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Spacebar not working on Mac

Spacebar not working on Mac after macOS Ventura update? Functionality is messed up? Selecting an image in Finder and hitting space bar to preview won’t work? It opens the selection box instead? Similar problems occur with third-party apps like Excel 360 and other?

Spacebar Not Working On Mac?

This problem has been reported by Pete:

“macOS 13.0.1 really messed up my Excel 360. No more space bar.”

We couldn’t replicate the issue but have found similar spacebar issues mentioned on Reddit:

“After I upgraded to Ventura my spacebar is unusable. Pressing it activates some command like going to menu.”

How To Fix Mac Spacebar Issues

Apparently, macOS Ventura space bar problems are encountered when using a third-party keyboard. You can apply the following fix:
spacebar not working fix macos ventura

  • Open System Settings and click on Accessibility (left sidebar).
  • Go for Keyboard, available in the Motor section.
  • Turn Off Full Keyboard Access.

Spacebar Preview Not Working As Expected?

We’ve seen a similar complaint about the macOS Quicklook feature that won’t stay open when changing window.

It seems to happen after the Ventura update for Mac owners that use multiple monitors. Spacebar preview in Finder displayed on one of the external monitors will close as soon as a new window is opened on another display.

Are you experiencing the same?

Have you managed to fix spacebar not working in macOS Ventura? Do you have a batter solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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