This Request Looks Like It Might Be Automated Twitter Error?

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Patricia on July 3, 2023

This request looks automated Twitter error

Seeing ‘This request looks like it might be automated’ error when trying to like, comment or retweet a post on Twitter? Nothing works except browsing the content? You’re asked to try again later?

This Request Looks Automated Twitter Message

This issue has been reported by Jorge:

“I can view tweets but can’t interact with anything:
‘This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.’ Anyone else?”

We’ve posted earlier about Twitter applying limitations to both verified and non-verified users in order ‘to address extreme levels of data-scraping and system manipulation’.

Apparently, some Twitter accounts are accidentally labeled as spam and the users are blocked from interacting with the platform.

How To Fix This Request Looks Automated Twitter Error

Numerous reports on Reddit confirm that the erroneous automated request detections are experienced by both new and old accounts:

  • yaboiAaron1: “…how old is your account? Mine was made last month and I am wondering if this is only happening to new accounts.”
  • WeakStressAnxiety: “Mine is 12 years old. A friend has blue and got this same error.”
  • blueamericunt: “Had mine since 2012, happening to me.”

This appears to be an issue at Twitters end and they’ll have to refine their spam filters in order to avoid accidentally flagging real accounts.

In the meantime you can try the following:

1. Use Web Version

Open Safari on your iPhone, iPad or any other Internet browser if you own an Android device and browse to:

Log-in and try to like, comment, tweet, etc. Does it work?

2. Be Patient

If that won’t work, you have to wait it out a couple of hours and try again later as the error message requests. Use the comments section and let us know if your account got unflagged.

3. Avoid Over-tweeting

An user confirms that he got the request looks automated Twitter error after posting 5 times within 2 minutes! This must have caused his account to be flagged.

Twitter has just introduced this spam detecting algorithms and it seems that they are very sensible. Liking, bookmarking, posting or retweeting many tweets in a short amount of time will trigger this unexpected behavior!

Have you managed to fix this request might be automated error? Do you have a better solution for this Twitter issue, or other errors to report? Use the comments section!

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