Why Are My AirPods So Quiet? 14 Causes & Fixes

AirPods are amongst Apple’s hottest objects. They’re easy to make use of and fairly efficient! Nonetheless, there are occurrences after they have issues that should get dealt with. One typical drawback is that AirPods get silent or have a low loudness over time. Have you ever ever encountered this drawback?

When you uncover that your AirPods are too silent, it’s best to first decide the supply of the difficulty. It’s not uncommon for filth and filth to trigger your Apple AirPods to change into noisier. The filth is normally attributable to earwax. It’s as a result of in-ear headphones are a veritable magnet for earwax. By rigorously wanting, you might usually discover earwax encrustation on the headphones. Nonetheless, in the event you all of a sudden consider you possibly can go forward and clear recklessly, it’s best to proceed with warning. Water is hazardous to the speaker’s delicate membrane, and the grilles of AirPods are additionally significantly weak and could also be destroyed quickly. In the event that they change into defective, the audio system behind them will get harmed in the long run. Right here’s how you can make the AirPods louder, and all the things sounds higher.

Why Are My AirPods so Quiet?

Your AirPods are so silent as a result of earwax, filth, and sweat have amassed and created a coating over the audio system inside your headphones. Take away the filth off your AirPods utilizing a clear, dry toothbrush or Q-Tip, and they’re going to instantly change into louder.

1. Your AirPods Are Dusty or Have Earwax

Gunk. If it will get into your AirPods by way of your ears, a dusty surroundings, or someplace else, you’ll discover a change. It’s the most typical motive your AirPods aren’t giving out as a lot sound as they used to. When earwax accumulates inside your AirPods, the loudness may drop dramatically. Even a slight coating of earwax in your AirPods could considerably affect sound high quality.

Moisture may trigger accumulation in the event you train whereas sporting your AirPods or put on them within the rain. The salt in your sweat will linger within the AirPods, inflicting the sound high quality to degrade.

Moreover, AirPods which have been moist from rain or sweat could collect mud as they dry. It’s significantly true with the AirPods Professional, whose rubber ideas accumulate mud, sweat, and earwax like no different! Examine contained in the tricks to see if any muck has amassed if the sound high quality and loudness in your AirPods Professional have all of a sudden diminished. Sift by way of it! It’d get so caked on that it’s almost indistinguishable at first look.

The Repair:

Examine and clear the audio system in your AirPods commonly. Whether or not you will have AirPods Professional, you might have to take away the tricks to see if the audio system are gunk-covered.

Cleansing filth and muck out of your AirPods is a simple course of. Nonetheless, because you’re working with delicate electronics, you should make sure that you clear them correctly.

Gently take away filth and dirt off your AirPods utilizing a clear, dry toothbrush or comparable software. You can too clear out your AirPods with a Q-Tip, exactly as you’ll your ears.

Watch out to not use any cleaning soap or water since this will worsen the obstruction and completely harm the audio system.

2. Low Energy Mode On In Your iPhone

In case your iPhone is in Low Energy Mode, the quantity in your AirPods will likely be decreased routinely. It’s possible you’ll require to disable Low Energy Mode to make your AirPods louder.

When you consider it is a design mistake, you’re appropriate. Low Energy Mode shouldn’t alter the loudness since your AirPods aren’t draining energy out of your iPhone.

Your AirPods have their battery, and turning up the quantity has no impact in your telephone’s battery — but it does!

However, though there isn’t any logical motive for this to occur, it does. When your iPhone is in Low Energy Mode, the quantity of any headphones you’re utilizing will get decreased.

The Repair:

Examine your iPhone settings to find whether or not you’re in Low Energy Mode in case your AirPods have all of a sudden gone silent. If you’re, flip it off, and the quantity ought to return to regular! However don’t overlook to energy up as quickly as attainable!

  1. Launch the “Settings” app.
  2. Choose “Battery” from the menu.
  3. Then, flip “Low Energy Mode” OFF.

3. The Related Machine’s Quantity Degree is Low

The battery stage in your AirPods is charged to greater than 50%. If that’s the case, the quantity in your linked gadget could also be too low. There is no such thing as a quantity management on any AirPods mannequin.

Consequently, the related gadget finally determines the audio stage.

When you can hardly hear a sound, the quantity in your iPhone or iPad could also be too low. Sure, it’s a simple challenge. Nonetheless, many customers ignore it. So, earlier than you are worried, examine the quantity stage in your linked gadget.

The Repair:

There are three strategies to extend the loudness of your AirPods.

  1. Step one is to extend the quantity in your iPhone, iPad, or MAC PC. Your AirPods have to be linked to your different gadget for this to function. When you can hear the quantity within the earphones improve, your AirPods have efficiently related to your different gadget.
  2. The second technique is to go by way of your gadget’s settings.

Navigate to the settings menu in your smartphone. After which go to “Sounds & Vibrations” or one thing related. Then, improve the quantity to a stage that you just’re snug with.

  1. Third, ask Siri to spice up the quantity of your AirPods. You may additionally say, “Hey Siri, flip up the quantity.” As well as, the quantity stage of your AirPods will likely be elevated by 15%. To quantity up your gadget to the specified stage, say, “Hey Siri, up the quantity stage to 70%.”

Right here’s how you can allow Siri relying on the mannequin of your AirPods:

  1. Double-tap both earbud on the first-generation AirPods.
  2. For AirPods 2nd technology and better, utter the wake phrase, “Hey Siri…”
  3. Set one earbud to activate Siri and utter the wake work, “Hey Siri…” utilizing AirPods Professional.

Please do not forget that the “Hey Siri” function will solely function when you have enabled it in your gadget’s settings.

4. Quantity Restrict on Your iPhone

Most telephones and in-ear/over-ear headphones comprise a security perform that stops extreme loudness from harming your ears. That perform works moderately effectively more often than not — you possibly can have your music or streaming stage turned up fairly loud with out damaging your listening to.

Nonetheless, the quantity restriction in your AirPods could also be fairly restrictive at instances.

It’s very true if the music or video you’re listening to or seeing isn’t adequately blended or in the event you’re in a boisterous space.

The Repair:

Flip off your telephone’s quantity limiter. Comply with these procedures in the event you’re utilizing an iPhone working iOS 15:

  1. Launch the “Settings” app.
  2. Choose “Sounds and Haptics.”
  3. Find and press the “Headphone Security” button.
  4. Then, utilizing the “Cut back Loud Sounds” setting, you might disable your quantity limitation.

5. AirPods Are Outdated

It’d sound like a no brainer, however your AirPods are so quiet as a result of they’re previous. Like each different product, they’ve a sure lifespan, a interval wherein they perform at their whole capability. After that, they could nonetheless work, however they may have particular points.

The Repair:

Make your self a gift and purchase some brand-new AirPods to take heed to loud and clear music.

6. AirPods Must Be Up to date

“My gadget’s loudness and connectivity are each OK.” “Nonetheless, why are my AirPods nonetheless silent?” It’s fairly unusual. Nonetheless, the gadget to which your AirPods are linked could have out-of-date software program.

Outdated firmware does greater than solely stop your gadget from receiving the latest upgrades. Nonetheless, it additionally causes your gadget to malfunction because of incompatible software program upgrades.

When this happens, your AirPods can:

  1. Play the audio at a low quantity.
  2. Utterly disconnect.
  3. Make shaky audio music.

When the firmware is outdated, the 5G function could not work, which is answerable for presenting great-sounding, high-quality music by way of your AirPods.

The Repair:

Replace the software program in your linked gadget to treatment this drawback.

Right here’s how one can go about it:

  1. Navigate to the gadget’s settings.
  2. Select “Common.”
  3. “Software program Replace” will likely be displayed.
  4. And, if it seems, hit “Replace Now.”

If the “Replace Now” choice doesn’t seem, attempt restarting your gadget. Restarting units aids within the removing of software program flaws and the correction of minor errors.

It’s possible you’ll accomplish this by pushing and holding your gadget’s energy button. Then, from the alternatives, select “Restart.” It is going to routinely change your gadget on and off as soon as.

Join your AirPods after that. And observe whether or not it makes any distinction.

Please take into account that a restart isn’t the identical as a manufacturing facility reset. So, don’t be involved; doing so is not going to outcome within the deletion of any important information. This process merely refreshes your gadget’s working system. As well as, it deletes non permanent reminiscence information (RAM).

7. iPhone Software program Outdated

When you didn’t improve your iOS gadget or AirPods when recent updates acquired launched, they’re performing up may be associated to software program difficulties. When you can improve them each to a later model of iOS, please accomplish that!

To see whether or not any updates can be found for any of those units, go to:

Settings > Common > Software program Replace on the iPhone

8. Mac Software program Outdated

When you didn’t replace your iOS gadget or AirPods when new updates appeared, the issue may be software program points. Please replace them each to a more moderen model of iOS if attainable!

Go to: to examine if any updates can be found for these units.

On the iPhone, go to Settings > Common > Software program Replace.

9. Low Battery Left on AirPods

AirPods, like different merchandise, may malfunction if their cost runs out. Once I say “too low,” I imply lower than 10% battery stage. When your AirPods’ battery is low, they get little to no sign from the gadget to which they’re hooked up. Moreover, the ability stage of the AirPods decreases. Consequently, you shouldn’t anticipate nice connections and efficiency from them.

On the linked gadget, you possibly can examine the battery stage of your AirPods. Search for the AirPods image in your gadget’s notification bar, and the battery stage will get proven subsequent to it.

Relying in your telephone’s settings, the battery stage could appear purple. Alternatively, examine the drop-down menu in your gadget.

Listed below are some potential indicators that your AirPods’ battery is working low:

  1. The connection is erratic.
  2. The amount stage routinely decreases.
  3. Earbuds could also be turned on or off from both aspect.

The Repair:

There is no such thing as a different method to handle this challenge however to recharge your AirPods.

There are two strategies to go about it:

  1. Cost them utilizing the charging case.
  2. By inserting the charging case and inserting the case into an influence outlet, AirPods cost shortly.

So don’t be involved! As a result of you should utilize your AirPods after just some minutes of charging. You’ll be able to cost your AirPods for a minimum of 10 minutes in the event you use the charging case. And get entry to hours of playback time.

Nonetheless, if you wish to use your AirPods for an prolonged interval, swap them each a minimum of half-hour. It prices your smartphone fully. Consequently, it is possible for you to to put it to use indefinitely.

10. Modified Equalifier Settings

Are you acquainted with an audio equalizer, usually referred to as an EQ? ‘Sound Examine,’ maybe? Did you understand that these audio settings contribute to the softer sound of your AirPods? EQ routinely adjusts the audio settings to watch the frequency. Moreover, it facilitates the dynamic interaction of the music elements.

Technically, this makes music extra balanced and pleasing to the listening to. Nonetheless, it could often trigger the loudness to be decreased as effectively. Along with EQ, Apple units comprise a “Sound Examine” choice. After every music, this perform routinely modifications the quantity stage.

Consequently, customers’ listening to is not going to be harmed if the next audio has a excessive pitch or loudness stage. These parts contribute to a extra satisfying and balanced listening or streaming expertise. Nonetheless, it could trigger your AirPods to change into quieter than ordinary.

The Repair:

Examine to see whether or not these options are enabled. In that case, change them off immediately.

Right here’s how you can disable the iPhone’s EQ and Sound Examine:

  1. Navigate to the iPhone’s settings.
  2. Select “Music.”
  3. Flip “Sound Examine” off.
  4. From the identical web page, select “EQ.”
  5. Then, deactivate the “EQ” button.
  6. After that, it’s best to have the ability to hear your AirPods at the next quantity stage.

If not, attempt disabling extra audio choices, reminiscent of “Booster.”

Warning: Even when the “Sound Examine” choice is switched off, control your quantity stage. Abrupt loud noise could hurt your listening to.

11. Bluetooth Points

In uncommon circumstances, AirPods could change into noisier because of connectivity points. Bluetooth connection failures or glitches are sometimes attributable to:

  1. Bugs in software program.
  2. Out-of-range gadget
  3. Interference with the connection.
  4. When your Bluetooth connection is damaged, the audio in your AirPods could change into erratic.

Alternatively, the quantity may get decreased. “How does Bluetooth connection interference work?” Connection interference happens when different frequencies break a connection in the identical band. The vast majority of devices function on 2.4 GHz bands. And, generally, units with the identical band collide. And trigger the connections to be momentarily disconnected.

The Repair:

Any potential connection difficulties get resolved by repairing your AirPods with the linked gadget.

So, in the event you run into this challenge, unpair and repair your Apple units.

Right here’s how one can go about it:

  1. Navigate to the gadget’s settings.
  2. Select “Bluetooth.”
  3. Faucet the round I image subsequent to the title of your AirPods.
  4. Select “Neglect This Machine.”
  5. As soon as, flip on and off your Bluetooth.
  6. Wait to your AirPods to indicate underneath “Out there Units.”
  7. Select your AirPods.
  8. Then press the “Join” button.

It ought to treatment any loudness issues along with your AirPods. If not, repeat the strategy many instances. Assume the state of affairs persists. Strive the opposite drawback options listed above. Additionally, whereas utilizing AirPods, maintain your smartphone near them. Take away some other devices that will intervene with the Bluetooth connection. It’s possible you’ll discover minor latencies or malfunctions if you take heed to music along with your AirPods.

12. Each AirPods Don’t Have The Identical Quantity

If the quantity on each AirPods isn’t balanced, your AirPods could look quieter. Customers of Apple units could regulate the quantity of exterior units by way of a setting. It’s possible you’ll use them to make the left bud’s loudness louder than the bud’s quantity—alternatively, vice versa.

Sure, it’s a incredible function.

Nonetheless, it could make your AirPods look quieter regardless of the quantity being turned as much as eleven. When you’re not accustomed to this perform, you would consider the opposite pair is damaged. And finally, you’ll obtain new AirPods since your gadget isn’t functioning anymore.

You’re most likely conscious of how pricey AirPods might be. Consequently, you might not want to purchase a brand new one because of this straightforward error. “Nonetheless, I didn’t do something after connecting my AirPods with my second gadget…” If that’s the case, you could have beforehand modified this setting. After which I forgot to reset it. Or you could have adjusted the slider by mistake when searching your gadget’s settings. Regardless, you should steadiness the quantity stage to handle this challenge.

The Resolution:

You’ll be able to solely modify the quantity of your related gadget.

Get your iPhone or iPad, after which observe these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to the gadget’s settings.
  2. Select “Accessibility.”
  3. Choose “Listening to.”
  4. Choose “Audio/Visible.”
  5. Then, transfer the slider to the middle of the bar.

After that, your AirPods needs to be enjoying on the similar quantity.

13. Your AirPods are Broken by Water

As a result of the {hardware} in your AirPods has been damaged, they’re silent. The AirPods embrace a circuit board and a motherboard. A circuit board (PCB) ensures that electrical energy flows by way of all the gadget’s electrical elements.

Whether it is destroyed, your AirPods will not have the ability to retailer energy prices. Equally, the motherboard is answerable for connecting all the {hardware}. When one element fails, the entire system could fail. Additionally, you will not have the ability to use your AirPods.

Many components could contribute to the failure of the circuit board and motherboard, together with:

  • Overheating.
  • Surges in energy.
  • Harm attributable to water.
  • Bodily repercussions

Anticipate your AirPods to malfunction if any of those occasions happen. Alternatively, you might stop working solely.

The Repair:

It’s possible you’ll convey your AirPods to a service facility to protect them. Request that an digital specialist study your gadget. Additionally, restore any potential harm to the circuit board or motherboard.

Nonetheless, the cost for this may be comparatively excessive. Consequently, the best treatment to this challenge is to buy a brand new set of AirPods. Or an AirPods Professional for improved listening and longer battery life.

Certain, they’re dear.

Nonetheless, getting a brand new pair will prevent more cash, time, and energy than having them repaired at a service facility.

14. Batteries Are Low

In case your AirPods are solely useless, no audio will get performed. So, earlier than you try to make the most of the pods, ensure they’ve some battery life remaining in them! Additionally, examine positive your AirPods case is appropriately charged and has sufficient energy to cost your AirPods.

It’s troublesome to find out when the AirPods battery will expire since they normally final a couple of hours, relying on how you utilize them. It is usually regular for one AirPod’s battery to be depleted earlier than the opposite. It is extremely typical!

If a pair of AirPods is sort of useless (the batteries are lower than 5% charged), they might start to function surprisingly. The connection could also be sporadic; one or each ears could randomly go out and in, changing into painfully silent.

The Repair Cost your AirPods! Apple AirPods cost in a short time, offering greater than an hour of listening time after simply 10 minutes within the charging case. They might be finally charged in as little as half-hour!


You’re not alone in asking why your AirPods are so silent. Probably the most frequent reason for quantity discount in Apple AirPods is a buildup of earwax and particles on the audio system.

Different components, reminiscent of your iPhone’s quantity restriction or Low Energy Mode, may also be to fault. So, maintain your ears and AirPods clear, and at all times examine your telephone’s settings earlier than assuming your dear wi-fi earbuds malfunction.

Have your AirPods change into quieter? Have you ever discovered an answer to the low quantity drawback? What was the answer that labored best for you?

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