How to Assign Favorite Weapons in Starfield

How to Assign Favorite Weapons in Starfield


How to Assign Favorite Weapons in Starfield: In Starfield, you will have the opportunity to make use of a wide variety of weapons, including those belonging to the categories of ballistics, energy, explosives, and others. When you first start playing the game, you will be instructed on how to equip items; however, the video game does not provide much information regarding how to switch weapons so quickly.

The fact that you are able to acquire a wide range of weapons throughout the course of your playthrough is something that is well known to anyone who has ever played a Bethesda role-playing game, and Fallout in particular. When you run out of ammunition and need to switch weapons on the fly, it can be quite a challenge to search through your inventory every time you want to switch weapons. This is because you will frequently run out of ammunition.

There is no exception to this rule in Starfield; however, if you do not make use of the favourites features, you will most likely fall victim to inventory frustration rather than actual enemies. As was the case in Bethesda’s earlier multiplayer games, you have the ability to bind your weapons to a slot and change your weapon by pressing specific keys or buttons, both of which will be covered in this guide. Here are the steps how to Assign Favorite Weapons in Starfield.

How to Assign Favorite Weapons in Starfield

  1. Get into your Inventory. For inventory, you can either press “I” on the keyboard or the “M” button on your controller.
  2. Next, pick out the item or weapon you want to add to the quick select menu.
  3. Use the Y button or the B key on your keyboard to do this.
  4. Now, put it somewhere in the quick select menu. Press any key from 1 to 0 or the “[]” key to use the keyboard. As for the controller, use the D-pad to move it in any direction.
  5. With the Quick Select menu, you can quickly switch between up to pieces of gear.
    • Weapons
    • Spacesuits
    • Packs
    • Helmets
    • Apparel
    • Aid

Importance of Assigning Favorite Weapons

  1. Efficiency in Combat: Players can quickly get to their preferred arsenal during battle by marking weapons as “favourites.” This makes the game easier to play and lets you quickly deal with different threats you may face in the game.
  2. Personalisation and Player Style: Starfield probably has a lot of different weapons for players with different ways of playing. By assigning favourite weapons, players can change the way they play to fit their preferred style, whether that’s precise long-range shooting, close-quarters combat, or strategic weapon combinations.
  3. Adaptability to Situational Challenges: In a action game like Starfield, where the world is always changing, players may face different problems that need different solutions. By assigning favourite weapons, players can quickly adapt to new challenges without having to look through their whole inventory. This makes it easier for them to get past problems.
  4. Strategic Loadout Management: Players can plan their loadout based on mission goals, enemy types, and the environment by using their favourite weapons. As a result, players can make better strategic decisions and have an advantage in tough situations.
  5. Better Immersion and Role-Playing: Giving characters their favourite weapons can help with the game’s immersion and role-playing elements. Players can become attached to the weapons they choose, which makes them feel more connected to their character in the game and to the story of Starfield as a whole.

Exploring Weapon Attributes and Specializations

Attribute Description Example Specializations
Damage Type The kind of damage the weapon deals (e.g., physical, energy, elemental). Ballistic, Plasma, Cryo, Toxin
Damage The raw amount of damage inflicted per shot. Higher damage generally leads to faster kills.
Firing Rate The number of shots fired per second. Higher firing rate increases DPS but might require better aim.
Range The effective distance at which the weapon can deal damage. Longer range provides tactical options but might require scopes.
Accuracy The weapon’s inherent dispersion and how true it shoots to its aim point. Higher accuracy improves hit chance, especially at longer ranges.


A massive action role-playing game, Starfield features a multitude of planets for players to discover throughout their journey. In the course of their exploration of the planets, players will amass a variety of items belonging to a variety of categories. However, the method to use or equip the items can leave players scratching their heads because the game does not provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to quickly use the items. However, there is a quick way to use certain types of items, and that is by assigning items to favourites.

Questions and Answers

How do you change favorites in Starfield?

You can add a weapon to your favourites bar by going to your inventory and opening your weapons list. After that, choose the weapon you want to add to your favourites bar, and then select the Favourite button or key that is located at the bottom right of this screen. At this point, you have the ability to select the section of your favourites bar in which you would like to position the weapon.

What is the favorite button in Starfield?

If you are playing Starfield with a controller, you will be able to use your preferred controls by clicking the button that corresponds to them on the D-pad during gameplay. On the D-pad, there are three slots associated with each direction. For those who play the keyboard, your preferred keys will be assigned to a specific number on the keyboard.

Can you go to Earth in Starfield?

Selecting the top left corner of your pause menu will allow you to open your Starmap, which is the first step in the process. Ensure that your starmap view is displaying a variety of star systems, and then select Sol from the menu located on the far left side of the map. If you do this, the system will open. On the third ring from the sun is where you will find Earth.

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