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Posted in Errors and Issues by Mike on September 26, 2023

watchOS 10 battery drain issue.

Experiencing the watchOS 10 battery drain issues on your recently updated Apple Watch? Battery life is poor even after updating to 10.0.1 and 10.0.2? This is most likely caused by a system-wide Location Services bug!

watchOS 10 Battery Drain Issues?

This problem has been reported by Iker:

“severe battery drain after this update! Have to charge watch up to 3x per time with very light usage. No workouts, no music, no calls!”

This seems to be one of the most significant bugs reported in these early days of watchOS 10. We found similar complaints on Reddit (1, 2 and 3).

Based on numerous reports it seems that the watchOS 10 battery issues are caused by a Location Services bug!

Apparently, any complication or open app on the Apple Watch that is trying to get location data gest stuck in a feedback loop. This ultimately leading to excessive battery loss.

How To Fix watchOS 10 Battery Drain

Until Apple patches this bug in an upcoming software update, here is what you can do to fix the Apple Watch overheating:

1. Remove Complications

Weather, Maps and any other complications from your Watch Face that require data from the Location Services should be discontinued from the Watch Face.

2. Close Apps That Use Location Services

Force Quit and even uninstall an app that is pulling data from the Location Services.

Tip: Reboot Apple Watch to finish the cleansing process after getting rid of the Location using services.

3. Re-Pair Apple Watch

Some users have confirmed that re-pairing Watch to iPhone would at least temporarily fix the watchOS 10 battery drain.

A backup will be automatically created and saved on your iOS device. Once the Watch is fully disconnected, pair it back and let us know if the Checking for Update issue is still there!

How to: Unpairing is done from the My Watch app. Tap on All Watches (top-left corner). Tap the i icon, next to your watch’s name and go for Unpair Apple Watch!

Have you managed to fix watchOS 10 battery drain issues after updating Apple Watch? Do you have a better solution or a similar problem to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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