How to Beat Chargers in Helldivers 2: Simple ways

How to Beat Chargers in Helldivers 2: Simple ways


learn how to Beat Chargers in Helldivers 2 in this guide. In Helldivers 2, Charger mechanics and methods must be understood to defeat them. Chargers are dangerous on the battlefield because to their speed, agility, and devastating strikes. Helldivers must think fast, aim well, and work together to defeat Chargers.When the squad doesn’t have any hard-hitting stratagems or armor-piercing weaponry, chargers can be difficult to handle.

A Charger can be taken down without either of these. How to quickly defeat these significant problems in Helldivers 2. Russ Boswell updating March 15, 2024: Chargers are Helldivers 2’s most irritating enemies. Players find it hard to kill these huge bugs due to their heavy armour.

Luckily, Chargers are easy to kill once players learn how, but they can be irritating when surrounded by Terminid. This article covers Helldivers 2 Chargers’ strengths, weaknesses, and best strategies for defeating them. Whether you’re a veteran Helldiver or just starting out, beating Chargers will improve your combat skills and help you battle the alien threat. Here are the steps how to Beat Chargers in Helldivers 2.

How to Beat Chargers in Helldivers 2

  1. Attacking a Charger’s vulnerable spot on its back or using armor-piercing weaponry and Stratagems to pierce its protective carapace are the most effective strategies for defeating them in Helldivers 2.
  2. By aiming at the bug’s legs or other limbs, anti-tank weaponry can potentially shatter its armoured shell.
  3. In order to inflict normal damage on a Charger, explosive instruments such as the Railgun can breach its defences.
  4. But there’s one weak area on a Charger’s back, and it glows green in the spaces between their armour plates. If you can use the turrets to deflect this enemy’s attention, you’ll have a great chance to fire on its minor vulnerability and do heavy damage.
  5. Helldivers 2‘s cooperative multiplayer mode allows players to team up with others and take turns distracting the Charger while they launch attacks.
  6. Do not dive out of the way of a charging Charger unless you have a means to divert its attention.
  7. During the few seconds it takes for the monster to recover from its own attack, you can target its weak spot on its back and deliver damage.
  8. In Helldivers 2, if you do this enough times, you should be able to kill Chargers if they get too close.
  9. Do not be surprised to see Chargers accompanied by a number of lower-ranking Terminids, such as Scavengers or Warriors.
  10. Helldivers 2 players who want to defeat a Charger must also face up against the insect’s allies, who may launch an attack at any second.

Team Coordination and Communication Tactics

Aspect Description
Objective Awareness Communicate primary objectives clearly and prioritize tasks based on the mission’s goals.
Positioning Maintain optimal positions to cover each other’s blind spots and maximize firepower efficiency.
Enemy Identification Use precise callouts to identify enemy types and their weaknesses for effective combat strategies.
Loadout Coordination Coordinate loadouts to ensure a balanced team composition with diverse abilities and equipment.
Covering Fire Provide covering fire for teammates during critical moments, allowing for safe movement or actions.
Revival Protocol Establish a protocol for reviving fallen teammates swiftly while minimizing risks.
Communication Channels Utilize in-game communication tools effectively, such as voice chat or text messages.
Tactical Retreats Implement strategic retreats when overwhelmed to regroup and reassess the situation.
Target Prioritization Prioritize high-threat targets based on the current tactical situation and mission objectives.
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Tips and Tricks for Efficient Charger Elimination

  1. Target Chargers: Fast-moving opponents can quickly approach you and your team. Target Chargers as soon as they come on the battlefield to avoid pandemonium and mission disruption.
  2. Chargers are armoured opponents: therefore rocket launchers, railguns, and heavy machine guns can damage them. Check with your team to ensure you have the firepower to defeat Chargers swiftly.
  3. Focus Fire: Work with your team to hit Chargers. Concentrated firepower can defeat Chargers before they overwhelm you. Communicate and set targets for effective eradication.
  4. Use Defensive Stratagems: Use turrets, obstacles, and mines to choke Chargers. This buys time and makes targeting and eliminating them easier.
  5. Keep moving: Chargers can quickly catch you. Remain active to evade Chargers’ attacks. Use shelter and manoeuvre around the battlefield to stay ahead.
  6. Charge assaults: Chargers can close the distance and unleash powerful assaults. Be alert and ready to dodge or counter their charge assaults to escape damage.
  7. Upgrade guns and equip: Upgrade your guns and equip to fight Chargers. Upgraded weapons damage and penetrate armoured adversaries like Chargers better.
  8. Communication Matters: Communication is key in Helldivers 2. Voice chat or in video game communication features help your team organise, call out Charger sightings, and plan attacks.


Strategic thinking and teamwork are needed when confronting Chargers in Helldivers 2. Understanding Chargers’ mechanics and vulnerabilities can boost your chances of success. Teamwork, communication, and quick decision-making are essential to defeating these formidable opponents. Adapting and being calm under duress can help you win. You may defeat Chargers and win missions by working with your squad and using clever strategies.

Questions and Answers

Where are the Chargers in Helldivers 2?

On medium to hard planets with bug missions, they may have their own particular quest like Bile Spewers and Bile Titans. They spawn in the ambient horde on tough levels or higher.

What kills chargers?

Using 110mm rocket pods, railcannon orbital, and orbital laser are strong strategies. 3 autocannon shots to the butt bleeds the tail out, eat or recoiless rifle to the leg breaks armour, 2 railgun shots to the leg breaks armour. Unload rounds into the exposed leg.

Are Helldivers 2 boosters permanent?

Boosters don’t expire and can be used at the start of any quest. You can only equip one Booster per mission when selecting Stratagems and Equipment. The affects affect the whole team!

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