Why Is One Of My Airpods Not Working

AirPods are the most well-known wireless headphones on the market. They work great, but there are some issues. Sometimes, one AirPod may not work, and the other does not work. This error can be more common than you think, but there is a way around it.

Why is it that I can only listen to one AirPod?

Are you unable to hear audio through your AirPods? We will show you how to solve the problem if only one AirPod works for you. You can watch TV, listen to music and even hear voice messages through both of your headphones.

What should you do if one AirPod doesn’t work for you?

It has been reported in multiple Apple Support forums. It indicates that this is not an isolated failure but a more common one. What should we do?

1. Check The battery in the AirPods.

You need to check your Apple Airpods battery. One or both of your AirPods can drain quicker, depending on how much you use them. It can also happen if you only use one AirPod and leave the other in your case.

  • Tap the upper right corner to activate the Music charm in the Control Center.
  • The battery percentage should be checked.
  • A low battery can cause one AirPod to stop working. You will only see the percentage of one AirPod.

We recommend placing AirPods inside the charging case if you have this issue. You should also check that the charging case is sufficiently charged. If it does not, you can connect it to a power source (or wireless charging base) for at least an hour. To verify the problem is resolved, remove the AirPods from the case and place them in the ears.

2. AirPods can be repaired with an iPhone or iPad

Try the second solution if you are still having trouble pairing the AirPods to your device. That is how it should be done:

  • Open the Settings app-> Bluetooth
  • Tap the circled icon “i” next to the AirPods.
  • Scroll down, then click on “Forget Device”.

You need to put your AirPods in the charging case, close the lid, and remove the cover. Close the cover again and hold the physical button at the back for a moment. The iPhone or iPad will detect your AirPods and connect again in seconds. Confirm that the problem is fixed.

3. Restart the AirPods

You should restart your AirPods if they are still not functioning correctly. The following should be done:

  • Close the lid and place the AirPods into the charging case.
  • Hold the button at the back of the lid for 15 seconds, then open the lid.
  • Reassemble your AirPods as if they were brand new, just like you did when you bought them.

4. Reset Network Settings

You may be able to fix the problem on your iPhone or iPad if nothing else works. You will need to restore network settings. It will cause you to lose all Bluetooth connections, WiFi networks, and passwords.

  • Open the Settings app ->General
  • Scroll down and click on the Reset button
  • Click on Reset network settings to reset the device

5. Reset your iPhone or iPad with the old reliable

This last solution may be on the device and not the AirPods. You can turn it off by pressing the lock button and sliding the option off. To turn off your iPhone or iPad that does not have a Home button, press and hold the Side and Volume buttons.

You can opt not to push any button to turn your device off. Go to Settings app -> General. You will see the option to turn it off when you swipe to the end.

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