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Posted in Bug Fixes by Mike on November 15, 2022

Can’t install app error on Apple TV 4K 128GB.

Getting Can’t Install App error on brand new Apple TV 4K 128 GB model? There’s plenty of storage space available but tvOS 16 seems to recognize only half of it? Not getting the full 128GB that you paid for? This appears to be a day-one bug!

tvOS 16.1 Storage Bug?

This problem has been reported by Mateo:

“I can’t install apps on apple tv 4k 128gb once i reach the 64gb mark. I get ‘the app can’t be installed because there isn’t enough space. Delete one more apps one or more apps or manage your storage in Settings.’”

Apparently, this is a global issue as initially observed by Flatpanelshd:
tvos 16.1 storage bug report

“Unfortunately, tvOS 16.1 and 16.2 both appear to have a bug that affects the 128GB version which prevented us from installing additional games after storage usage exceeded approximately 64GB.”

How To Fix Apple TV 4K Storage Issue

Obviously this bug has to be fixed by Apple, in an upcoming tvOS 16 software update!

However, until then you can apply the following workaround discovered by Macworld.com:

  • The Can’t Install App error is triggered only when new download is initiated while the total storage is above 64GB.
  • You can breach the 64GB storage limitation, if you queue up downloads while the total occupied space is below 64GB
  • Scheduled downloads will complete, even if the total used storage surpasses the 64 GB limit.

Have you managed to fix Apple TV 4K storage problem? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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