How to Get Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring

How to Get Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring


Do you know how to Get the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring? Every adventurer wants to use ancient weaponry in Elden Ring’s game wide and dangerous territories. Among these desired relics, the Nagakiba Katana is known for its potency and the obstacles one must face to claim it. As I explain the legend of this ancient blade, we’ll explore its origins, its tough enemies, and the techniques that can win the day.

Elden Ring’s Nagakiba is a Katana-class melee weapon. Its long blade causes more blood loss in Elden Ring than the Uchigatana beginning Katana. Players can get the Nagakiba by completing Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s questline or killing him when they initially meet him. Bloody Finger Hunter Yura starts at Limgrave, his camp near Seaside Ruins, or north of Murkwater Cave.

With Ronin gear, he will wear a huge metal cap. To get the Nagakiba quickly, players can fight and kill Bloody Finger Hunter Yura. Nagakiba Katanas are more than weapons—they represent myth and history. A renowned blacksmith forged a blade that could cut through darkness, according to legend. When someone sees the katana’s gleaming edge or feels its deadly strikes, legends and reality merge. Here are the steps how to Get the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring.

What is the Nagakiba Katana?

I really like the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring. It’s great at making big strikes that hurt a lot of people. To use it well, you need to be strong and quick. With Arcane Build and Constant Attacking skills, you can make it magical and make it even better. A enemy can be hit from far away with this sword and still bleed. To get the Nagakiba, you have to beat Yura early in the game, complete her tasks, or find her later. People in the game may also have it, so you can ask them. A lot of people who play Elden Ring like to use the Nagakiba because it’s so strong and great for samurai heroes!

How to Get the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring

  1. Yura, the NPC Bloody Finger Hunter, wields the Nagakiba Katana.
  2. You encounter him for the first time in Limgrave, the first section of Elden Ring.
  3. Killing Yura is the quickest way to receive the weapon because he will drop it when he dies.
  4. Find him initially beneath the ruins south of Agheel Lake.
  5. You can also obtain the Nagakiba by finishing Yura’s questline if you prefer not to murder him.
  6. Get a detailed walkthrough of Yura’s questline at the Nerd Stash, which you can access through this link.
  7. After Yura assists you in fighting Bloody Finger Nerijus north of Agheel Lake on your way to Murkwater Cave, you should speak with him to get the essential information.
  8. The next place you’ll see him is in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, specifically at the Site of Grace known as the Academy Main Gate.
  9. A summon sign awaits you so you can aid him in his fight against an assassin.
  10. There is just one more place you need to go to before you can obtain the Nagakiba Katana once you achieve this.
  11. You may find it on the Altus Plateau at the Second Marika Church.
  12. An NPC named Eleonora will assault the Second Church of Marika after you see Yura lying on the ground.
  13. You can obtain the Nagakiba Katana by plundering Yura’s corpse after he dies.
  14. To find the Nagakiba Katana where Yura stood, go back to where you initially met him if you reach the Mountaintop of the Giants before completing this stage at the Second Church of Marika.

Benefits and Unique Features of the Nagakiba Katana

  1. Speed and Precision: The Nagakiba Katana is known for its fast and accurate strikes, allowing gamers to hit foes quickly. It’s perfect for agile fighting and fast defeats.
  2. A primary aspect of the Nagakiba Katana: It is tremendous damage output each strike. For difficult battles, it may hurt regular adversaries and powerful bosses when used properly.
  3. The Nagakiba Katana has slicing: thrusting, and special techniques. Players can adjust their fighting approach to throw an enemy off surprise or perform a spectacular finish.
  4. This katana is durable and reliable in extended combat: Players may rely on it as a reliable weapon throughout their adventure because it stays sharp and effective after several engagements.
  5. In addition to its functionality: the Nagakiba Katana is attractive. It’s a beautiful weapon that enhances the player’s character.
  6. Special Effects: Upgrades and modifications might provide the Nagakiba Katana enhanced critical hit chance, elemental damage bonuses, or unique benefits to improve combat effectiveness.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Nagakiba Katana Effectively

  1. Use the Sheathed Stance: Sheathing your katana improves mobility and dodgeability. Avoid enemy attacks and prepare for counterattacks with this stance. Dodging in this stance requires less stamina than in the Drawn Stance.
  2. Use the Drawn Stance: Drawing your Nagakiba Katana unlocks tremendous attacks and combos. The Drawn Stance is great for damaging foes and breaking their defences. Try different attack sequences to find lethal combos for your fighting style.
  3. Manage Stamina Wisely: The Nagakiba Katana uses stamina like all Elden Ring weapons. Avoid overexertion in combat and monitor your stamina bar. Time attacks and dodges to conserve stamina for key occasions.
  4. Upgrade and Infuse: Upgrade your Nagakiba Katana at blacksmiths to increase damage and durability. Consider adding elemental effects or buffs to boost your build and fight performance.
  5. Learn Enemy Patterns: The Nagakiba Katana requires knowledge of enemy attack patterns and weaknesses. Find openings and strike with precision by studying opposing movements. For best outcomes, tailor your tactics to your enemy.
  6. Enhance with Runes: Equip runes that match your Nagakiba Katana build to boost its powers. Runes that increase critical damage, stamina regeneration, or elemental damage can improve combat performance.
  7. Practice Parrying and Riposting: The Nagakiba Katana may turn the tide against difficult opponents with fast parries and ripostes. Practise timing to parry attacks and launch devastating ripostes for tremendous damage.
  8. Stay Agile and Mobile: Use the Nagakiba Katana’s quickness and movement to outmanoeuvre opponents and control combat. Quick movements and strategic positioning throw adversaries off balance and create chances for deadly strikes.


Elden Ring fans know about the Nagakiba Katana. Many warriors want to use its powerful fabled power. Each day I spent in Elden Ring made the Nagakiba Katana more appealing. Discovering ancient mysteries and fighting powerful enemies became part of my search for this fabled sword. Getting the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring is a tribute to exploration and perseverance, not power or talent.

It reminds us that every obstacle and bond we make in this vast and intriguing universe increases our playing experience. If you want to wield the Nagakiba Katana, enjoy the voyage, learn from every experience, and enjoy Elden Ring’s adventures.

Questions and Answers

What is the longest katana in Elden Ring?

Nagakiba is an Elden Ring Katana. The Nagakiba scales mostly with Strength and Dexterity and deals extra blood loss in addition to Physical Damage. Katana with a long, vicious blade. Signature weapon of Bloody Fingers hunter Yura.

Can I get Ronin armor if I killed Yura?

Location of Ronin’s Set in Elden Ring. After adopting the Three Fingers’ flame of frenzy, the armour is available there too. While murdering Yura earlier will not deliver the armour, it will not prevent Shabriri from controlling him.

Is the chaos blade better than Uchigatana?

Indeed, it’s better. Chaos Blade does more damage with 10 humanity (around 40 points), but it damages the user and can’t be boosted. Even if you’re not buffing, use Rotten Pine Resin if you have a good weapon.

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