How to Open an EML File in Gmail

When sharing an email, you typically forward it or share a PDF for offline sharing. In some cases, though, you might receive an EML file containing an important email you need to access. It’s not a common file format you’ll come across in your lifetime, but what do you do when that time does come? … Read more

How to Archive All Emails in Gmail

Tired of looking at your cluttered email inbox with hundreds of emails? Archiving emails is the best way to tame the madness in your inbox without deleting them. The archive option in Gmail removes all emails from your inbox while ensuring they are readily accessible. So, instead of deleting all read emails in Gmail, learn … Read more

How to Add a New Line in Slack Without Sending

Slack is a popular service that offers plenty of features to facilitate business communication. It comes with a clean UI for seamless team collaboration and communication. Still, inserting a line break while drafting messages in Slack can be tricky if you are new to the platform. That is because the enter key in Slack is … Read more

How to Know If You Are Blocked on Gmail

Waiting for a reply to an important email you sent to someone? Are they truly busy? Or have they blocked your Gmail ID? Well, if you haven’t received a reply even after sending three or four follow-up emails, that person may have blocked your Gmail account. But how can you confirm this? This guide will … Read more

How to Remove Someone From a Slack Channel

Slack channel helps team members in a workplace to organize their activities for a particular topic, project, or team. However, not all channels are public, and one may have to add or remove channel members to maintain the confidentiality of important conversations. While adding someone to a Slack channel is easy, removing them is not … Read more

How to Permanently Delete Dropbox Files

Dropbox is an excellent free cloud storage platform, but it has limits. Eventually, you’ll want to clear space on your Dropbox account to make room for new files. If that’s the case, you might want to know about permanently deleting files from your Dropbox to free up space. How Long Does Dropbox Keep Deleted Files? Like … Read more

How to Block and Unblock Emails and Contacts in Gmail

Sometimes, deleting all emails from one sender on Gmail isn’t enough. They’ll spam you with more emails until your inbox is filled with junk. If you regularly receive spam or unwanted emails from one person on Gmail, it’s time to block them. Luckily, blocking someone from Gmail is easy, and you can do it in … Read more

How to Fix Queued Email in Gmail

Sending emails on Gmail is easy, even if you’re trying to send large files without using Google Drive. While sending an email usually only takes a few clicks, there will be instances when your email is stuck in the queued folder. This can be very frustrating, especially if the email you wrote needs to be … Read more