Philips Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

Device Brand Philips 4 digit Universal remote code BELCOR 0002 BROKWOOD 0002 PILOT 0002 SHOGUN 0002 CLAIRTONE 0003 MEI 0003 RHAPSODY 0003 SONIC 0003 PRISM 0007 TECHNICS 0007 STAR SIGHT 0008 MULTIVISION 0010 CLP 0016 CYBERVISION 0016 ADVENTURA 0019 JANEIL 0019 SUPREMACY 0019 VIKING 0019 SANTECA 0021 CELERA 0023 KLH 0023 GPX 0096 SUPERSONIC 0096 … Read more

How To Program Any Remote To A TV Without Codes

Looking for Programming any remote to a TV without using specific remote codes. It can be a bit difficult, but it is possible with certain universal remotes that have an auto-search or “auto-code” feature. You can search for the correct remote code that corresponds to your TV brand. Many of the universal remotes don’t have … Read more

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV

Magnavox universal remote controls come with three different ways to program them to your Vizio TV. You can program your Magnavox remote control using below three different methods for programming with your Vizio smart tv. Magnavox universal remote control by using auto setup You can follow the auto-setup method for programming the Magnavox Universal Remote Control to … Read more

How To Unlock Child Lock Panasonic Microwave

The Panasonic microwave has a child lock feature for safety to prevent the children and unauthorised users from accidentally operating the microwave or accessing its settings. You can disable the control panel button by activating the child lock on your microwave. You can ensure that children can’t operate the microwave by activating the child lock … Read more

When Did Tamagotchi Come Out

The original Tamagotchi was first released in Japan on November 23, 1996. It was created by the Japanese toy company Bandai and quickly gained popularity worldwide. The Tamagotchi craze spread to other countries, including the United States, in 1997. Since then, numerous variations and updated versions of the Tamagotchi have been released, keeping the virtual … Read more

How To Reset Tamagotchi

If you are trying your reset tamagotchi but the screen keeps going back. You tried A+C but nothing happened. Also hit the little back button which takes me to a screen that shows an egg, but after pressing any button. It returns to the same screen. Does anyone know how to get a baby? What … Read more

4 Digit Codes For GE Universal Remote

Brand Code ZENITH 0121, 0009, 0050, 0078, 0038, 0111, 0134., 0153, 0064, 0004, 0135, 0226, 0227, 0245, 0247, 0252, 0266, 0288, 0310, 0338, 0358, 0023, 0058, 0039, 0001, 0091, 0138, 0059, 0131 YAMAHA 0170, 0004, 0005, 0009 WHITE WESTINGHOUSE 0227, 0279, 0080, 0100, 0130, 0138, 0136, WESTINGHOUSE 0143, 0114 WARDS 0031, 0062, 0004, 0005, 0009, … Read more

How to Program Philips Universal Remote Setup Without Code

Looking for programming your Philips universal remote to operate any electronic devices like smart tv, DVD and CD player, Soundbars, music system, etc. In this article, we will guide you to program your universal remote control setup without using any remote codes.  How to Program a Philips Universal Remote Control Without any Remote Codes? You … Read more

How To Program RCA Universal Remote To Sanyo TV

You can use some simple and easy instructions to program your RCA universal remote to control your Sanyo TV. Remember that the specific steps may vary depending on the model of your remote, so refer to the user manual if you encounter any difficulties. How to program an RCA universal remote to control your Sanyo … Read more