How To Use a Kindle without an Amazon Account

The Amazon Kindle is one device that has completely changed how we read books. Paper books became an endangered species, and other manufacturers rushed to produce their own Kindle copies to get in on the action. If you own a Kindle, you might think using an Amazon account with it is necessary. However, that’s not … Read more

How to Change the Wi-Fi of Your Amazon Echo

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How to Set Your Music as Amazon Alexa Alarm

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Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

After the launch of Apple Pencil, users have separated into two teams – some considering it a revolutionary and handy iPad accessory, and others believing it to be no different from a regular stylus. Those who’ve used it generally agree with the former. However, the price of the Apple Pencil is relatively high, which leads … Read more

The Best Cheap Android Tablets

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The Best Cable Modem/Router Combos

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The Best Fitness Trackers

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