumpers aren’t long enough so that it will extend all the way to the floor. I have a puppy and he’s able to squirm out from underneath quite easily. I have to shove small boxes underneath to close the gap

Do you have to use the mounting caps with the gate

You can use mounting caps or you can screw to the wall.

Cual es la dimension de la caja donde viene el artículo?

Creo que la medida de la caja es 36 pulgadas

How would I order this in a color such as blue or pink? The one listed here is brown.

They only have brown

How and where do you put the mounting caps?

The mounting caps will be placed where the contact pads will meet the wall. They apply by removing the adhesive sticker off the caps and place on the wall.

Will the suction work with wallpapered walls?

Well, it isn’t a suction one. It has 4 cups that mount to the wall that the 4 rubber stoppers fit into. I adjusted the gate to fit into the 4 cups and lift the gate in and out. It is a little awkward. Took a picture but can’t get it to post, sorry. The cups mount with gorilla tape 2 sided type adhesive. Not sure if it … Well, it isn’t a suction one. It has 4 cups that mount to the wall that the 4 rubber stoppers fit into. I adjusted the gate to fit into the 4 cups and lift the gate in and out. It is a little awkward. Took a picture but can’t get it to post, sorry. The cups mount with gorilla tape 2 sided type adhesive. Not sure if it would damage the wallpaper upon removal.

Where is the date code printed on this gate?

It will be printed on the locking bar on the warning label.

What is the mesh material? Metal? Plastic? Easy to cut a small cat size opening in it?

The mesh is wire with plastic coating. it would not be easy to cut.

Is this gate easy for a toddler to shake down?

This gate would be very easy to push over by a toddler or animal. I purchased it because it was cheap, but, I realized very quickly I made a mistake. I will not be purchasing this item again.

Could I put two of these together? I’m trying to get it to a 70 inch opening? Would that work

There is no way of connecting 2 together unless you were going to zip tie them or something. I’d assume that the middle would be weak though. Depends on what you would be using it for.

I see the 2″ thick description, but how thick are the two panels alone? if they’re a half inch or less this would be great!

Each panel is 3/4 of an inch, the two panels together is 1-1/2 inches.

I have baseboards on all walls, I can’t get this gate to stay. Is there some trick on installing with baseboards?

No, there is no trick, because the top and bottom will never be even. We had to use it in doorways where there were NO baseboards, which limited us to very few areas in our home. It worked great in those areas, but we had hoped to block the stairway primarily and couldn’t.

How tall is this product?

It is 23″ in height.

Info About Position & Lock Baby Gate, Pressure-Mounted, Farmhouse Collection (Reviews From Amazon)

Used for my canine babies, not human babies

I have two well-behaved female golden retrievers who love to be loved by humans that visit us, thinking they’ve arrived to play with them and only them. So we have to put them in our bedroom when we have guests over. The problem is that if we closed the bedroom doors the air doesn’t circulate through the room and the rest of the house. So, we got two of these baby gates, which work great.

Please note that these gates are sturdy and hold firmly, but my dogs and an older toddler could take them off the friction-fitting door frame if they used some force. But they do the job for us as puppy gates!

Inexpensive gate for the pup

Recently we were allowed pets at the work place, because “studies have shown that having pets in the office can boost morale and also increase productivity and creativity.” Which is why I’m writing this at work because I finished everything…? Yep. Mainly I’m making certain my dog doesn’t decide the workplace is hers and mark everywhere. So far so g…….right.
This is not the exact gate as advertised, though it is effectively the same thing and for the money I’m not going to complain, though I might mutter under my breath because it works ever so slightly differently than that shown in the training video. In this case, the change- I believe- makes it a little better. Have you been wondering about what’s different? I’ve been foreshadowing and alluding to it in this sentence: that’s how fantastic a writer I can be. I’m so good, I’ll end a sentence with a preposition, although I understand that my late 20th Century grammar rule knowledge may no longer apply (except for the Oxford comma! And I’m willing to fight, brawl, and altercate with you on that!)
Regardless: the dohickey in the video that clamps down on the smooth wooden brace (the one on the right in my pictures) is now a completely enclosed unit that needs to be slid off the end of the notched brace (the left one) in order to tighten the gate to the surrounding walls, door frame, or to whatever you are securing the gate.
I did not know this.
But it makes sense and in fact allows a firmer, non-slipping fit. However, the little plastic holdy doohickey (might be a doo-dad or whatcha thing…it is not a whatchadoohickey. I’m pretty sure). So the plastic holdy doohickey has it’s own, private notch in which it rests and it has to be pretty perpendicular to the wooden braces to be slid off and on the notched brace or the sucker ain’t moving. Yes I changed from doohickey to sucker there: sorry about that.
So it’s a nice gate. Shame my dog can leap a 6 foot fence so doesn’t really help much.

A trick to the lock.

This gate looks nice and works well. I feel it could be sturdier but it serves it’s purpose. I use it to keep my Minpin in the laundry room overnight. He’s very old and needs to be confined overnight. Using the gate allows him to see down the hall and into my bedroom so he feels comfortable.
There is a trick to using the new locking mechanism. Once you have the gate open to the desired width and you are ready to use the lock, squeeze the lock with your hand and use a little force to slide it quickly into place. When you need to unlock it, squeeze the lock and move it in the opposite direction. After you do it once or twice it becomes very easy. When I bought the gate I was quite dissatisfied with the new locking mechanism. All it took was for me to learn how to use it properly. I hope this helps. Give it a try.

Cheap gate

I know most people hate these gates but I actually love them. We ziptie them in place so the kids can’t release them. Yes, they have a learning curve to operate. Nobody who visits our house can figure it out. My two year old used to push them down but I put nails in front of them so they can’t be pulled down. We keep one permanently installed in front of the bathroom so our youngest can’t get in there. We just step over it. My two year old has no problem climbing it to get to the bathroom, so I’d say they are best for crawlers or newer walkers. My 18 month old doesn’t try to climb them.

Slight learning curve

Instructions were basically useless. It doesn’t require assembly but I’m was not accustomed to this style of gate. (The type I’m used to are the ones that look like this but they have a bracket that locks onto the bar beneath it, instead of the current style). I noticed others just as confused as I was. To adjust this gate: press down on the tab of the little black piece and slide it to the right to adjust the gate and back to the left to lock it in place.

The gate works as it is supposed to and is sturdy enough to stay in place when our 30 lb golden retriever puppy jumps on it.

Sturdy and stable

Bought this gate to corral a couple of large dogs. The tension on this gate is enough where a pushy Tibetan mastiff and a nosey belgian Malinois aren’t able to shove through it. It’s also strong enough where when in a hurry and trying to step over it, you will lose and be reminded for days via your shin to pay attention and respect it’s height.

Aesthetically pleasing!

I just built a new home and wanted something that looked like it belonged with all the new upgraded finishes. Yes, you can get another color gate that is not stained and for slightly cheaper. You could even get one of those other gates and stain it yourself, but really? Are you using Amazon because it saves you time? Most likely, Yes!
Then I would suggest buying this gate. I’ve owned multiple child/dog gates and I wish I would’ve used these all along. It’s solid quality and looks so much better than my old non stained gates. It is a simple slide and lock gate. Super easy to use; doesn’t require much muscle or brain power! I’ve used it for over a month on my stairs to keep my dog on one level. The rubber protectors on the side have not left any marks on my wall. The color is exactly as it appears on the website. Great buy!

So good I bought 2!

I bought one to see how it would work. i was leery because it wasn’t nearly as expensive as the other ones I was looking at. After we got the first one and realized it was absolutely perfect we ordered another one. It was a bit tricky at first for me to install but took my husband minutes. I’m sure that was user error and not the gate. haha If you’re looking for something very easy and simple to keep a little one out, this is it. it’s not super fancy with gates and doors and locks and all that fancy stuff that makes people charge more. this does the job and keeps my one year old out of places he shouldn’t be. And it’s not like he doesn’t try. He plays on this and hangs on it too and it holds up just fine.

Great gate!

Works well. But we have to put a cardboard wedge on wall because our doorway is in between sizes. We use this on top of another gate for our escape artist cat. We have 2 cats. A young one – Frankie and an old one.- Gizmo. Frankie won’t leave Gizmo alone. She is old and has arthritis. So he hurts her. So we split the house in half when we are not home. Or sleeping. But regular gate is not high enough, we added plastic cardboard to make it higher, still not enough. So we put this on top of it. We have to push it against bottom gate or he pushes it out at bottom at gets thru! He is a 4 yr old big black cat! 16lbs. Looks like a panther. She is a 13 yr old Himalayan but only 10lbs. I only have them together when one of us is there to keep an eye on him. And even then he pulls his crap. So this gate has been a savior! He is so bad!

Keeps the cracken at bay

We bought two of these to keep our 1 year old daughter out of our room and off the stairs. They work like a charm. She’s not the strongest but she can giggle some gates out of door frames if she shakes hard enough. These things don’t budge and inch! Now the locking thing was a bit hard for me to figure out since I haven’t used a baby gate since my sister was 2. She’s 20 so im used to the claw like ones that just snap down onto the piece of wood. Theses slide on, however I do like them! Makes it so no little ones can just pull it up and storm the beaches! Definetly would buy 3 more if we needed them! And the color is nice.


In conclusion, Position and Lock baby gates are a must-have for any home where children are present. Position and Lock gates are easy to install, durable, adjustable, and backed by a one-year warranty. Position and Lock baby gates come in three styles, including a metal pet gate, pressure-mounted gate, and wood-looking gate. Position and Lock baby gates are available from Amazon.

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Position & Lock Baby Gate, Pressure-Mounted, Farmhouse CollectionPosition & Lock Baby Gate, Pressure-Mounted, Farmhouse Collection 3.8 View On Amazon

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