Unable To Check For Update An Error Occurred iOS 17? (Fix?)

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Patricia on August 9, 2023

Unable to check for update iOS 17

Getting Unable to Check for Update when trying to manually install iOS 17 beta 5? You’re informed that ‘An error occurred while checking for a software update’. Try Again has the same outcome?

Unable To Check For Update iOS 17 Error?

This issue has been reported by Emiliasland:

“Unable to check for update shows up in a loop when I search for beta 5! Try again won’t help! iphone is definitely connected to the internet.”

The ‘error occurred while checking for a software update’ message is not new. We’ve covered it during the early stages of the iOS 16 releases too.

How To Fix Unable To Check For Update Error

There can be several causes the trigger this error message. These are the most common troubleshooting options:

1. Internet Connectivity

First, you should double-check that your iPhone is connected to the Internet. Even if the WiFi icon is showing up in the status bar, showing that your device is connected to your home or work network, your ISP could be experiencing a downtime and thus connectivity to Apple’s servers is not possible.

Tip: Enable Airplane Mode in the Control Center, wait a couple of seconds and turn it off to force your device to reconnect to the nearby router and carrier antennae.

2. Reboot iPhone

Next up, you should restart your device. A minor glitch might prevent your iPhone from properly using its Internet connectivity.

Tip: We recommend you to use the force restart combo: Volume Up (click) -> Volume Down (click) -> Side Button (press & hold). More details here.

3. Be Patient

Another reason for the Unable to Check for Update iOS 17 error is a lack of response from Apple’s servers. This is caused if you’re trying to update during peak times.

Congestions usually occur right after an iOS update is released.

Tip: In these situations you have to simply wait it out and try again later. You can also check Apple’s system status page for service downtime.

Have you managed to bypass the Unable to Check for Update error and install iOS 17 on your iPhone? Do you have a better solution or another issue to report? Use the comments.

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