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Posted in TILs by Mike on September 30, 2023

White lines on Apple Watch screen in watchOS 10!

Seeing white lines on Apple Watch screen after updating to watchOS 10? The lines are showing across all four edges, framing the entire display? You’re not the only one! Fortunately, this can be easily fixed in Settings!

White Lines On Apple Watch Screen?

This issue has been reported by Lucy:

“I’m getting white lines on the edges of the screen every since updating to watchOS 10. Problem persists in 10.0.1!”

This unexpected behavior has been reported by others too on online discussion groups like Reddit:

“Does anybody know how to remove these white edge lines?”

How To Fix Apple Watch White Lines On Screen

Apparently the white lines are triggered by an Accessibility setting, more precisely Assistive Touch.

An user explains on Reddit that Apple has implemented a delimitation of the display edges to make sure that the content doesn’t display right next to the black bezel.

However, sometimes these strips glitch out and get stuck with the wrong color and show up because of the contrast. The white lines can be seen when the background switch from bright to dark.

One of the triggers of this glitch seems to be the Assistive Touch option.

Fix: Turn it Off in Settings -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch and reboot your Apple Watch!

How to: Power device Off and turn it back On or use the force restart trick.

Did you manage to get rid of the white lines on Apple Watch display? Do you have a similar problem or other questions related to watchOS 10? Share your feedback in the comments!

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