Best VR Zombie Games (2024) for solo and multiplayer

Best VR Zombie Games (2024) for solo and multiplayer


Zombie VR games take you on an exciting journey that you can’t have anywhere else. They let you experience directly the chaos that comes after the end of the world. After playing some of the best zombie games, I can say that the huge number of bloody but captivating games is truly gripping. But the rise of zombie VR games, which are very realistic, takes the gaming experience to a whole new level.

When personal experience is added, travelling through the zombie-filled virtual worlds becomes an intense and heart-pounding experience. VR’s three-dimensional depth makes the experience more exciting than standard two-dimensional games by letting you interact with the undead in a way that isn’t possible in other games. You no longer have to depend on changing camera angles to see the hordes coming at you. Instead, you can choose your own viewpoint, which gives you a sense of personal agency and urgency.

To stay alive in this enhanced virtual reality, the player must quickly and strategically move their head to predict the undead’s relentless attacks. Failure to turn and look around could mean falling victim to the zombie horde’s relentless chase, which adds an extra layer of suspense and adrenaline to the game.

Best VR Zombie Games Comparison Table

Everything changes for a player when they step into a VR setting and become fully involved in the game. In this way, going into a world of killing zombies and survivalist fear can get even scarier. Many people think that VR horror films have been hit or miss over the past few years, but the zombie scene has given fans of the medium a lot of good, action-packed chillers to get into.

Feature The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Resident Evil 4 VR Arizona Sunshine Zombie Training Simulator The Brookhaven Experiment
Story Original narrative in post-apocalyptic New Orleans Reimagining of classic Resident Evil 4 campaign Linear campaign set in Arizona desert Horde mode and wave survival stages Co-op campaign and wave survival
Atmosphere Gritty and intense, focuses on survival and moral choices Classic spooky horror with iconic enemies Action-packed with Western vibes Sci-fi military base under siege Dark and creepy abandoned facility
Combat Melee and ranged weapons, crafting, focus on physics and impact Traditional shooter mechanics with iconic weapons Varied firearms, explosives, melee combat Wave-based survival with weapon unlocks and upgrades Co-op focus, wave survival with different objectives
Enemies Walkers with different types and variations Classic Resident Evil enemies like Ganados and bosses Hordes of infected and special infected Standard and mutated zombies Various zombie types and special infected
Horror More focused on survival horror and atmosphere Classic RE horror with jump scares and tense encounters Action-horror with gory detail Wave-based and less emphasis on horror Intense and atmosphere-driven horror
Co-op No co-op No co-op Supports 2-player online co-op Up to 4 player online co-op Up to 4 player online co-op

Best VR Zombie Games

Being right next to you. So, VR Zombie Games are some of the scariest and most exciting things you can do on the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. You can choose from some great VR zombie games on the Quest 2, whether you want to use a machine gun to kill hordes of zombies or a hatchet to cut them up. These five are the best.

The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners

Feature Description
Immersive VR Experience Step into the world of The Walking Dead
Realistic Survival Gameplay Navigate through a post-apocalyptic New Orleans
Crafting and Combat Use resources to craft weapons and fight off zombies
Choice-driven Narrative Make decisions that impact the story
Exploration Explore the flooded streets and abandoned buildings
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In the virtual reality game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, you will embark on a terrifying trip through the streets of New Orleans, which are filled with walkers. Confront flesh-hungry walkers, navigate through flooded ruins, and face the moral conundrums that occur as you struggle for your existence.

All of these challenges will be presented to you. As you prepare to go on an incredible journey that will take you deep into the heart of The Walking Dead universe, you will be tasked with crafting makeshift weapons, scavenging for resources, and keeping yourself prepared.

The Good

  1. Immersive atmosphere
  2. Deep and engaging storyline
  3. Realistic combat mechanics

The Bad

  1. Some technical glitches
  2. Can be challenging for new players

Resident Evil 4 VR

Best VR Zombie Games

Feature Description
Classic Survival Horror Experience the iconic Resident Evil 4 in VR
Updated Graphics Graphics optimized for VR
Intense Action Fight off hordes of infected villagers
Interactive Environments Explore the sinister village and beyond
Motion Controls Use motion controllers for a more immersive experience

In Resident Evil 4 VR, you will experience the spine-tingling fear of Resident Evil 4 in a way that has never been possible before. Experience the scary first-person perspective of the game as you put yourself in the position of Leon S.

Kennedy and face off against a variety of well-known horrors. In this famous survival horror game, you must make strategic use of your surroundings in order to outwit the people of Ganado and the terrible bosses, solve complex puzzles, and wield iconic weapons in order to stay alive.

The Good

  1. Thrilling VR adaptation
  2. Updated visuals enhance immersion
  3. Tense and challenging gameplay

The Bad

  1. Limited movement options
  2. Some users may experience motion sickness

Arizona Sunshine

Best VR Zombie Games

Feature Description
Cooperative Multiplayer Team up with friends for zombie-slaying action
Large Open World Explore the post-apocalyptic Arizona desert
Varied Weapons Choose from a range of firearms and melee weapons
Dynamic Weather System Experience changing weather conditions
Horde Mode Survive waves of zombies in intense battles

In the virtual reality game Arizona Sunshine, you will experience a terrifying zombie apocalypse. As you make your way through waves of the undead in the lonely wasteland of Arizona, arm yourself to the teeth and blast your way through them.

Scavenge for weapons and materials, take on exciting missions, and immerse yourself in the desperate struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Whether you choose to band up with companions or brave the horrors alone, you will be able to do all of these things.

The Good

  1. Fun multiplayer experience
  2. Realistic weapon handling
  3. Immersive open-world environment

The Bad

  1. Limited replay value
  2. Some bugs and glitches

Zombie Training Simulator

Best VR Zombie Games

Feature Description
Lighthearted Gameplay Humorous take on zombie survival
Variety of Challenges Test your zombie-fighting skills in different scenarios
Customizable Weapons Modify and upgrade weapons for maximum efficiency
Arcade Style Action Fast-paced gameplay with arcade-style elements
Leaderboards Compete with friends for the highest scores

In the virtual reality game Zombie Training Simulator, you can hone your abilities at killing zombies to perfection. As you confront waves of the undead that are ever more difficult, you will have the opportunity to refine your reflexes by means of a wide range of combat styles and an armoury of weaponry at your disposal.

With this simulation, you will be able to ensure that you are ready for anything that the zombie apocalypse may throw at you, whether you are working on improving your aim or honing your tactics.

The Good

  1. Fun and entertaining
  2. Wide range of challenges
  3. Addictive arcade-style gameplay

The Bad

  1. Limited depth compared to other VR games
  2. Lack of narrative depth

The Brookhaven Experiment

Best VR Zombie Games

Feature Description
Survival Horror Experience Fight waves of terrifying monsters
Intense Atmosphere Creepy environments and eerie sound design
Weapon Upgrades Upgrade weapons to survive the onslaught
VR Movement Options Choose between teleportation and smooth locomotion
Endless Mode Test your survival skills in an endless mode

In the virtual reality version of The Brookhaven Experiment, you and your fellow survivors must band together to fight for your lives. You and your colleagues will need to work together in order to make your way through a research facility that is infested with zombies and is filled with infected test subjects.

In this heart-pounding cooperative horror game, you will need to work together to solve puzzles, communicate efficiently, and utilise cooperation in order to conquer the numerous obstacles that stand in the way of your liberation.

The Good

  1. Intense and terrifying atmosphere
  2. Challenging gameplay
  3. Weapon upgrades add depth

The Bad

  1. Limited variety in enemy types
  2. Some players may find it too scary

Top Features to Look for in VR Zombie Games

When choosing a VR zombie game, several features can enhance the gameplay experience and immerse you in the post-apocalyptic world. Here are some top features to look for:

  1. Realistic Graphics and Immersive Environments: Look for VR zombie games with high-quality graphics and detailed, immersive environments that bring the post-apocalyptic world to life. Realistic lighting, textures, and atmospheric effects can enhance immersion and make the game more visually engaging.
  2. Variety of Zombies: Seek games that offer a diverse range of zombie types with unique abilities, behaviors, and appearances. From slow-moving walkers to fast and agile sprinters, a variety of zombie types can add depth to gameplay and keep it challenging and unpredictable.
  3. Weapon Variety and Customization: Choose games that offer a wide selection of weapons, including firearms, melee weapons, explosives, and makeshift tools. The ability to customize and upgrade weapons adds depth to gameplay and allows you to tailor your arsenal to your playstyle.
  4. Intuitive VR Controls: Look for games with intuitive and responsive VR controls that make it easy to interact with the environment, wield weapons, and perform actions like reloading, aiming, and melee attacks. Smooth and natural movement mechanics enhance immersion and gameplay comfort.
  5. Survival Mechanics: Seek games that incorporate survival mechanics such as resource management, scavenging, crafting, and base-building. Balancing your resources and making strategic decisions adds depth and challenge to the gameplay experience.
  6. Storyline and Narrative: Choose games with engaging storylines, compelling characters, and immersive narratives that draw you into the world of the game. A well-crafted story can add context and motivation to your actions, making the gameplay experience more meaningful and rewarding.
  7. Multiplayer and Cooperative Modes: Look for games that offer multiplayer or cooperative modes, allowing you to team up with friends or other players to survive the zombie apocalypse together. Cooperative gameplay adds social interaction, teamwork, and replayability to the experience.
  8. Horror Atmosphere and Sound Design: Seek games with atmospheric sound design, including eerie music, ambient sounds, and realistic zombie noises that create tension and suspense. A horror atmosphere enhances immersion and adds to the thrill of facing off against the undead.

Questions and Answers

What’s the best walking dead VR game?

The virtual reality (VR) options that The Walking Dead has to offer, in especially The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, are among the most spectacular things that have come out of the series in terms of video games. During the beginning of the outbreak, players are able to enter New Orleans by hopping into their virtual reality gadgets and entering the city.

Does Oculus Quest 2 have a zombie game?

Taking place on the Oculus Quest 2, Arizona Sunshine is a zombie shooting experience that is not only brief but also incredibly fast-paced and enjoyable. If you are looking for a game that allows you to face off against swarms of zombies that are all running at you, then this is the game that you should play. You can play it in either single-player or multiplayer mode.

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