Best Community Builder Software (2024) retain your audience

Best Community Builder Software (2024) retain your audience


The internet is becoming more important in everyday life. Today, we use the internet for buying, banking, and interact. This transition has created many active online communities where people can discuss their hobbies, obtain support, and meet others like them. This trend affects more than just individuals. Businesses realise how vital it is to establish communities around their products and services.

I know from experience that firms use online community sites to communicate with customers. These platforms allow users to discuss brand-related topics and provide feedback. Business-to-business and B2C communities exist. Both are wonderful areas for firms to learn about their customers’ wants and needs.

Businesses must use the best online community tool to capitalise on this trend. There are different platforms, so choose one that meets the business’s needs. The right site may make all the difference in developing a vibrant online community for events, conversations, and customer service.

Best Community Builder Software Comparison Table

You might not be sure about using community building platforms since they usually charge a lot for sales and platform fees. That is a real worry—as a creator, you can’t let your earnings go down while you build a group.

Feature WorkRamp Communities Mighty Networks BuddyBoss Slack
Primary Focus Employee onboarding & training Course creation & social learning Membership communities Project management & file sharing Workplace communication
Target Audience Businesses Course creators & educators Businesses & organizations Project teams & creative agencies Businesses & teams
Strengths Streamlined onboarding, LMS integration Content creation tools, social learning features Membership management, gamification Secure file sharing, task management Real-time chat, integrations
Weaknesses Limited customization, focus on internal training Less flexible for non-course content Requires WordPress installation Lacks social learning features Not ideal for in-depth learning
Pricing Varies based on company size Starts at $29/month Freemium, paid plans start at $25/month Starts at $39/month Freemium, paid plans start at $6/month

Best Community Builder Software

A active online community is a great partner for a brand because it lends a hand to customers. A small business can get people to know about its brand without spending a lot of money on marketing efforts by using an online community. A study by Vanilla Forums found that 55% of brand communities say that the efforts of their online communities have led to more sales.

WorkRamp Communities

Feature Description
Community Building Create and manage online communities effortlessly
Content Sharing Share resources, articles, and files within the community
Collaboration Foster collaboration among members through discussions
Analytics Track engagement and activity within the community
Customization Customize community appearance and settings
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WorkRamp groups is a tool that lets businesses make and run their own online groups. Some of the features that make it easier for staff to get involved, share knowledge, and work together are discussion forums, groups, reward tools, and the ability to build a knowledge base. This leads to better teamwork and productivity in the long run.

The Good

  1. Seamless community building
  2. Easy content sharing
  3. Robust collaboration features
  4. Detailed analytics
  5. Extensive customization options

The Bad

  1. Steep learning curve for customization
  2. Limited integration options with other platforms

Mighty Networks

Best Online Community Software

Feature Description
Mobile App Access the community on the go
Events Organize and promote events within the network
Courses Offer educational content and courses
Branding Customize the platform to reflect your brand

Mighty Networks is for content creators who want to combine premium content with community action. Mighty Networks lets you create online courses, host live events, and make money from your expertise through paid memberships. It’s perfect for teachers, coaches, and businesses that want to give exclusive memberships.

The Good

  1. User-friendly mobile app
  2. Versatile event management
  3. Robust course creation tools

The Bad

  1. Higher pricing tiers
  2. Limited scalability for large communities


Best Community Builder Software

Feature Description
Social Networking Build social networking platforms with community features
Online Courses Create and sell online courses with integrated features
Membership Sites Establish membership-based websites with exclusive content
E-commerce Integrate e-commerce functionality for selling products
Customization Extensive customization options for platform appearance

BuddyBoss turns WordPress sites into live social networking sites. It lets users make profiles, connect with friends, participate in discussions, and join groups by seamlessly integrating with WordPress. This gives users a familiar social media experience on their website, which increases user involvement and interaction.

The Good

  1. Comprehensive social networking features
  2. Seamless integration with online courses
  3. Robust membership site capabilities
  4. Built-in e-commerce functionality
  5. High level of customization

The Bad

  1. Requires technical expertise for extensive customization
  2. Higher learning curve for beginners

Best Community Builder Software

Feature Description
Communication Facilitate communication and collaboration within teams
File Sharing Share files and documents securely within the platform
Task Management Assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress
Integration Integration with various third-party apps and tools
Security Strong security measures to protect sensitive data stands out as a strong knowledge management tool made to make it easier for teams to share information with each other.’s features, like wikis, document sharing, and knowledge base creation, make sure that teams have access to the most up-to-date and correct information. This helps them make smart decisions and speed up work processes.

The Good

  1. Efficient communication tools
  2. Secure file sharing capabilities
  3. Effective task management features
  4. Seamless integration with other applications
  5. Reliable security measures

The Bad

  1. Limited customization options
  2. Interface can be overwhelming for some users


Best Online Community Software

Feature Description
Channels Organize discussions into channels
Integrations Connect with other tools and services
File Sharing Share documents, images, and more
Video Calls Conduct video calls directly within Slack

Slack is mostly used for discussion in the workplace, but it can also be used for communities inside or outside of work. Slack is great for real-time contact through channels and direct messages. It makes it easy to have quick discussions and keep everyone up to date on projects.

The Good

  1. Extensive integration options
  2. Efficient channel-based organization
  3. Seamless file sharing capabilities

The Bad

  1. Can become overwhelming with too many channels
  2. Pricing can add up for larger teams

Key Features to Look for in Community Builder Software

Community builder software helps develop and maintain online communities by encouraging participation, collaboration, and interaction. Consider these crucial aspects when choosing community builder software for your organization or platform:

  1. The software should let users construct extensive profiles with customisable fields, avatars, and bios. Rich user profiles help community members bond.
  2. Discussion forums: Community members need them to talk and share expertise. Forum software should have thread organisation, moderation, user tagging, and notification settings.
  3. Content Creation Tools: Community members should be able to publish text, images, videos, polls, and documents. To stimulate content creation and participation, the platform should allow rich text editing, media embedding, and content formatting.
  4. Member Engagement Features: Likes, comments, shares, and replies encourage community connection. Find software with simple engagement features and gamification aspects like badges, points, and leaderboards.
  5. Community organisers can build and promote webinars, workshops, meetups, and conferences using event management systems. Attendee management, RSVPs, ticketing, reminders, and scheduling should be supported by the programme.
  6. Groups and Subcommunities: Members can form groups or subcommunities to meet others with similar interests, aims, or identities. Choose software that allows group formation, customisation, and moderation.
  7. Membership Management: Membership management tools assist administrators manage community user roles, rights, and access. User authentication, registration workflows, member directories, and segmentation should be supported by the software.
  8. Integration With Other Tools: The software should work effortlessly with your company’s CRM, email marketing, analytics, and social media platforms. Integration allows data sharing, workflow automation, and user experience improvements.
  9. Analytics and reporting: Comprehensive analytics and reporting reveal community performance, member engagement, content efficacy, and growth patterns. Look for software with analytics dashboards, customizable reports, and data export.
  10. Customization and Branding: The software should match your company’s visual identity and brand requirements. Find ways to customize colours, logos, themes, and page layouts for a branded community experience.
  11. Security and Privacy: User authentication, data encryption, role-based access control, and moderating tools protect member data and ensure community safety.
  12. Select community building software that can grow with your company and meet its changing needs. Find vendors with trustworthy customer support, documentation, training, and platform updates and improvements.

Questions and Answers

Which is the best known community building website?

Facebook seems like the best place to start your community because it’s easy to use and where people in your community are already likely to be. not like a new tool they have to learn how to use. Facebook is a good place to start a group, but it might not be the best place to grow it.

Can I create my own community?

Putting together a group might sound like a lot of work, but it’s not as hard as it seems. You can easily start your own group and reach people if you plan ahead, put in the time, do what you say you will do, and follow some simple steps.

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