Best Kids Apps for iPad (2024) for fun and learning

Best Kids Apps for iPad (2024) for fun and learning


I know how important it is to keep my children safe, especially now that more and more children are using smart gadgets. Finding good and safe apps for our children can be a opposition. I have learned that observe children’s online behavior and finding the best apps is critical for their safety.

According to my research, the iPad has many creative tools, learning apps, and fun games to help kids learn. Research from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop shows that the cognitive display features of some apps can help children improve their math, writing, language, and social skills.

To be fair, I think we should limit computer time. research bring out in the Archives of Disease in Childhood shows that children who spend too much time in front of a screen can develop conduct and attention problems. iPad apps are useful but don’t let them take the place of real-life chat or keep them glued to a screen for hours on end.

Best Kids Apps for iPad Comparison Table

Technology plays a big role in our daily lives, and it does too for our kids. Smart gadgets, such as iPad apps for kids, can be more than just fun for kids. They can also be very useful for learning. Technology can help kids learn important things if they know how to use it right.

Feature SplashLearn 🌊 Endless Alphabet 📚 Kahoot! Numbers 🎲 Khan Academy Kids 🧑‍🏫 Duolingo ABC 🅰️
Target Age Group 3-6 years old 🧒 4-8 years old 🧑 5-10 years old 🧒 2-5 years old 🧑‍🦱 4-6 years old 🧑
Focus Reading, Math, Science, Creativity 📚🔢🔬🎨 Reading 📖 Math 🧮 Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Creativity 📚🔢📝🔬🌍🎨 Reading, Phonics 📖🔤
Content Type Games, Activities, Videos 🎮🎨📹 Interactive Storybook 📖 Quiz-based Games 🎲 Videos, Games, Activities 📹🎮🎨 Interactive Activities, Songs 🎶
Subscription Model Yes 💰 One-time purchase 💰 Freemium 💰 Free 🆓 Freemium 💰

Best Kids Apps for iPad

But there are a lot of apps, how do we choose the best ones for our kids? Apps for kids should be more than just fun and games. The best ones easily combine learning and play. There were a lot of things that went into choosing these iPad apps for kids. Most importantly, they had to be safe to use, fun, and educational for kids of that age.


Feature Description
Math curriculum Covers math concepts from kindergarten to grade 5.
Adaptive learning Adjusts difficulty based on individual performance.
Interactive lessons Engages students with games and activities.
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SplashLearn is not your ordinary online study platform. Imagine having a math tutor at your digit tip! SplashLearn makes learning math fun for schoolroom through 5th graders. I have watch how the platform makes math fun and engaging, and SplashLearn motivates learners with interactive games, make to order job , and adaptive features. In addition, it builds a solid math foundation, improves problem-solving skills, and fosters a pain for math.

The Good

  1. Comprehensive math curriculum
  2. Adaptive learning approach
  3. Appeals to different learning styles

The Bad

  1. Limited focus on other subjects
  2. Some users may find the interface overwhelming

Endless Alphabet

Best Kids Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Vocabulary building Teaches vocabulary through interactive animations.
Word puzzles Provides engaging word puzzles for reinforcement.
Audio pronunciations Offers audio pronunciations for each word.

Endless Alphabet is an app that brings the ABCs to life like never before! The days of boring letter exercises are over. Endless Alphabet makes learning letters fun with bright graphics, interactive activities, and enticing tunes. This software is for all ages, from beginning readers to alphabet refreshers. The best part? It matches your pace to ensure you understand each idea before going on.

The Good

  1. Engaging animations
  2. Builds vocabulary in a fun way
  3. Suitable for young learners

The Bad

  1. Limited in scope to vocabulary building
  2. May require additional activities for comprehensive language learning

Kahoot! Numbers

Best Kids Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Math quizzes Offers interactive math quizzes for learning numbers.
Competitive gameplay Allows multiplayer mode for competitive learning.
Real-time feedback Provides instant feedback on quiz performance.

Kahoot! Numbers is the best Edutainment software for learning early maths. Expect a enjoyable surprise if you’ve ever wide during maths classes! Kahoot! Numbers makes boring practice sessions fun and aggressive. You’ll enjoy maths whether you play alone or with friends and classmates. Gaining points and passing quizzes will show you that maths can be fun!

The Good

  1. Engaging and competitive learning experience
  2. Real-time feedback fosters improvement
  3. Variety of quizzes covering different math topics

The Bad

  1. Limited depth in explanations for incorrect answers
  2. Requires internet connection for multiplayer mode

Khan Academy

Best Kids Apps for iPad

Feature Description
Diverse subjects Offers a wide range of subjects from math to humanities.
Interactive lessons Engaging lessons with interactive exercises.
Personalized learning Tailored learning paths based on individual progress.

Khan Academy’s goal is to provide quality education to anyone, anywhere, for free. The Khan Academy platform offers thousands of video lessons and exercises on topics ranging from math and science to history and economics. These are ideal for children just starting school and adults looking to improve their skills. We want everyone to be able to learn. That is why we strive to create tools that are useful for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Good

  1. Free to use
  2. High-quality educational content
  3. Adaptive learning approach

The Bad

  1. Limited interactivity compared to some other platforms
  2. Not suitable for all learning styles


Feature Description
Language learning Offers courses in various languages.
Gamified experience Makes learning fun with game-like challenges.
Progress tracking Allows users to track their learning progress.

I’ve been using Duolingo a lot. Not only is it well-known, but it’s also fun and simple to use. Duolingo breaks down learning a language into small lessons that are like games. You get points and rewards along the way to keep you inspired. You can translate words and phrases, work on your listening skills, and even record your voice to improve the way you say words. It’s like having your own private language teacher in your pocket.

The Good

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Bite-sized lessons
  3. Community engagement features

The Bad

  1. Limited depth in grammar explanations
  2. Some courses may lack audio quality

Benefits of Using iPad Apps for Children

iPad apps for kids help them study, grow, and have fun. Some important benefits are:

  1. Children learn interactively and hands-on with iPad apps. Game, quiz, puzzle, and simulations allow kids to learn maths, science, language, and geography in an entertaining way.
  2. Education: A lot of iPad apps for kids are made by teachers and experts to meet the needs of schools and their lessons. Their age-appropriate games and content help kids learn how to think critically, solve problems, be creative, and grow mentally.
  3. Educational content is accessible anytime, anyplace using iPad apps. Children may learn using interactive apps that adjust to their pace and preferences at home, in the vehicle, or on the road.
  4. Personalised Learning: Some iPad apps tailor learning to each child’s talents, interests, and learning style. Apps can customise learning courses by adjusting difficulty levels and providing focused feedback using adaptive algorithms and progress tracking.
  5. Media & Rich Content: iPad apps use videos, animations, audio samples, and interactive visuals to enhance learning. These immersive elements engage kids and make learning unforgettable.
  6. Parents may control screen time, ban unwanted information, and track their child’s progress and successes using many iPad apps.
  7. Children can join groups, share achievements, and engage with friends in several iPad apps. Collaborative activities boost communication, teamwork, and social-emotional development.
  8. Children may paint, play music, write stories, and design on iPad apps. In a supportive digital environment, students can explore different tools and materials to improve artistic skills and self-expression.
  9. Prizes, badges, levels, and challenges motivate kids to learn with iPad apps. These motivations boost perseverance, resilience, and learning optimism.
  10. Children learn navigation, typing, touch-screen interaction, and online safety by using iPad apps. Modern technology makes these abilities crucial for children’s success in school and beyond.

Questions and Answers

What social media apps do kids use the most?

The results showed that for 38% of youth in the US, TikTok was the most important social network. Twenty-eight percent of American teens say Snapchat is their favourite social media site, which puts it ahead of Instagram as the second most popular app.

What is the #1 social media app?

It is now the most famous site for social networking. This says that around 37% of people in the world use Facebook. 931 million people use Facebook Messenger every month. It is the app that came from Facebook Direct Message.

Is there a TikTok for kids only?

It’s easier to use and has more safety and private tools for kids younger than 13. TikTok has an app called TikTok for Younger Users. People who are online can only read, share, and get to certain things.

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