Best Entertainment Apps for iPad (2024) for movies and games

Best Entertainment Apps for iPad (2024) for movies and games


There are a lot of different kinds of fun apps for iPad that I’ve tried. There are apps for every mood and interest. My iPad is like a threshold to a world of endless entertainment options, whether I’m watching a Netflix series all at once or getting lost in the near worlds of Google Earth. Everyone can find something they like, whether they like describer experiences like TikTok or like to stay up to date with news through apps like Apple News or Readly.

The different kinds of apps are something I really like about them. From big names like Netflix to smaller, more local favorites, each one brings something different to the table. There’s a lot of fun options right at my digit tip , so I can choose whatever I want right now.

Also, it’s not just about passively taking things in. I can quickly switch between tasks on my iPad and play games, read, or even watch music to get in the mood. The ease with which this little gadget moves from one task to the next is truly impressive. My iPad has become my ultimate companion for fun, learning, and relaxing, whether I’m looking to unwind after a long day or get some ideas. I love having a personal entertainment hub that I can take with me anywhere. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Best Entertainment Apps for iPad Comparison Table

Feature Glee (TV Show) PANDORA Peacock TV Disney+ Clubhouse
Type TV Show Music Streaming Streaming Service Streaming Service Audio-based Social App
Content Scripted Series Music Library Movies & TV Shows Movies, TV Shows, & Originals Live Audio Rooms
Video Content Yes No Yes Yes No
Cost Not Applicable Free/Subscription Free/Subscription Subscription Free
Account Required No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Original Content No No Yes Yes No

Best Entertainment Apps for iPad


Feature Description
Musical Comedy Blend of musical performances and comedy
Diverse Cast Representation of various backgrounds and talents
Catchy Soundtrack Popular songs covered in each episode
Positive Themes Emphasis on friendship, acceptance, and self-expression
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It was a really interesting musical comedy-drama show about the ups and downs of the made-up New Directions singing club in Chicago. The show dealt with issues like love, acceptance, and how music can change people. The characters were very real. Also, who could forget those catchy songs that I could never get out of my head? Even though Glee’s numbers have been going down over time, I will always love it, and I know I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

The Good

  1. Upbeat and entertaining content
  2. Positive messages and themes
  3. Talented cast with strong vocal performances

The Bad

  1. Some critics find the plotlines predictable
  2. Musical format may not appeal to all viewers


Best Entertainment Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Music Streaming Access to a vast library of songs and albums
Personalized Curated playlists and recommendations
Offline Listening Download music for offline playback
Ad-Free Listening Premium subscription option for ad-free experience

For years, I’ve always gone to PANDORA. I love that I can make my own stations with my favorite acts and types of music. It feels like I have my own radio station that is made just for me. It feels like a great mix of radio and on-demand streaming thanks to the hand-picked stations and skip limit. Plus, PANDORA gives me options for how I want to listen because I can choose between a free tier and a premium contract.

The Good

  1. Extensive music library
  2. Personalized recommendations based on listening habits
  3. Offline listening feature
  4. Option for ad-free experience with subscription

The Bad

  1. Limited availability in some regions
  2. Subscription cost may be prohibitive for some users

Peacock TV

Best Entertainment Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Streaming Access to a wide range of movies and TV shows
Original Content Exclusive original series and movies
Live TV Live streaming of news, sports, and events
Ad-supported Free tier available with ads
Premium option Ad-free premium subscription available

I just recently added Peacock TV to my streaming service, and I’m really enjoying the wide range of shows and films it has. There’s always something new to find on NBC, from original shows to old favorites. I like that I can choose connecting a free tier with ads and a paid tier without ads. This gives me choices based on how I usually watch things.

The Good

  1. Diverse content library
  2. Option for both free and premium subscriptions
  3. Access to live TV channels
  4. Original content not available on other platforms

The Bad

  1. Ad-supported free tier may have interruptions
  2. Not available in all regions
  3. Limited availability of some popular shows or movies


Best Entertainment Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Disney Content Disney classics, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.
Family-Friendly Content suitable for all ages
Original Series Exclusive shows produced by Disney
Offline Viewing Download content to watch offline

Since utilising Disney+, I’ve been impressed by its rapid entertainment revolution. Its vast library includes Disney animated works of art, Marvel blockbusters, Pixar favorites, Star Wars sagas, and National Geographic documentaries, giving plenty for everyone. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard lover, Disney+ is easy to use. Offline viewing makes watching your favorite series and films on the go much easier. Disney+’s streaming supremacy is expected.

The Good

  1. Extensive library of family-friendly content
  2. Exclusive access to Disney classics and franchises
  3. Affordable subscription price
  4. Offline viewing option

The Bad

  1. Limited content outside of Disney’s brands
  2. Occasional technical issues


Best Entertainment Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Audio-Only Voice-based social networking platform
Rooms Join or create rooms for discussions
Follow Users Stay updated on discussions from followed users
Exclusive Access Invitation-only platform

Regarding Clubhouse, I joined the platform during the epidemic and found it enjoyable to participate in live voice-chat conversations about a variety of subjects with other people. It was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with other people and investigate a variety of interests. Despite the fact that its popularity may have decreased since then, I will always treasure the recollections of the stimulating talks I had while using the site.

The Good

  1. Unique audio-based social experience
  2. Opportunity for networking and discussions
  3. Access to exclusive rooms and conversations

The Bad

  1. Limited accessibility due to invitation-only model
  2. Potential for privacy concerns

Enhance Your iPad Experience with These Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps can enhance your iPad experience for streaming, gaming, reading, and creative expression. Here are some top iPad entertainment apps:

  1. YouTube: Discover varied videos, channels, and producers. YouTube has infinite entertainment for all ages, from music videos and vlogs to lessons and documentaries.
  2. Gaming enthusiasts use Twitch for live streaming and observing gameplay. Watch your favorite streams, discover new games, and chat with gamers in real time.
  3. Stream movies, TV program, and exclusive content with Amazon Prime Video. Enjoy unique shows like “The Marvellous Mrs Maisel” and “The Boys,” plus many films and documentaries.
  4. Check Hulu for current episodes of major TV shows, vintage series, and Hulu Originals. Hulu has something for everyone with customizable streaming options and diversified program.
  5. Disney+: Enter Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic’s magical universe. Disney’s biggest hits, animation masterpieces, original programmes, and exclusive content are streaming.
  6. Kindle: Use the Kindle app to read on your iPad. Access millions of Kindle Store e-books, periodicals, and audiobooks and sync your reading progress across devices for smooth reading.
  7. Apple Arcade: Explore premium games curated by Apple. Get unlimited access to arcade oldies, indie treasures, and exclusive releases without commercials or in-app purchases.
  8. Procreate: Express your imagination with this powerful digital painting and illustration tool. Procreate lets you create outstanding iPad artwork and designs with its vast brush, tool, and feature set.

Questions and Answers

What is the #1 entertainment app on the app store?

Tubi is the most popular video app on both Android and iOS. People who have used it say it has a huge library of films and TV shows and the video quality is great.

Is An iPad good for entertainment?

The new iPad is great for all the usual things you do with an iPad, like watching movies, playing games, reading books or articles, and keeping kids busy.

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