Best Nonprofit Software (2024) for success and growth

Best Nonprofit Software (2024) for success and growth


The importance of selecting the appropriate software for your nonprofit organization cannot be overstated. Due to the fact that I have extensive experience working closely with charity organizations, I am aware of the significance of having tools that simplify jobs and streamline processes. The best software for charitable organizations should be able to efficiently handle everything from the creation of memberships to the processing of donations.

Nonprofit organizations, in contrast to commercial enterprises, have specific requirements that go beyond the capabilities of a typical content management system (CMS) or website builder. As an illustration, they require powerful capabilities for the management of donors, compliance, and responsibility. The management of volunteers, the coordination of projects, and the maintenance of financial integrity are all challenges that I have witnessed firsthand in the context of nonprofit organizations.

Software that is effective should be able to provide answers for these difficulties, including capabilities that permit the monitoring of volunteer engagement, the facilitation of communication, and the tracking of marketing initiatives. By utilizing the appropriate technologies, nonprofit organizations are able to increase their effect and concentrate more on the work that is driven by their goal.

What is nonprofit software?

The term “nonprofit software” refers to software that assists you in increasing the effectiveness of your organization and the influence it has on your cause. By providing tools to expedite administrative work, manage donor relationships, and enhance fundraising efforts, this specialist software caters to the specific requirements that charity organizations have.

Best Nonprofit Software Comparison Table

It’s hard to make the world a better place because you have to find sponsors and donors, run events and campaigns, do your taxes and do your accounts, and a lot more. nonprofits and volunteers can use special software to make these jobs easier, save time, and let people focus on the mission of the organization instead of the hassles of running it.

Feature Bloomerang Constant Contact actiTIME Aplos Neon
Primary Focus Email marketing & donor management Email marketing Time tracking & project management Marketing automation & CRM Marketing automation & sales engagement
Pricing Model Per email send or subscriber tier Per email send or subscriber tier Per user tier Per user tier Per user tier
Ease of Use Easy to use Easy to use Moderate Moderate Moderate to complex
Features Email marketing, donor management, event marketing, reporting Email marketing, landing pages, social media marketing, reporting Time tracking, project management, invoicing, reporting Marketing automation, CRM, customer segmentation, lead scoring Marketing automation, sales automation, email marketing, landing pages, web forms
Integrations Integrates with popular CRMs and fundraising platforms Integrates with popular CRMs and ecommerce platforms Integrates with popular project management and accounting platforms Integrates with popular CRM, marketing automation, and sales platforms Integrates with popular CRM, marketing automation, and sales platforms
Target Audience Nonprofits, educational institutions Small businesses, marketing agencies Freelancers, small agencies, project-based businesses Marketing teams, sales teams, small and medium businesses Marketing teams, sales teams, agencies

Best Nonprofit Software

It takes a lot of organization, patience, and hard work to run a nonprofit. You have a huge list of things to do, from setting up peer-to-peer fundraisers to making sure your online projects are properly promoted. Luckily, there are a lot of charity software options that can be tailored to your group’s needs and keep you and your staff from getting too busy.


Feature Description
Donor Management Efficiently manage donor information
Fundraising Facilitate fundraising campaigns
Reporting Generate insightful reports for analysis
Communication Communicate with donors via email and mail
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Bloomerang stands out as a trustworthy partner for non-profits, as it is a complete donor management program. I’ve seen personally how Bloomerang makes fundraising easier by centralising information about donors, making it easy to keep track of donations, and allowing for personalised communication through targeted emails and campaigns.

Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features not only make administrative chores easier, but they also help build stronger relationships with donors, which increases the impact of our program.

The Good

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Robust donor management features
  3. Comprehensive reporting capabilities

The Bad

  1. Limited customization options
  2. Pricing might be steep for small organizations

Constant Contact

Best Nonprofit Software

Feature Description
Email Marketing Create and send professional email campaigns
Automation Set up automated email workflows
Contact Management Organize and manage contact lists
Analytics Track email campaign performance

Constant Contact has been very helpful in making our marketing efforts better. As a flexible email marketing platform, it has given me the tools to create interesting newsletters, organise my subscriber lists well, and use insightful stats to track how well my campaigns are doing.

With its easy-to-use layout and wide range of templates, I’ve been able to make emails that look good and connect with our audience, which has led to higher engagement and stronger relationships with our customers.

The Good

  1. Intuitive email editor
  2. Extensive automation features
  3. Detailed analytics for campaign optimization

The Bad

  1. Limited integration options with other platforms
  2. Pricing plans can be expensive for large lists


Best Nonprofit Software

Feature Description
Time Tracking Track time spent on tasks and projects
Project Management Manage projects and assign tasks
Reporting Generate customizable reports on time usage
Integrations Integrate with other tools like Jira and QuickBooks

actiTIME changes the way we handle our employees and keep track of how projects are going. This cloud-based option has been very helpful for keeping track of employee hours, making sure projects are finished on time, and looking at trends in productivity.

Its many functions, such as time sheets, project budgeting tools, and detailed reporting options, not only make our work easier, but they also give us the power to make choices based on data that lead to higher profits and efficiency.

The Good

  1. Simple and intuitive interface
  2. Flexible time tracking options
  3. Seamless integrations with popular tools

The Bad

  1. Lack of advanced project management features
  2. Limited customization capabilities for reports


Best Nonprofit Software

Feature Description
Accounting Manage nonprofit finances and donations
Fundraising Launch and track fundraising campaigns
Donor Management Maintain donor records and communication
Reporting Generate financial reports and statements

Aplos has changed everything for our creative agency by giving us a project management system that is perfect for our needs. I’ve seen how Aplos makes managing tasks easy, encourages teamwork, and makes sure that sharing files and keeping track of time are done quickly and correctly. Aplos gives us the tools to meet tight deadlines, do great work, and go above and beyond what clients expect by keeping us organised, on track, and communicating clearly.

The Good

  1. Specialized for nonprofit organizations
  2. Comprehensive accounting features
  3. Easy-to-use donation tracking

The Bad

  1. Interface can be overwhelming for beginners
  2. Lack of advanced fundraising tools


Best Nonprofit Software

Feature Description
Donor Management Manage donor relationships and information
Online Fundraising Create and manage online fundraising campaigns
Reporting Generate detailed reports on donations and campaigns
Communication Communicate with donors via email and social media

Neon turns out to be an essential tool for easing our creative process from idea to completion. With Neon’s full set of features for managing projects and assets, working together, and getting approvals, it’s easy to handle the complicated parts of creative tasks.

Neon improves our efficiency and speeds up our time-to-market, which leads to business success by centralising our creative work and encouraging team members to work together.

The Good

  1. Robust donor management capabilities
  2. Powerful online fundraising tools
  3. Seamless integration with popular CRM systems

The Bad

  1. Steeper learning curve for new users
  2. Limited customization options for donation forms

Top Features to Look for in Nonprofit Software

When choosing nonprofit software, it’s important to make sure that the features fit with the purpose, operational needs, and budget of the organization. These are important things to look for:

  1. Donor Management: Full donor management tools, such as donor profiles, gift tracking, pledge management, and segmentation for more targeted outreach. Look for tools that let you make online donations, set up recurring donations, and make workflows for acknowledging donors.
  2. Tools for Fundraising: Powerful tools for fundraising that help you plan, run, and keep track of events and campaigns. This could include tools for peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, event management, and campaign tracking to get donors more involved and get them to give more money.
  3. Volunteer Management: This feature helps you find volunteers, train them, plan their time, and communicate with them effectively. Check for tools that help with background checks, volunteer registration, volunteer tracking, and efforts to show appreciation for volunteers.
  4. Grant Management: The ability to handle the whole grant lifecycle, from finding funding opportunities to sending in proposals and keeping track of how the grants are being used. It has tools for keeping track of grants, filing reports, making sure they are followed, and keeping track of documents and due dates linked to grants.
  5. Membership Management: This includes features for groups with membership programs that let members sign up, pay dues, renew their memberships, and communicate with other members. Look for features that help with engaging, retaining, and dividing up members into groups.
  6. Comprehensive tools for managing money that let you keep track of budgets, income, and costs across all programs, grants, and fundraising efforts. This includes budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and the ability to work with accounting tools.
  7. Communicating and Reaching Out: Tools for communicating and reaching out to stakeholders, donors, workers, and the community. This could include tools for email marketing, integrating social media, promoting events, and constituent relationship management (CRM) to keep in touch with people and get them involved.
  8. Tracking and reporting on an organization’s effects and results to donors, funders, and other important people is possible with impact measurement and reporting tools. This could include performance dashboards, impact measurement models, and reporting templates to show that the program works and that people are responsible for it.

Questions and Answers

What software do large law firms use?

Clio Manage, which is a cloud-based practice management software, helps to centralize and streamline the process of running your company, working with customers, and arranging cases. It is also possible to integrate Clio with a wide variety of other applications, which makes it an even more useful technological tool for attorneys.

What is CRM for lawyers?

Legal client relationship management (CRM) software helps law firms grow their businesses by handling tasks like taking on new clients, scheduling and following up with clients, keeping track of income, and more. To put it simply, legal CRM software helps turn possible new clients into retained clients during the client intake process.

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