Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories (2024) level up your VR

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories (2024) level up your VR


Do you have an Apple Vision Pro track and want to improve your VR experience? With so many new accessories on the market, you have a lot of choices for how to improve and protect your favorite gadget. Discover a world of options as you look at the newest items made to make your Apple Vision Pro experience better. A stylish case that shields your headset from bumps and scratches that might happen by mistake. But that’s not all. Imagine being able to get even more into your virtual world if the tools for your games were made just for your Apple Vision Pro. With these add-ons, gaming is more than just a hobby; it’s a journey you’ll never forget.

If you want to take your VR setting to the next level, get some stylish headbands that work well and look good. This carefully put together guide has everything you need to know about accessories for the Apple Vision Pro. It makes sure that every owner gets exactly what they need to make their device even better.

It’s not just about style and safety, though. It’s also about put money into your VR experience. It’s not enough to just have these devices; you need them to fully experience virtual reality. Don’t worry—these cases and accessories will take care of your VR headset every step of the way, whether you want to protect your expensive purchase, improve your game setup, or just finish off the look.

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories Comparison Table

Apple hasn’t put out a guide on how to clean your Vision Pro yet. But, just like with any other XR headset, you should stay away from rough clothes and harsh chemicals that could damage the coatings. The cleaning cloth that comes with the headset works great on the outside glass, but it can be hard to get to the edges of the concave lenses when you use it on your finger. A lens pen works well and doesn’t cost much to keep your glasses clean.

Device Type Connectivity Backlit Keys Primary Use Check Deal
Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Keyboard Bluetooth Yes Typing with tablets, laptops, or smartphones Check Deal
Xbox Wireless Controller Game Controller Wireless (Bluetooth or proprietary) No Gaming on Xbox consoles, PCs, and some mobile devices Check Deal
Spigen Klasden Pouch Case N/A No Protecting a mobile device (phone, tablet) Check Deal
Apple Magic Keyboard Keyboard Bluetooth Yes (on some models) Typing with iPads or Macs Check Deal
Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth No Listening to music, taking calls Check Deal

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Let’s be honest: pockets work great. You probably don’t need a battery holder unless you only wear clothes without pockets and plan to move around the house a lot with your headset. But if that sounds like you, a battery stand will be useful.

Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard

Feature Description
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Backlighting Adjustable RGB backlighting
Slim Design Ultra-slim profile for portability
Rechargeable Battery Long-lasting battery life with USB-C charging
Multimedia Controls Dedicated keys for multimedia functions
Check Price

Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard—a fashionable and versatile accessory for all your electronic devices. Along with to being interoperable with a wide range of electrical devices, this little keyboard offers an enjoyable typing experience thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. Having adjustable backlighting makes it possible to work or play in any lighting condition. The Slim X1 is the pinnacle of form and function, enhancing your aesthetic while simultaneously increasing productivity.

The Good

  1. Sleek and slim design
  2. Customizable RGB backlighting
  3. Convenient multimedia controls

The Bad

  1. May take time to get used to the layout for some users
  2. Bluetooth connection may occasionally experience latency issues

Xbox Wireless Controller

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Feature Description
Wireless Connectivity Connects wirelessly to Xbox consoles and PCs
Ergonomic Design Comfortable grip for long gaming sessions
Customizable Buttons Remap buttons for personalized gaming experience
Textured Grip Enhanced grip for better control
Compatibility Works with Xbox Series X
Check Price

Get the most out of your Xbox games by using the wireless controller. You may enjoy a responsive and immersive gaming experience by pairing this controller with your Xbox system. The design process prioritised precision and user comfort above all else. With its intuitive design and simple controls, anyone can use it, from total beginners to seasoned pros. Use the Xbox Bluetooth Controller to take control of your virtual world and emerge victorious.

The Good

  1. Ergonomic design for comfortable gaming
  2. Wireless connectivity for hassle-free gaming sessions
  3. Customizable buttons for personalized gameplay

The Bad

  1. May be expensive compared to third-party controllers
  2. Battery life could be better for extended gaming sessions

Spigen Klasden Pouch

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Feature Description
Material Durable synthetic leather construction
Interior Protection Soft microfiber lining protects contents
Multiple Compartments Organize accessories with multiple pockets
Zipper Closure Securely holds items in place
Compact Design Slim and portable for easy carrying
Check Price

Introducing the Spigen Klasden Pouch, a fashionable accessory that protects your electronic gadgets. This pouch is perfect for storing your phone, charger cables, and any other tiny devices you might have on hand in an organised and secure manner. The Spigen Klasden Pouch is a must-have for your everyday excursions because to its practical design that also adds a dash of style. Made with finest supplies and carefully built with an eye for detail, it exudes affluence

The Good

  1. Durable synthetic leather construction
  2. Multiple compartments for organized storage
  3. Compact design for easy portability

The Bad

  1. May not fit larger devices or accessories
  2. Limited color options available

Apple Magic Keyboard

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Feature Description
Wireless Connectivity Seamlessly connects to Mac and iOS devices
Scissor Mechanism Keys Responsive typing experience with low profile keys
Multi-device Support Switch between devices with ease
Built-in Rechargeable Battery Long-lasting battery life
Compact Design Slim profile for comfortable typing
Check Price

The Apple Magic Keyboard will take you on a typing adventure unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. In addition to being designed with exactness and comfort in mind, this wireless keyboard is able to connect to your Apple devices in a smooth manner, as long as a typing experience that is both flexible and tactile. The Apple Magic Keyboard is the pinnacle of portable productivity because to its space-saving design and ability to maintain its battery for an extended period of time.

The Good

  1. Seamless connectivity with Apple devices
  2. Responsive typing experience
  3. Compact and slim design

The Bad

  1. Higher price point compared to other keyboards
  2. Limited compatibility with non-Apple devices

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Feature Description
Active Noise Cancellation Blocks out external noise for immersive audio
Transparency Mode Allows ambient sound for awareness
Adaptive EQ Automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear
Sweat and Water Resistance Ideal for workouts and outdoor activities
Wireless Charging Case Convenient charging with Qi-compatible chargers
Check Price

The Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation will take you on an audio experience unlike any other. These wireless earbuds offer a genuinely remarkable audio quality with their variable fit, adaptive equalisation, and active noise suppression. The sleek appearance and intuitive controls of the AirPods Pro will take the way you listen to a whole new level. The newest iteration of Apple’s AirPods Pro allows you to stay connected while enjoying extremely clear music.

The Good

  1. Active Noise Cancellation for immersive audio experience
  2. Sweat and water resistance for durability during workouts
  3. Wireless charging case for added convenience

The Bad

  1. Higher price point compared to other wireless earbuds
  2. May not fit comfortably in all ear shapes

Importance of Accessories for Apple Vision Pro

Apple products aren’t complete without accessories, which improve the gadgets’ practicality, visual appeal, and usability. Accessories are useful for the following reasons:

  1. Accessory Accessories: Cases, screen protectors, and extra keyboard are a few ways to enhance the features of your Apple smartphone. They provide additional functionality and protection, which improves the user experience and makes the device last longer.
  2. By customising their Apple devices with accessories that showcase their individuality, consumers may turn their gadgets into personal shrines that showcase their taste and character. Users may express themselves and give their devices a unique design with accessories like a personalised case, a stylish watch band, or decorative stickers.
  3. Abrasions, drops, and other forms of damage can cause Apple devices to age prematurely, despite their delicate appearance. Accessories, like as cases, covers, and sleeves, can shield your device from damage and increase its lifespan.
  4. Various relationships are available for Apple devices that can be used to expand their capabilities. Users are able to transfer files, attach additional peripherals, and perform tasks that the device couldn’t handle independently with the help of devices such as docking stations, adapters, and external storage devices.
  5. Apple offers a wide variety of accessories, such as wireless chargers, stands, and carrying bags, that enhance the accessibility and convenience of their products. In addition to protecting your electronics, they allow you to charge them and use them without using your hands.
  6. Devices such as the Apple Watch rely on accessories such as sports bands, heart rate monitors, and armbands to keep tabs on health and fitness. With the aid of these add-ons, users may monitor their activity levels, workout regimens, and development towards their fitness goals.
  7. Pairing your Apple device with a high-quality audio accessory, like as headphones, earbuds, or speakers, will allow you to enjoy music, podcasts, and movies with incredibly clear sound.

Questions and Answers

Does Apple Vision Pro need to be plugged in?

The Apple Vision Pro has an external battery that can be charged and used for up to two hours of normal use or two and a half hours of video watching* when fully charged. If you plug it into a power source, you can use it all day.

Can you try Apple Vision Pro?

Making a meeting online is all it takes. Going to your nearby Apple Store should be the next thing on your list if you want to try the Apple Vision Pro. There is a lot of excitement about Apple’s newest gadget, which is also the company’s first product in a new category since the Apple Watch.

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