Best Contract Management Software for Small Business (2024) tested

Best Contract Management Software for Small Business (2024) tested


Throughout my professional path, I have found that contract management software has been an invaluable asset. This software has completely transformed the way in which my team and I manage contractual agreements inside our internal business processes. As a result of my own personal experience, I have seen directly how these software solutions serve as catalysts for efficiency and productivity, thereby altering the conventional approach to the management of contracts.

By utilising technologies for contract administration, my coworkers and I have successfully made the move from laborious manual processes to a workflow that is streamlined and automated. The days of laborious paperwork and never-ending email chains are behind; instead, we now have a centralised platform that enables us to establish, negotiate, sign, renew, and report on contracts with an ease and efficiency that is unmatched by any other method.

In addition, the concentration of functionalities that are vital within a single workspace has significantly improved the effectiveness of our collaborative activities. There is no longer a need for us to switch between different tools; rather, everything that we require is easily available within a single platform that is coherent. A centralised strategy like this not only helps members of the team become more cohesive with one another, but it also guarantees that the contract management lifecycle will be accurate and consistent throughout its entirety.

Best Contract Management Software for Small Business Comparison Table

An efficient management of contracts is essential for any company, regardless of its size or the sector in which it operates. Because there are so many various alternatives for contract management software available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your company and the specific difficulties that it has in terms of contract administration.

Feature PandaDoc Jotform Sign LinkSquares Outlaw DocuSign
Primary Focus E-signatures & document creation E-signatures Contract management & CLM E-signatures & agreements E-signatures & document management
Pricing Per seat & pay-as-you-go Per document & per user Per user & tiers Per user & tiers Per seat & tiers
Ease of Use Very easy Easy Moderately easy Easy Easy
Features E-signatures, document creation, templates, analytics E-signatures, basic document creation, integrations E-signatures, CLM tools, AI-powered contract analysis, redlining E-signatures, agreements, workflows, pre-built integrations E-signatures, document management, workflows, advanced analytics
Integrations Over 200 140+ 30+ 100+ 400+
Security SOC 2 compliant, GDPR compliant PCI compliant, GDPR compliant SOC 2 compliant, HIPAA compliant SOC 2 compliant, GDPR compliant SOC 2 compliant, HIPAA compliant
Target Audience Businesses of all sizes Small businesses & freelancers Large enterprises & legal teams Small & medium businesses Businesses of all sizes

Best Contract Management Software for Small Business

The use of contract management software is common among companies that have the requirement to expand their contract process without raising their workforce level. This indicates that organizations who are expanding rapidly and entering into an increasing number of contracts are the ones that benefit the most from deploying software for managing contracts.


Feature Description
Electronic Signatures Enable legally binding e-signatures on documents.
Document Automation Streamline document creation with templates and workflows.
Collaboration Tools Allow multiple users to collaborate and edit documents.
Analytics Track document engagement and performance.
Integration Seamlessly integrate with CRM and other business tools.
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PandaDoc has distinguished itself as a platform that is widely used for document management. PandaDoc provides a streamlined experience for all transactions, including the development of proposals, the issuing of contracts, and the tracking of agreements.

In order to ensure that document handling is carried out in a professional and efficient manner, the abundance of templates, integrations, and analytics tools is designed to accommodate enterprises of varying sizes.

The Good

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Extensive integration options
  3. Advanced analytics capabilities

The Bad

  1. Pricing might be high for small businesses
  2. Some features require additional add-ons

Jotform Sign

Best Contract Management Software

Feature Description
E-signature Sign documents digitally
Customizable Customize the signing process according to your needs
Integration Seamlessly integrates with Jotform forms and workflows
Security Ensures the security and legality of signed documents
Mobile-friendly Access and sign documents on the go with mobile devices

You can make powerful papers that can be filled out and signed on any device with Jotform Sign. You can add a PDF file, pick one of more than 600 pre-made templates, or start from scratch and then send it to clients or coworkers to finish online with just a few clicks. Our drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to change the look of your documents, whether you’re collecting waivers, lease agreements, or permission forms.

The Good

  1. Easy integration with Jot form
  2. Customizable signing process
  3. Mobile-friendly interface

The Bad

  1. Limited features compared to more comprehensive e-signature solutions
  2. Less advanced document tracking capabilities


Best Contract Management Software

Feature Description
Contract Analysis Automatically extract key data and clauses from contracts.
AI-Powered Insights Gain actionable insights using artificial intelligence.
Contract Lifecycle Management Manage contracts throughout their lifecycle.
Audit Trails Track changes and access history for compliance purposes.
Data Visualization Visualize contract data for better decision-making.

I have found that LinkSquares’ cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology has completely transformed the way I manage contracts. LinkSquares is able to save a substantial amount of time and effort by automating the process of contract analysis and review. This automated process allows LinkSquares to extract critical data, identify hazards, and offer improvements.

The way in which our legal team handles contracts has been revolutionized as a result of this unique approach, which has enabled us to make choices that are both informed and effective in a timely manner.

The Good

  1. Cutting-edge AI technology
  2. Comprehensive contract analysis
  3. Intuitive dashboard for data visualization

The Bad

  1. Limited customization options
  2. Pricing may not be suitable for all budgets


Best Contract Management Software

Feature Description
Template Management Create and manage document templates for consistency.
Redlining and Negotiation Collaborate on contracts with redlining and commenting.
Version Control Track and manage document versions efficiently.
Audit Trails Maintain an audit trail of all contract activities.
Compliance Tools Ensure regulatory compliance with built-in tools.

My go-to solution for modernising legal operations has been Outlaw, which offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing contracts, invoicing, and other legal documents. Outlaw has been supplying me with this solution. We have been able to optimise workflows and enhance productivity as a result of its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, which have simplified complex operations. Through the use of Outlaw, we are able to maintain accuracy and compliance while staying ahead of the competition in the fast-paced legal world of today.

The Good

  1. Simplified contract negotiation process
  2. Intuitive interface
  3. Robust compliance features

The Bad

  1. Limited customization options
  2. Advanced features may require additional training


Best Contract Management Software

Feature Description
Electronic Signatures Facilitate secure and compliant electronic signatures.
Workflow Automation Automate document routing and approval processes.
Mobile Support Sign documents on the go with mobile apps.
API Integration Integrate with various third-party applications via API.
Authentication Ensure document security with multi-factor authentication.

DocuSign, a pioneer in the field of electronic signatures, has been my dependable companion through the process of securing signatures in a quick and secure manner. The streamlined user interface of this system guarantees that the signing process will be hassle-free for both parties involved.

In addition, the fact that it is compatible with a wide range of program makes the workflow more efficient, which is why I consider it a vital tool in my day-to-day operations.

The Good

  1. Industry-leading e-signature solution
  2. Robust API for customization
  3. Excellent mobile support

The Bad

  1. Higher pricing tiers for advanced features
  2. Steeper learning curve for complex workflows

Key Features to Look for in Contract Management Software for small Business

For small businesses, it’s important to look for contract management software with features that make things easier, work better, and don’t break the bank. Here are some important things to look for:

  1. Ease of Use: Choose software with an easy-to-understand layout that doesn’t need much training to use well. For quick adoption and maximum output, ease of use is very important, especially for small businesses that don’t have a lot of resources.
  2. Centralised archive: To keep all of your contracts safe in one place, look for software that has a centralised archive. This store should have simple search and retrieval tools that make it easy for users to find the contracts they need.
  3. Contract forms: To make it easier to make contracts, choose software that comes with customisable contract forms. Templates save time and effort and help make sure that all contracts are correct and consistent.
  4. Alerts and tracking of contracts: The software should have alert and tracking of contracts tools to let users know about important dates, deadlines, and milestones. Alarms for contract renewals, expirations, or upcoming chores help make sure that things are done on time and that rules are followed.
  5. Document Management: Make sure the programme has strong document management features, like the ability to track changes, link documents together, and share files. Document management tools help keep contract-related files in order and make it easier for team members to work together.
  6. Integration: Look for software that works with other systems and tools that your small business uses, like email platforms, CRMs, or financial software. Integration speeds up the exchange of data, gets rid of the need to enter the same information twice, and improves total efficiency.
  7. Security and Compliance: Pick software that puts data security and following industry rules like GDPR or HIPAA at the top of its list of priorities. To keep private contract data safe, tools like role-based access controls, encryption, and audit records are used.

Questions and Answers

Does QuickBooks have contract management?

Included in the QuickBooks Online App Store are a wide variety of integration applications, in addition to applications for managing contracts. These applications include solutions for documentation management. Management of the data. Management of your invoices.

What Microsoft program is best for contracts?

The entire contract lifecycle is the focus of Contracts 365, beginning with the request, continuing through the discussion and electronic signing stages, and ending with the storage, expiration, or renewal of the contract. To make your life simpler, we have adapted the software to meet your needs.

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