Best Time Management Apps for Students (2024) tested

Best Time Management Apps for Students (2024) tested


The ability to effectively manage one’s time is a crucial skill that I has realised is of the utmost importance during my time spent as a student. Finesse and the application of appropriate solutions are required in order to successfully juggle academics, extracurricular responsibilities, and personal life.

It is to our good fortune that the development of technology have resulted in the proliferation of time management tools that are tailored precisely to the needs of students such as ourselves.

These applications has painstakingly developed to assist us in organising our obligations, increasing our productivity, and decreasing our tendency to put things off till later. Within the scope of this article, we will investigate a selection of the most excellent time management applications that have greatly altered the way I experience being a student.

Best Time Management Apps for Students Comparison Table

Here’s a table comparing the best student time management applications’ features and benefits. These apps help us schedule, manage chores, track progress, and boost productivity. These apps have functionality for task lists, reminders, goal planning, and time tracking. Compare and choose the best time management tool to improve your student life and academic goals.

App 🚀 Features 💼 Business Use 🎯 Focus 📱 Platforms 🛡️ Security
Trello ✔️ Kanban boards ✔️ Project management ✔️ Task organization Web, Mobile, Desktop ✔️ 2FA, encryption
Todoist ✔️ Task lists ✔️ Task tracking ✔️ Priority management Web, Mobile, Desktop ✔️ 2FA, encryption
Forest ✔️ Focus timer ✔️ Distraction control Mobile ✔️ Encrypted data
Notion ✔️ Notes, tasks, databases ✔️ Team collaboration ✔️ Content organization Web, Mobile, Desktop ✔️ Encrypted data
Focus@Will ✔️ Music for productivity ✔️ Focus enhancement Web, Mobile ✔️ Secure streaming

Best Time Management Apps for Students

We must manage our time properly as students to balance schoolwork, extracurriculars, personal duties, and self-care. The correct time management tools can help us be more productive, less stressed, and healthier with all the things we have to accomplish every day.


Feature Description
Kanban Boards Organize tasks into boards, lists, and cards for visual project management.
Collaboration Invite team members, assign tasks, and collaborate in real-time.
Due Dates Set deadlines for tasks and receive notifications for upcoming deadlines.
Attachments Attach files, images, and links to tasks for easy reference.
Labels Categorize tasks with color-coded labels for better organization.
Checklists Create checklists within tasks to track progress step-by-step.
Power-Ups Integrate with third-party apps like Google Drive, Slack, and GitHub for added functionality.
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Trello is a flexible app for organising projects, as I’ve seen from my own use of it. Through boards, lists, and cards, it can clearly organise what needs to be done. I make boards for different projects or themes, add tasks as cards, and then put them in order of importance based on when they need to be done and how important they are. The features of Trello that let people work together also make it a great choice for study or group projects.

The Good

  1. Easy-to-use Kanban boards for task management.
  2. Great for team collaboration and project tracking.
  3. Integrates with various apps and services.

The Bad

  1. Limited functionality without paid plans.
  2. May not be suitable for complex project management.


Best Time Management Apps for Students

Feature Description
Task Management Create tasks, set priorities, and organize tasks into projects and sub-projects.
Due Dates Set deadlines for tasks and receive reminders for upcoming deadlines.
Labels Categorize tasks with color-coded labels and filters for easy sorting.
Projects Organize tasks into projects to manage multiple workflows efficiently.
Reminders Receive notifications and reminders for tasks based on due dates and priorities.
Collaboration Share tasks and collaborate with team members on projects.

Todoist is my favourite task planner because it is easy to use and has a lot of features. With this tool’s help, I can easily keep track of my work, make to-do lists, and set due dates. Some of the things I really like about it are the recurring jobs, reminders, and priority levels that help me finish important projects on time. I also like how easy and convenient it is to plan my schedule because it works with calendars and other apps.

The Good

  1. Simple task lists with due dates and priorities.
  2. Syncs across multiple devices.
  3. Offers integrations with popular apps.

The Bad

  1. Advanced features require a premium subscription.
  2. Interface can be overwhelming


Best Time Management Apps for Students

Feature Description
Focus Timer Set a timer to focus on tasks and avoid distractions for a specified duration.
Gamification Earn rewards and unlock new trees and features by staying focused during sessions.
Task Logging Log tasks completed during focus sessions to track productivity.
Session History View past focus sessions and productivity statistics.
White Noise Optional background white noise to aid concentration during focus sessions.
Tags Categorize tasks and sessions with tags for organization and analysis.
Cross-Platform Access Forest on multiple devices for seamless productivity tracking.

The Forest app is a one-of-a-kind application that I use for managing my time. This strategy, which is based on gamification, helps me concentrate better and reduces distractions. In order to maintain my concentration when studying, I find that setting a timer and watching a virtual tree grow throughout that period of time is really motivating. As a result of the tree withering whenever I allow myself to become sidetracked by social media or other things, I am more likely to refrain from procrastinating.

The Good

  1. Focus timer with gamification features.
  2. Encourages productivity by planting virtual trees.
  3. Helps in reducing distractions.

The Bad

  1. Limited functionality compared to full-fledged productivity apps.
  2. Available mainly on mobile platforms.


Best Time Management Apps for Students

Feature Description
All-in-One Tool Combine notes, tasks, databases, and more in one workspace for comprehensive organization.
Customizable Customize workspace layouts, templates, and workflows to suit individual needs.
Collaboration Invite team members, share documents, and collaborate in real-time.
Database Features Create databases, tables, and linked pages for structured data management.
Integrations Integrate with popular apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Trello for enhanced functionality.
Mobile App Access Notion on mobile devices for seamless productivity across platforms.

The app Notion is another one that I rely on to organise my work and the materials I use for studying. This programme provides me with a flexible workplace that I can modify to meet my own requirements.

This allows me to centralise everything I require for my studies, including databases, to-do lists, calendars, and notes, all of which I produce within Notion. It is also an excellent tool for group assignments and research activities due to the collaborative features that it possesses.

The Good

  1. Versatile platform for notes, tasks, databases, and more.
  2. Excellent for team collaboration and knowledge management.
  3. Highly customizable with templates and integrations.

The Bad

  1. Steeper learning curve for new users.
  2. May feel overwhelming due to its extensive capabilities.


Best Time Management Apps for Students

Feature Description
Personalized Music Curated music playlists designed to enhance focus and productivity.
Productivity Timer Set timers for focused work sessions with built-in music tracks.
Focus Categories Choose from different music categories tailored to specific work environments.
Progress Tracking Track focus sessions and productivity trends over time.
Customizable Adjust music preferences, timer durations, and focus settings for personalized experience.
Insights Gain insights into productivity patterns based on focus session data.

Focus@Will is the tool that I resort to whenever I feel the need to improve my ability to concentrate and focus while I am studying. I am able to maintain my work without being distracted by the music genres and soundtracks that are provided by this productivity tool, which was built using scientific principles. I am able to select music that is tailored to my preferences, which makes my time spent studying more enjoyable.

The Good

  1. Provides curated music for enhancing focus and productivity.
  2. Simple interface focused on improving concentration.
  3. Offers different music genres to suit individual preferences.

The Bad

  1. Limited to music-related productivity enhancement.
  2. Lacks extensive task management features f

Tips for Effective Use of Time Management Apps

The time management applications that I use are really useful tools for me since they help me organise my chores, increase my productivity, and accomplish my objectives in the most effective manner possible. It is crucial to make smart use of these applications in order to derive the full benefits they offer. The following are some helpful hints that will allow you to get the most out of time management apps:

  • Set Clear Goals: Define your objectives and break them down into manageable tasks using the app’s features. Having clear goals helps you stay focused and organized.
  • Prioritize Tasks: Identify urgent and important tasks to focus on high-priority activities first. Use the app’s priority settings or labels to categorize tasks based on their importance and deadlines.
  • Use Reminders: Set reminders for deadlines and important events to ensure you don’t miss any crucial tasks. Utilize notifications and alerts provided by the app to stay on track.
  • Avoid Multitasking: Focus on one task at a time to improve efficiency and reduce mental fatigue. Use the app’s task lists or boards to prioritize tasks and allocate dedicated time slots for each activity.
  • Review Regularly: Periodically review your progress and adjust your schedule or tasks as needed. Use the app’s reporting or analytics features to track your productivity and identify areas for improvement.

Questions and answers

Is it free to use these applications?

On the other hand, the majority of the apps that were listed have free versions that have a restricted set of features, and they also provide premium plans that include more functionalities.

Is it possible to utilise these applications on more than one device?

The answer is yes; these applications are meant to synchronise across several devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. This gives you the ability to access your scheduled activities and chores from any location.

Can these applications assist with keeping track of the amount of time spent studying?

The answer is yes; a number of these applications provide time tracking tools that can assist you in monitoring the amount of time you spend on each individual activity or topic, so assisting you in better managing your time.

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