Best Contractor Management Software (2024) for hiring

Best Contractor Management Software (2024) for hiring


Other options for contractor management tools can make it hard to keep track of all your contractors properly. It’s been hard for me to find a tool that makes hiring, managing, and paying employees faster while also making sure they follow the law and safety rules. Not to worry, I know how to get around this software maze and can share my advice.

Think about this: You have a lot of jobs that need to be done by a certain date, and you need a way to organise your work. This is where modern options for managing contractors come in handy. They’re not just tools; they’re your secret weapon to stay ahead. Because they are flexible, easy to use, and have a lot of features, they let you focus on running your business well and quickly.

Imagine it was easy to hire, manage, and pay workers. With the right contractor control software, your dream will come true. It will be easy for you to do things that used to take a lot of time, leaving your rivals behind. These tools improve your game and give you an edge in the fast-paced business world of today. If you’re sick of what contractor management wants, you need to make changes. Take advantage of modern technology to get more done and feel less stressed. No bad feelings, I promise.

Best Contractor Management Software Comparison Table

Similar to nearly everything else in the contemporary workplace, selecting the appropriate contractor management software is crucial. But let’s face it, you don’t have hours to spend sorting through dozens of possibilities. You’re here in search of effective HR software that simplifies your life.

Feature Deel Ironclad Rippling Papaya Global RemotePrimary Function
EOR E-signature & Contract Management All-in-One HR EOR Payroll & Benefits EOR Services
Global Coverage Yes Limited 🌍 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ease of Use Easy Moderate Easy Easy Easy
Setup Time Fast Moderate 🏃‍♂️ Fast Fast Fast Fast
Compliance :muscle: Strong :muscle: Strong :muscle: Strong :muscle: Strong Strong
Customer Support Good Good Excellent Excellent Good
Feature Set Basic Advanced Contract Management Comprehensive HR Strong EOR, Compliance Payroll & Benefits Focused
Pricing Transparent, Pay-as-you-go Transaction-based Per Employee/Month Transparent, Pay-as-you-go Per Employee/Month
Best For Businesses hiring freelancers & contractors globally Businesses needing advanced e-signatures & contracts Businesses seeking all-in-one HR solution Businesses hiring internationally with compliance focus Businesses needing payroll & benefits for remote t

Best Contractor Management Software

It’s incredible how we can now collaborate in a variety of ways with excellent partners and reach out to a wide range of brilliant people. But for your staff, overseeing contractors can be a logistical nightmare. It entails handling a never-ending stream of emails, intricate payments, and paperwork that might impede the expansion of your business and pose threats.


Feature Description
Remote Facilitates remote work by managing contracts, payments, and compliance.
Ironclad Ensures secure and reliable transactions for all involved parties.
Rippling Streamlines onboarding and offboarding processes for employees.
Do Write Offers comprehensive writing tools for effective communication and documentation.
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A tool like this is Deel, which I’ve personally found to be very helpful. Deel makes it easier to pay contractors because it has a strong salary management system that works in over 100 countries. No longer do you have to keep track of payments, taxes, and changing exchange rates by hand. With one click on Deel, you can make sure that everyone gets paid on time. It changes everything about how your team works when it comes to scaling up easily and effectively.

The Good

  1. Simplifies remote work management.
  2. Ensures secure transactions.
  3. Streamlines employee onboarding/offboarding.
  4. Comprehensive writing tools enhance communication.

The Bad

  1. Might have a learning curve for new users.
  2. Some features may require additional customization.
  3. Limited integration with certain platforms.


Best Contractor Management Software

Feature Description
Deel Integrates with Deel for managing contracts and payments.
Remote Enables secure remote access to critical documents and processes.
Rippling Provides robust protection against legal risks and compliance issues.
Do Write Offers documentation and writing support for legal teams.

Ironclad is another great piece of contractor management software. It has AI features that change the way contracts are handled. Ironclad’s AI has impressed me. It not only helps me compare and analyse contract terms, but it also lets me rewrite or replace sections without any problems. It’s like having a lawyer at your fingertips, giving you the confidence and accuracy to discuss contracts.

The Good

  1. Secure remote access to documents.
  2. Integration with Deel enhances contract management.
  3. Robust protection against legal risks.
  4. Documentation support tailored for legal teams.

The Bad

  1. May require customization for specific legal requirements.
  2. Initial setup might be time-consuming.


Best Contractor Management Software

Feature Description
Deel Simplifies payroll and compliance management through integration.
Ironclad Ensures legal compliance and security in employee management processes.
Remote Facilitates remote access and management of employee data and workflows.
Do Write Provides documentation and communication support for HR professionals.

When it comes to managing a whole staff, Rippling stands out as a top choice. It makes the whole employee lifecycle easier with a single dashboard that handles HR, IT, and business needs. Rippling brings all of your costs, perks, and payroll together on one simple platform. Its contractor management features also make sure that security rules are followed and give quick access to audit data, which makes it a valuable tool for any business.

The Good

  1. Streamlines payroll and compliance management.
  2. Enhances legal compliance in employee management.
  3. Remote access and management capabilities.
  4. Documentation support tailored for HR professionals.

The Bad

  1. Integration with certain platforms may be limited.
  2. Interface could be more intuitive for new users.

Papaya Global

Best Contractor Management Software

Feature Description
Global payroll Manages payroll for employees worldwide
Compliance management Ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations
Tax calculation Calculates taxes accurately for employees in various jurisdictions
Reporting and analytics Provides insights into payroll performance and costs

Papaya Global is another great choice, especially since it can do automatic payroll in more than 160 countries. Papaya Global makes it easier to process and reconcile payroll by integrating smoothly with existing ERP and payroll tools. Its lightning-fast payment delivery shows how efficient and reliable it is, and the fact that it is completely open about how payments are processed is unmatched.

The Good

  1. Efficient global payroll management
  2. Comprehensive compliance management
  3. Accurate tax calculation
  4. Detailed reporting and analytics

The Bad

  1. Interface could be more intuitive
  2. Customer support response times can vary


Best Contractor Management Software

Feature Description
Deel Integrates for streamlined contract management and payments.
Ironclad Provides secure access controls and encryption for remote work environments.
Rippling Facilitates remote employee onboarding and offboarding processes.
Do Write Offers writing and communication tools tailored for remote teams.

Remote is great at lowering the risks that come with contracts in 200 countries. Remote’s pre-reviewed contracts and risk-flagged system give you a lot of peace of mind, whether it’s about classification problems or following local laws. You can send your own contracts or use their localised templates with Remote to make sure you’re following the rules and reducing any risks that might arise.

The Good

  1. Streamlined contract management and payments.
  2. Secure access controls and encryption.
  3. Facilitates remote employee onboarding/offboarding.
  4. Writing and communication tools tailored for remote teams.

The Bad

  1. May require adjustment period for team members transitioning to remote work.
  2. Integration with certain platforms may be limited.
  3. Advanced features might require additional training.

Top Benefits of Using Contractor Management Software

Contractor management software aids businesses that use contractors, subcontractors, freelancers, or temporary staff. Contractor management software has these top benefits:

  1. Centralised Contractor Database: Contractor management software stores contractor contact information, qualifications, certifications, insurance documents, and performance assessments in a central database. Contractor data in one location is easy to access and manage.
  2. New contractor onboarding is simplified by contractor management software, which automates document collection, background checks, and regulatory compliance. This saves time and administrative work for contractors and hiring organisations.
  3. Compliance Management: Contractor management software ensures legal, regulatory, industry, and internal policy compliance. It can automate compliance checks, track licence and certification expiration dates, and generate compliance reports to prove compliance.
  4. Contractor management software reduces risks of non-compliance, safety violations, and poor performance by centralising contractor data and automating compliance inspections. It helps companies spot dangers early and take precautions.
  5. Better Communication: Contractor management software lets employing organisations and contractors chat, share documents, and update project requirements and changes. This improves collaboration and keeps everyone informed.
  6. Contractor management software optimises workforce management by tracking contractor availability, scheduling assignments, and managing job assignments and project deadlines. It matches the right contractors to the right projects at the right time.
  7. Performance Tracking and Evaluation: Contractor management software tracks contractor performance through evaluations, stakeholder feedback, and metrics. This identifies top contractors, addresses performance issues, and informs future contracting decisions.
  8. Contractor management software can save organisations money by automating laborious operations, enhancing productivity, and lowering compliance concerns. It cuts administrative costs, reduces non-compliance fines, and optimises contractor use.
  9. Scalability: Contractor management software works for small and large firms. It can adjust to contractor workforce changes and the organization’s needs.
  10. Data Security and Confidentiality: Contractor management software protects data with safe access restrictions, encryption, and GDPR or HIPAA compliance. Contractor data is protected from misuse.

Questions and Answers

What is a general contractor software?

Software for contractors lets general contractors and their teams send bids and quotes, plan workers, keep track of jobs, send and receive invoices and payments, and more. Jobber gives you the tools you need to run and grow your building company better, whether you’re in the office or on the job site.

How much does Procore cost per month?

If you also want the financial management part, it will cost $549 per month (again, for a year). You can also make your own bundle with resource management and preconstruction to get Procore price that fits your needs.

How much does a contract management system cost?

Creating, tracking, and handling contracts are all done automatically by contract management software. As well as helping people write contracts and spell out their terms and conditions, it also keeps track of important dates like when a project is due for finish or review. Contract management software pricing can range from $7 to over $700 per month.

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