How to Add Music to a Facebook Story: Easy steps

How to Add Music to a Facebook Story: Easy steps


How to Add Music to a Facebook Story, can make it much more interesting and help you connect with your followers on a deeper level. The right music can make your material better, whether you’re talking about a special memory, advertising an event, or being creative. Facebook makes it easy by giving you a lot of songs to choose from to improve your Stories. Here are the easy steps you need to follow to add music to your Facebook Story.

This will make sure that your posts stand out and have an effect that lasts. Whether you’re new to social media or have been using it for a while, mastering this feature will help you tell better stories and keep your friends, family, and fans interested. Let’s look at how to Add Music to a Facebook Story, it is to add the right music to your Facebook Stories for any event or mood. You can make your Stories more interesting, memorable, and fun for your audience to experience by using this tool.

Why Add Music to Your Facebook Story

Why not add music to your Facebook Story? It will make your posts more fun and interesting for your friends and fans. Music can help people remember your story and feel things, making the experience more interesting and lively. Putting your own stamp on your photos and movies makes them more than just a collection of pictures.

Imagine sharing a moment from your day with a catchy song that captures the essence of that moment. Adding that song to your story quickly makes it more interesting and interactive. Music makes your Facebook Story more interesting, whether it’s a happy moment, a deep thought, or just a short clip of your favorite song. It takes a simple set of pictures or movies and turns them into a multimedia show that people will remember. If you want to know more information about this visit Facebook Official Website.

How to Add Music to a Facebook Story

How to Add Music to a Facebook Story

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on your profile picture or the ‘+’ icon at the top of your News Feed to create a new Facebook Story.
  3. Capture a new photo or video using your device’s camera, or select an existing photo or video from your gallery.
  4. Look for the “Music” option or icon. It’s usually represented by a musical note or the word “Music.” This option is often located alongside other creative tools like stickers, text, or filters.
  5. Browse through the available music library or search for a specific song. Facebook typically provides a wide range of music options to choose from.
  6. Adjust Song Duration: Some platforms allow you to select a specific part of the song or adjust the duration that will be played in your Story. Follow the on-screen instructions to make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Personalize your Story by adding stickers, text, or other creative elements. Arrange them as desired.
  8. Before posting, preview your Facebook Story to ensure the music and other elements are as you want them.
  9. Once satisfied with your Story, proceed to share it. You may have options to share it with specific friends, share it to your Story, or customize the audience.
  10. Tap the “Post” or “Sharebutton to publish your Facebook Story with the added music.

Benefits of Using Music in Facebook Stories

  1. Connecting on an emotional level: Music can make people feel things and build a better bond with them. Users can express certain moods, feelings, or themes by picking the right music to go with the story. This makes the whole experience of telling a story better.
  2. Brand Personality: Businesses can show off their brand’s personality and character by adding music to their Facebook Stories. Businesses can strengthen their brand image and stand out from competitors by choosing music that fits with their brand values and the people they want to reach.
  3. Reach: Facebook’s algorithms may give more weight to Stories with interesting material, like music. This could make the Stories more visible and reach more people, giving people and companies more views, interactions, and exposure.
  4. Content That You’ll Remember: Music can help you remember things. People are more likely to remember and share Facebook Stories with catchy music or memorable sounds, which means the content reaches more people than it did at first.
  5. Storytelling Improvement: Music can make Facebook Stories better for telling stories by adding more depth to the stories. It can help set the mood, pace, and flow of the story, leading readers through the plot and making the whole experience better.
  6. Promotional Opportunities: Music in Facebook Stories can be used by businesses to market their goods, services, events, or campaigns. Businesses can get their target audience’s attention, get them involved, and raise brand recognition by using branded music or soundtracks that go with their products.


In short, adding music to your Facebook Story is a great way to make it more interesting and get to know your followers better. If you pick the right songs, your friends and fans will find your stories more interesting and easy to remember. Music can make your story more interesting, whether you’re sharing happy times, writing about adventures, or showing off your imagination.

Picking your favorite songs to play in your Facebook Stories not only makes your posts more personal, but it also makes it easy to set the mood. Don’t be afraid to try out different kinds of music until you find the one that goes best with your stories. With this easy-to-use but powerful tool, you can make your Facebook Stories into vivid expressions that people will remember. Enjoy the many types of songs that are out there, and let the beat of your life show in your stories.

Question and Answer

Can I add music to my Facebook Story from a desktop computer?

You can only add music to a Facebook Story on the mobile app right now. Not on the desktop page. For this to work, you need to have the Facebook app on your phone or computer.

Can I add multiple songs to a single Facebook Story?

You can only have one song in a Facebook Story. If you want more, you need to make a new Story for each song or change them somewhere else before making them public on Facebook.

Will my Facebook Story be muted if someone views it with the sound off?

The music you added won’t be heard if people watch your Facebook Story without sound. To hear the music along with your story, they have to turn on the sound.

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