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Posted in TILs by Patricia on December 9, 2022

Use Cellular Data to Download iOS update

Are you getting the Use Cellular Data to Download request every time you want to update iOS software on iPhone? Popup shows up each time you tap Download and Install asking you if you want to use Mobile data during the process?

Use Cellular Data To Download iOS 16?

This behavior has been reported by Ronald (iOS 16.1.2):

“Use cellular data to download keeps popping up every time in perform a software update in Settings. Why do I have to decline it every time?”

We could replicate this repeating request. No matter if you select Use Cellular Data or Don’t Use Cellular Data, you’re prompted with the same popup every time you want to perform a software update. It reads:

“If you leave Wi-Fi, you can continue downloading using cellular data. Additional usage fees will apply.”

How To Stop Use Cellular Data To Download Popups

The reason why this popup keeps showing up in the software update screen is because the Settings app has Cellular Data (Mobile Data) permission granted.

However, because iOS updates can be large in size, your iPhone wants to double-check that you really want to allow downloads over cellular data in case the WiFi connectivity becomes unreliable.

To prevent this message from re-appearing proceed as follows:
don't use cellular data for ios update

Have you managed to prevent Use Mobile Data to download iOS update requests? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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