Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 Pack

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Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 Pack Image 5
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Weighmax 2809-90BLK shipping postal scale is improved with a solid structure, enhanced capacity and higher accuracy. It is a perfect choice for using at home, office or any other place. What’s included: Scale, USB cable, Batteries, Ac adapter, Instruction Manual. Buy a weighmax scale, enjoy a first class service.

Facts About Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 Pack

How can you tell the weight of large boxes that block the view from the led screen?

There is hold function. you can press HOLD key to lock the numbers and then you can remove the big box.
Thank you

Self calibration option??

Scale does NOT have an internal calibration feature. You must use an external calibration weight that weighs exactly 2 Kg or 5 pounds to calibrate the scale at the location where it will be used. See "Scale Calibration and Verification" in REVIEWS section below for a comprehensive explanation. The TARE feature only tem… Scale does NOT have an internal calibration feature. You must use an external calibration weight that weighs exactly 2 Kg or 5 pounds to calibrate the scale at the location where it will be used. See "Scale Calibration and Verification" in REVIEWS section below for a comprehensive explanation. The TARE feature only temporarily resets the scale to ZERO, and is only used when the item to be weighed must be placed in a container (such as weighing liquids) and the container’s weight is to be excluded.

Can this run on batteries alone, or does it have to have ac power?

It can run on batteries or AC.

If the accuracy dimishes over time, can it be recalibriated against a known weight (like a 5 lb dumbell)? Thanks.

yes, with a calibration weight. Most dumbbells, aren’t the exact weight. For instance, 5 lbs dumbbell usually 4 lbs something or 5 lbs something. It’s not exact 5 lbs.
If you are insist on using a dumbbell, use olympic standard dumbbell

Will this scale work with Stamps.com?

There are no USB connections nor Wi-Fi. This is a dedicated scale only.

Does this have a lift tray to weigh things that may roll off?

No, it does not come with a tray. But what you can do is use your own tray/container. Put it on the scale, hit the TARE button to zero the weight with the tray on it, then weigh your item.

Is this usps certified????

Cannot confirm that it is USPS certified but I have had no problems with anything I have mailed. I have had numerous checked at the psot office and the weight has been right on.

can you use usps.com

It seems to be a good scales. It does more than just weighing postage. I use it for weighing gold and silver and other small items!

I searched for digital postage scale compatible with Stamps.com and this is what the Amazon "search engine" gave me. But does it work?

No, the USB port is only for power and does not work with a computer. You will need a different scale for that function. Great scale besides that drawback.

We presently own a weighmax , but different model. i need a scale that will stay on. does this scale stay on until turned off?

On Battery power: If the scale is not in use in 90 seconds or no weight change was occurred, the scale will power off.
On DC Power Supply: The scale will always have power on until you manually turn it off.

How can it be made not to weigh if I need to keep adding a little of the product till I get the correct amount?

The weight will beep and freeze in place. If additional weight is added, the weight will update, beep, and freeze in place unless additional weight is added or removed.

Is this scale hid compliant and is directly connected to a workstation? can it be used with shipstation?

Stand alone

Would this work leaving it under an rv propane tank to monitor amount remaining?

I would not recommend using this fine scale under any propane tank. I consider this scale a delicate instrument. Because it is very well made of quality materials, it deserves respect and proper care.

can you weight luggages with this scale?

I would say no. It only goes to 90 lbs. plus the luggage is too big to be able to see the weight when on the scale.

Plugged in and shows 1888.888 then unst.. then turns off.. won’t zero out.. what can i do?

When I plug in my scale and turn it on, I wait until 8888888shows and then After a few seconds 0.00 shows up on the screen and I am ready to weigh my item. I love this scale, and only plug it in when I am going to use it.

Info About Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 Pack (Reviews From Amazon)

This Scale is an Outstanding Value!!!

This is perfect for weighing my display cabinets before giving a shipping quote. It is so easy to use, right out of the box and it is extremely accurate. Some of my cabinets weigh over 50 lbs and this works very well with them also even though they are quite large. This purchase was surely one of the best values I’ve had here on Amazon.

Very good investment

I am very happy with this scale. I had been selling a lot of stuff on eBay and the kitchen scale I was using was simply not good enough if I had something big or heavy. I have this scale plugged in all the time, I have not used it on battery power. I do wish it would automatically shut off if it sits idle but I guess I just need to remember to shut it off when I’m done. It’s been useful for other purposes since it measures such a high weight, and the hold function was a huge reason I got this scale. One thing to remember is to press the hold button and then place the item on the scale, and wait for it to beep before removing the item. The weight will stay displayed. At first I was reaching under the item and pressing hold and then it zeroed out after I removed the item. I thought it was broken but I just needed to read directions!!! You can also add or remove items to the scale after it beeps, and it will recalculate the new weight as long as you wait for the beep every time.

Product: 5 stars; Quality Control: 2 stars

The first scale I received was simply a dud. It had a button that was installed improperly and it was not self-calibrated. Clearly a defect and should not have made it past their QC. The second scale is what I expected after reading the glowing reviews. As with anything with Amazon, returning and getting the replacement took three to four days and was fairly painless.

It feels like a quality scale, has a bright display, measures up to 90 lbs, and is from a name brand who supplies scales for commercial use and I believe to the USPS. The form factor is small. You can hold the measurement if you can’t see the reader. As a person who primarily needs to weigh for shipping products I’ve sold and occasionally for personal use, I prefer the convenience of having the display integrated to the unit.

Top it all off it comes factory calibrated to a tolerance of within 0.1 oz yet has a capacity to 90 lb. Most units below $30 are to within 0.2 and do not look as attractive or compact.

Value per dollar, this scale looks tough to beat. Even longevity isn’t a concern. It has a 10 year warranty.

Outstanding scale with great improvements over previous models.

This is an excellent scale and stylish all at the same time. At first I wasn’t sure if this was an official Weighmax scale since it wasn’t on their website at the time, so I contacted them. They reassured me it is manufactured by them but it is the newest model which has not been updated on their website so I ordered from Amazon. After checking 30 packages against the postal scale at the post office I can confirm this scale is accurate. It has all the features many complained not having in previous versions and I highly recommend.

I love this scale

I love this scale. It’s very easy to use when shipping books, clothes etc that are sold online. I love the hold function which allows me to weigh an item, remove it off the scale, and still be able to see the final weight. This scale has made online sales and shipping transactions easier. I no longer have to go to the post office to weigh and then ship packages. I can do it all from home and just print the postage stamps.

Awesomeness Scale!

I’ve never had a scale this good and it can weight up to 90LB’s that is allot! I was impressed by the tare button it allows you to put for example a cushion on in case you don’t wanna scratch the top or put something else in place … you press the tare button and it removes the weight of that item and only measures the item that is on top of the cushion or what ever is underneath the item!
I’ve been using it in the kitchen measuring out ingredients for recipes and it works perfectly and its handy if you need to ship something too most items that need to be shipped anyway are not normally over 100LB’s

I highly recommend this scale honestly Simply An Amazing Buy!!!

Excellent and Accurate Scale

I had read many of the negative reviews and purchased this scale with a bit of doubt as to its accuracy and construction quality. I purchased the Weighmax W-2809 in January, 2022 and have been using it for over two weeks now. The item I received is works great – at least at this time.

I first checked the weight of a stone paperweight on a “Legal For Trade” Digital Scale, and then weighed it on the the Weighmax. The weight was identical on both scales. I then tried several other items on both scales and each time the weight was identical.

The scale comes with an AC Adapter (regular “Wall Wart” outlet plug type) and a cable with a USB-A connector to plug into the Wall Wart, and a cylindrical plug that goes into the scale. This unit seems perfectly happy with either two AAA Batteries or the AC Adapter.

I did not use the provided pair of AAA Batteries, but instead used two Duracell AAA Batteries, and they fit perfectly in the battery compartment. I recall seeing comments that regular AAA cells were too big to fit properly in the contoured battery compartment. That may have been the case a long time ago, but if that was an issue, it has been resolved by the manufacturer.

A nice feature is that when the scale “beeps” to let you know it has settled-down/finished weighing an item, it does not automatically lock onto that weight. This scale will continue to display heavier or lighter weight as you add or subtract items from the weighing platform. But there is a Lock button that will hold the weight even if you remove the item from the scale. A nice feature if you are weighing a larger item and cannot easily see the display. And the display is easy to read, so there’s no problem reading the numbers.

All in all I am very happy with this purchase. If something changes, I will update this review.

Scale Calibration and Verification

Calibration certificates for precision scales must always be issued at their location of use, and are not valid if the scale has been shipped to another location.

The primary reason for this ruling is the variability of gravity due to a location’s Altitude and Latitude. Items weigh about 0.03% less per 1,000 meter rise in altitude, thus items in mile-high Denver at 1,609 meters weigh 0.048% less than at sea-level, while in Atlanta at 320 meters items weigh 0.01% less. Because the earth spins faster at the equator and also bulges at the equator, both centrifugal force and gravitational force combined cause items at the equator to weigh 0.5% less than at the poles.

Local variations in the density of the surrounding bedrock can also account for additional differences of 0.01% Then there is the factor of Air Buoyancy, that must take into account air temperature, air pressure, and humidity. An item’s weight also varies by time-of-day due to the moon’s gravitational pull.

Both Scale Calibration and Verification rely on the use of calibration weights. A test weight should be more accurate than the precision of the scale, and have an accuracy of one-third the scale’s readability (the smallest numerical increment). Thermal equilibrium is also critical. Studies have shown that a slight temperature difference of 3.6 F between the scale and a 1 Kg calibration weight created errors as large as 0.003 grams.

A quick, simple home method to verify the accuracy of your scale is to place 2 or more nickel coins onto the scale. They should be fairly new, not worn out, and be minted after 1965. Each nickel will weigh exactly 5.000 grams. Thus 2 nickels = 10 grams, 3 nickels = 15 grams, 4 nickels = 20 grams, etc. Although more expensive, the preferred verification method is to purchase an accredited Calibration Weight (described below).

The inexpensive Weighmax W-2809 Postal Scale has a scale division (d) of 0.1 ounce (2.83495 grams), and is fine for non-commercial home use. The minimum start weight is 10 grams (0.353 ounce). Note that precious metals are typically weighed/priced in Troy ounce units, not the typical grocery store Avoirdupois ounce used by Postal Scales. Avoirdupois weight is used in the U.S. to weigh everything except precious metals, gems, and drugs. 1 Troy ounce = about 31.1 grams, while 1 Avoirdupois ounce = about 28.4 grams.

Calibration Weights

Every scale should be calibrated per the manufacturer’s instructions at the location where it will be used, but for an inexpensive home scale the extra expense may be prohibitive. Since the Weighmax W-2809 requires a large expensive 2 Kg calibration weight, the only reasonable option is to use a smaller cheaper calibration weight as a simple verification tool.

Precision calibration weights are manufactured to strict international standards set by ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), OIML (Organization Internationale de Metrologie), and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). All three organizations set maximum permissible tolerances for specific weight/accuracy classes. ASTM Classes range from 0 to 7, with 0 being the most accurate. The OIML classes are E1, E2 (Extra-fine), F1, F2 (Fine), M1, M2, M3 (Medium). The NIST class is F. Selection of a suitable weight depends on both the size and resolution needed (accuracy resolution within 1/3 of the scale’s division size).

Sample prices for a suitable cast iron 2 Kg NIST Class F (error tolerance of .2 grams) calibration weight from a reputable manufacturer for use with the Weighmax W-2809 postal scale: with no certificate = $70, with a traceable certificate = $108, with a NVLAP certificate = $141. Its obvious that prices for a precision weight are too high for calibrating a scale costing only $22. Any scale will drift away from its original calibration over time as mechanical components wear.

A cheaper small 50 gram calibration weight with a low tolerance OIML class of M3, ASTM class of 6, or NIST class of F from a known reputable manufacturer would be suitable to use periodically as a tool to verify the scale’s operation, even though the Weighmax W-2809 could not be re-calibrated with that weight to nullify any local gravity differences.

Accuracy and solid construction make this a WINNER!

So, I have recently gotten involved in selling online a variety of items, mostly vintage and antique items.
Also they are usually of the small to mid sizes.
Anything from Beerstein’s to miniature cold cast porcelian cottage collections etc along with the odd book here and there.
I wanted something inexpensive, accurate, and convenient.
I rarely buy anything without researching first.
Sadly, YouTube will let you down as far as postage scale reviews. Either the particular scale isn’t covered or it is but with an overall terrible review strategy.
(On that note I will post a vid here later for this scale covering the important points)

So first and foremost :Accuracy-
Spot on as of this review, so…How do I know?
I took several items and weighed them 3 separate times along with placing them on key points of the scale platform.
I used pounds and ounces for the majority and took a couple readings in grams.
First I dead centered a Beerstein on the scale…after two seconds it beeped (letting me know it has a stable reading which is a fantastic feature btw)
Giving me 2 lbs 7 ounces on the digital display. I ten repeated this for 3 separate readings all coming to 2.7 lbs.
Next I placed and weighed the same item front left edge of the platform, followed by the front right edge of the platform.
I then did the exact steps for the right and left back edges of the platform…2.7 across the board for every reading. 100% accuracy.
This held true for the weight down to the gram also!
Next was a collection of miniature houses,6 total weighed all seperately 3 times followed by placing all 6 for the total weight of the collection…NOT ONE MISSTEP.
A few more tests also that again we’re spot on.

Ease of use: Simple enough, browsed lightly through the instructions and was good to go.
Hold function is nice for larger boxes to get a reading after removal ( If you plan to constantly ship decent size boxes you may want to consider a scale with a corded controller for a bit more convenience.
Tare works as intended, button push to cycle through different weight readings (lbs,kilo,ounces,grams).

A respectable BUILD, solid platform (stainless steel I believe.)
Small and portable.
I had considered the Smart weigh with removable controller but that was tossed when I realized it rounds up 6oz automatically, that in my opinion is an absolute boneheaded decision on their part. (If I need to round weight up for insurance before shipping then I’LL DO THAT MYSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH ๐Ÿคจ
However if the round up doesn’t bother you then it’s a cheap corded option.
Also, looked at another cheap corded option from AccuTek but surprisingly that one did have a video review and the scale kept giving inaccurate readings, that above all else is an instant No-No for a scale.

So I recommend this (IF) you are shipping smaller items with the occasional larger pieces along with not needing readings over 90lbs.

The price, the accuracy, the solid construction make this an easy recommend ation! ๐Ÿ‘

Perfect for Shipping

The media could not be loaded.  Needed a scale that would give correct measurements when making shipping labels. This is perfect! I also like this scale takes batteries and plugs in the wall. So far so good and it came on time.

Video Review

Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 PackWeighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 Pack 4.8 View On Amazon

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