WhatsApp search not working iOS 16

WhatsApp chat search not working after backup restore? Getting Preparing Results 0 or No Results error? Upgraded your iPhone model and transferred your conversations from iCloud and search is stuck?!

WhatsApp Search Not Working iOS 16?

This issue has been reported by Peyton:

“I’m having problems with search. It stopped working and shows ‘Preparing Results 0%’ after restoring from backup. Can u help?”

We couldn’t replicate the problem, but have found plenty similar and recent complaints on Apple’s Discussion forums:

“I got a new phone and transferred my data from iCloud. All the other apps are fine. Except WhatsApp, I can’t search chats and I can’t back up chats in settings.”


“Whatsapp message search not working after changing to new iphone.”

How To Fix WhatsApp Chat Search Not Working

Apparently, this issue is related to the backup stuck preparing glitch that we’ve recently covered!

However, in this case there doesn’t seem to be any confirmed workaround:

1. Offload WhatsApp

Reinstalling WhatsApp using the offload option changes Preparing Results 0 error to No Results, but the search still won’t work!

  • How to: Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> WhatsApp -> Offload App -> Reinstall App

According to Mariutz, WhatsApp is aware of the issue and are working on a solution which could come either server-side or via an App Store app update.

2. Cycling WhatsApp iCloud Permisison

Apparently, this troubleshooting sequence will increase the percentage, without any other benefits.

Reddit users have reported getting Preparing Results 2%, 15% or %39, but there’s no guarantee that reapplying this fix and reaching 100% will actually enable search.

Did you manage to fix WhatsApp Preparing Results 0 error? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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