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This VTech IS6200 provides you with a hands-free option for added convenience. It allows you to move around while you talk, finish work on the computer or other tasks. This cordless headset cuts down on interference and static, giving you calls that are crisp and clear. It is also comfortable for extended wear with a secure fit, letting you multitask while at home or the office. This VTech IS6200 produces a natural reproduction of your voice while you stand up or walk, giving you the freedom to concentrate while moving around. It is ideal for anyone who takes a lot of calls! The battery is fully charged after 3 hours of continuous charging

Facts About VTech Accesssory Cordless Headset

To answer or make a call, do you have to operate the headset or the phone base unit? Does the autodetect the headset?

Terry – There is a simple registration procedure to link the IS6200 to a compatible base system. Once registered, you can answer calls by pressing the power button on the headset. To make a call, you have to dial from the base, if it has a dialpad, or a cordless handset.

Could this connect to a laptop to be used for Skype calls?

IS6200 is an accessory headset, compatible with select VTech and AT&T cordless models. It does not connect to a laptop.

How do i connect it to the cs5129, i’m experiencing difficulties?

you have to pair this with the base phone…the same as you would an extra new handset. i had the same problem i was trying to use the bluetooth from the base to pair this and finaly landed on a good forum and was told there to make believe its a new handset and pair it that way. it was no where in the instructions so … you have to pair this with the base phone…the same as you would an extra new handset. i had the same problem i was trying to use the bluetooth from the base to pair this and finaly landed on a good forum and was told there to make believe its a new handset and pair it that way. it was no where in the instructions so i had to do the research on my own…hope this helps i have v tech answering system and once i did this it all worked perfectly! good luck!

does this work on your PC to take calls?

Shawn – No, the IS6200 is designed to work with most VTech expandable units. Thank you!

Will this work with a tech CS 6859?

Nicole – IS6200 will work with CS6919; CS6929; CS6949; CS5119; CS5129 series.

Will this work with the CS6429-4?

Hi – No, the IS6200 is not compatible with the model CS6429-4. The cordless headset is compatible with models CS6929-2 and DS6421-2. Thank you for your interest!

Will this work with panasonic kx-tgf382m?

Lalitha – No, the IS6200 is designed to work with most VTech cordless expandable units. Thank you!

will this work with a Tech Model DS6522-32?

Kenneth – IS6200 is not compatible with DS6522-32.

Is this headset compatible with at&t cl82207?

I believe it’s only compatible with Vtech phones.

is this compatible with the vtech dect 6.0 2 line cordless phone system

Hi – No, the Vtech IS6200 will only work with the 4-line system CM18445. Thank you for your interest!

will this headset work with an AT t CL82307 cordless phone?

Hi – Yes, the VTech IS6200 is compatible with AT&T CL82307. Thank you for your interest!

Will this work with a VS6100 phone?

Hello – I could not find a VS6100 phone model for VTech or any other manufacturer. The VTech IS6200 Cordless Headset is compatible with many VTech DECT 6.0 cordless telephones. Thank you for your interest!

I can answer calls properly with my is6200, however when dialing from the console, how can i connect through the headset? selecting the headset butto

Robert – We are sorry if you are having issues transferring a call to your Vtech IS6200 headset. Please contact our customer support for assistance. Thank you!

Does this headset work with at&t el51203?

Lisa – No, the VTech IS6200 will not work with the AT&T EL51203. If you want a similar product that will work with this headset, you may try the VTech DS6621-2. Thank you!

Is this headset compatible with main console cm18445?

Hi – Yes, the Vtech IS6200 will work with the CM18445. Thank you for your interest!

Info About VTech Accesssory Cordless Headset (Reviews From Amazon)

Great product

Last April I ordered the VTech base with a bluetooth headset since it is getting SO hard to find a landline phone that has a plug in for a headset. I was thrilled that I could do my consultations without carrying around the handset that was attached to my headset but the design on the original bluetooth piece was extremely poor! Luckily there was a year warranty on that phone and I ended up going through four or five replacements and that didn’t even count the time that I didn’t use an earpiece and just used my speaker phone feature. I finally found this replacement and took a chance and ordered it…..the sound is great and the earpiece works just like it did with the original set and FINALLY the design on this earpiece seems to be more sturdy than the original one. Instead of ‘clipping’ the ear loop into a plastic receiver piece on the device (sorry I’m not sure of the correct terminology for what it is called) that broke after a few hours/days/weeks of use it now has a hole that you twist the ear loop and lock it into place by turning it slightly. Let me note that I was not ‘rough’ on the original earpiece, especially after going through the first couple of ear pieces but they still broke. Too bad they don’t put THIS design on the original base with handset because I doubt I would have had any issues at all but it’s early. I will come back and edit if I have a lot of issues with it.

Easy to pair with the base station

Got this to go with a new VTech base station, replacing an older Jabra wired-phone headset and wired phone. I work from home and need the ability to move around the house while on the phone.

Pros: Easy to pair with the base station. Long battery life. Fairly light weight and all-day comfortable to wear once you find the ear loop and pad that best fit you (comes with 4 different ear loops and 4 different ear pads.) Good sound both directions. Answer calls away from the main phone. Mute the mic and earpiece volume buttons are really handy.

Cons: No way to dial outbound calls – voice recognition, anyone? (Admittedly, that’s probably never gonna happen at this price point.) Volume and mute buttons are small and the mute button especially is difficult to locate/push while the unit is in place on your ear.

Worth the price for my needs.

Near Perfect

I murder headsets. I want to say this up front because I want you to understand that I’ve owned a LOT of headsets over the years. This is the first time I’ve tried a VTech headset but I’ve used their phones in the past with great success. Bought this headset with the
VTech DS6621-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Connect to Cell/Answering System, Silver/Black with 2 Handsets . They sync up beautifully and the headset holds a solid charge (I do customer service from home. I’m on the phone quite a bit). However, why did I give this four stars instead of five? There are a few design flaws that are actually pretty annoying.Nothing so great as to prevent me from recommending them; but annoying enough to mention.

1. There are presumably over-the-ear hooks that fit onto the headset so it can rest against your ear. They were designed by elves. Very small elves with tiny ears. I was forced to use the over-the-head monaural band. I dislike these for several reasons.
2. The earforms are great but they don’t fit inside the cushion of the headband. So you’re left with an open earpiece. I don’t know if this is intentional or not but it’s bloody annoying.
3. Moving the earpiece when answering the phone, getting the mouthpiece near my mouth and I always feel like I’m about to break something because the earpiece isn’t secured inside the headband.
4. When returning the earpiece to the charge, the magnet is fantastic and they hold well but, because I’m forced to use the headband, it sits funny in the charger and I have to prop the opposite side of the headband up so it doesn’t pull the earpiece off the charge.
5. The headset itself is a bit on the heavy side. It’s not something that will bother you for a quick call to your Mom but sitting on hold waiting for the IRS and you’re asking for a headache.

Excellent headset w/options, poor volume control

I love Vtech products – they are solidly built and have very useful functions and options. The speakers and microphones they use are top notch and perform incredibly well.
This headset paired perfectly to my Vtech IS7121 phone system – I wasn’t sure it was compatible but after some research decided to try it. It comes with many sizes/shapes of silicone ear fittings as well as an over-the-head holder if you’d prefer to use that – both have been comfortable for me.
The call quality through the speaker and clarity/loudness of voice sent over the microphone are quite good, however the only drawback is that the lowest volume setting on the headset is still too loud – to remedy this I move the earpiece just outside my ear hole and it’s acceptable. There should be a wider range of volume levels allowed/supported.
Overall it’s a great unit when you want completely handsfree use but don’t want to use a speakerphone for privacy or convenience.
TIP: if pairing/registering this headset to the Vtech phone system doesn’t work, try following the Vtech instructions for registering the headset but *leave the base handset off the base after pressing the locator button and putting it into pairing/registering mode*.

An arm saver.

My wife has a friend that calls and talks for hours (yesterday it was 5 hours!) and my wife has a muscle problem and can’t hold a phone up for anywhere near that long. I bought this specifically for her to use for this friend and it works. Sound quality and battery life is good, and my wife can get all around the house while using it with no signal loss. My wife is happy.

Great Call Quality And Range

This headset works great. The call quality is great and it comes with a couple of different options for wearing it…i.e., earbuds (in-ear) or over the ear with a "band" that attaches over the head (over the ear). Personally, I use it with the band that attaches over the head and the earphone sits gently on my ear. You can adjust it so you can wear the headset on either ear. It also comes with a mute button, volume control and an answer button. I use this the most with my VTech business phone system so I can type while talking or pace while talking. I can walk far without any disruption in call quality (so far about 50 feet).

Hands Free

What I didn’t like is the instructions did not make it clear that this headset is not a bluetooth device. Once you register the headset it is automatically paired to your landline 📞 phone, but it will not show up in your device list on your handset as a bluetooth. Okay no problem, I had to call vtech support to find this out. Other than that I am happy with the headset!

So far, so good!

This is a replacement headset for the original that came with the V-Tech phones. That one broke almost immediately and I used it with duct tape all around until not even that held it together. After reading the reviews on this one, I decided to give it a try. So far it is holding up well, and doesn’t seem to be a flimsy as the original. I will post again if this one fails as quickly as the original. So far so good! 🙂 It was easy to pair it with the phone, and it fits nicely in its little charging cradle. I recommend this headset.

Hand free, Tethered free!

Had this head set for several months. My first one broke, had to replace it to my system I already own. It bloodthirsty toothed up fine, no problems. I only wish the head band where it meets the ear piece was a bit better quality, But if ones careful adjusting it to you mouth with each use, it should last. I use this because of medical reasons. I can not hold a regular phone to my ears for longer then 3 minutes, as my arms go numb. So this is a must, plus love not being tethered to a phone, I can walk around my house, do dishes, and still carry on my conversation.

Awesome headset.

This is my 2nd one of these. My daughter calls me every day and this is invaluable so I can run around my house and still talk to my daughter and grandson. First one lasted about 2 years of almost every day use so not too bad. Super easy to hook up to my Vtech house phones also and has a pretty good range. I can step outside to take dogs out and not lose connection. Sound quality is fantastic.

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