WhatsApp Stuck On Connecting? Messages Not Sending?

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Posted in News by Patricia on October 25, 2022

WhatsSpp stuck on connecting

Is WhatsApp stuck on connecting on iPhone? Messages not sending? You’re seeing a clock icon next to the message bubble instead of the checksign that confirms that the text was sent or double-checksign for it being delivered?

WhatsApp Stuck On Connecting

When the Connecting… status is displayed it means that your iPhone is trying to communicate with WhatsApp servers, without success.

If your device’s Internet connection is working normally and you’ve tried both WiFi and carrier data connectivity with the same outcome we’re dealing with a downtime.

Confirmed: Meta is currently experiencing a major downtime and WhatsApp messages are not sending!

In fact, WhatsApp can’t connect to Meta’s servers at all and thus not being able to transfer data from and to the communication hubs.

Are you experiencing the same? We’re not sure if this is global or regional. Please confirm the issue in the comments and also mention your country and your operating system. This doesn’t seem to be an iOS issue only. Android users should also be affected!

WhatsApp Messages Not Sending

whatsapp downtime confirmation

WhatsApp downtime graph confirms sudden spike in complaints.

The issue is widespread as confirmed by this DownDetector graph:

We will update this article when WhatsApp downtime is fixed. You can also confirm it in the comments.

Workaround For WhatsApp Not Working

facebook messenger workaround for whatsapp not working
FB Messenger (direct link) works normally, so you can use it as a workaround until WhatsApp comes back online.

Alternatively you can use other instant messaging services such as Telegram.

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