Unable To Share AirTag iOS 17 Issue? Not Eligible? Fix?

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Vlad on September 19, 2023

Unable to share AirTag iOS 17 error

Unable to share AirTag on iPhone? Selected contact mail or number is not eligible for sharing? Both devices are updated to iOS 17 but Share This AirTag option won’t work? You’re not the only one!

Unable To Share This AirTag iOS 17 Issue?

unable to share airtag is not eligible for sharing
This problem has been reported by Xavi:

“Unable to share airtag keeps popping up in Find My.”

We could replicate the issue and have found similar complaints on Reddit:
1: “Anyone got air tag sharing to work? I keep getting not eligible or unexpected error.”
2: “Sharing Failed – This AirTag couldn’t be shared due to an unexpected error. Please remove this person and try sharing this AirTag again.”

How To Fix AirTag Sharing Not Working On iPhone

share this airtag ios 17 feature
It seems that AirTag sharing is buggy in this initial version of iOS 17 and Apple will have to fix this new feature in an upcoming update.

Until then, you might be able to bypass AirTag sharing errors by following these tips:

1. Try Both Phone Number And Email

AirTag sharing works via Apple ID and uses the iMessage system. Most contacts will have both phone number and Apple ID email address set up with FaceTime.

If you get the Unable to share AirTag error for phone number try again with Apple ID and vice-versa!

Tip: In Find My -> Items -> Tap AirTag name -> Share This AirTag (Add Person) -> Search for contact name and browse through all entries to find the Apple ID or phone number that you haven’t use during your first attempt!

2. Share From iPad

If you own an iPad too try to share AirTag from the Find My app in iPadOS 17!

A Reddit user confirmed this workaround!

3. Reconfigure AirTag

With both devices updated to iOS 17 try to Remove AirTag from Find My, reboot devices and re-add the tracking device! Does this fix the Unable to share AirTag issue?

Update: This workaround won’t help according to this Redditor.

Have you managed to share AirTag from iPhone in iOS 17? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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