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Posted in News by Vlad on October 31, 2023

watchOS 10.1 battery drain

Encountering watchOS 10.1 battery drain problems on Apple Watch after update? We’re talking about massive battery issues that cause the watch to shut down overnight or within a couple of hours after charging? You’re not alone!

watchOS 10.1 Battery Drain Problems?

extreme watchos 10.1 battery drain
This issue has been reported by Luke:

“Massive battery drain on apple watch 6 after this update!”

We’ve found numerous other complaints on Reddit:

“Apple Watch died twice in 24 hours after update”


“I updated to 10.1 two days ago… the last discharge (from 97% to complete death) happened when I was asleep, with sleep focus on (usually, that took away like 10% of battery during the night, not 100%).”

We couldn’t replicate the problem but this appears to be a serious issue that affects only some Apple Watch owners. We’ve read numerous reports but could not identify the trigger.

It appears that older Apple Watch models like the Series 5 and 6 are more prone to experience the severe battery drain behavior. If you’re also affected please share your feedback in the comments. Mention your AW model as well as any relevant info.

How To Fix Massive watchOS 10.1 Battery Drain

Apple Watch battery problems have been reported ever since the initial release of watchOS 10!

We’ve provided 5 Apple Watch battery saving tips but they will most likely not help too much in this case.

Try this instead:

1. Re-Pair Apple Watch

What we recommend at the moment is to unpair and re-pair the Apple Watch. This will cause the device to reset and reconfigure and hopefully you’ll get rid of the watchOS 10.1 battery issues as confirmed by this user!

Tip: To unpair Apple Watch open the Watch app on the paired iPhone -> tap All Watches (in the top-left corner) -> Tap ‘i’ next to the Apple Watch name and go for Unpair Apple Watch. A backup will be automatically created and stored on your iPhone. Once the procedure is completed restart the pairing process and use the backup to restore your wrist-worn gadget.

2. Uninstall Third-Party Apps

Another user informs that he managed to fix the extreme watchOS 10.1 battery drain on Apple Watch Ultra by removing all third-party apps and disabling Music and Photos sync.

Have you managed to fix the watchOS 10.1 battery drain problem? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments please!

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