How to Change BeReal Emojis: A simple guide

How to Change BeReal Emojis: A simple guide


Do you know how to Change BeReal Emojis? BeReal has made emojis more personal and authentic. BeReal users can respond to postings with RealMojis. A RealMoji is a selfie that mimics an emoji’s emotion. However, you may respond to a post with a bad RealMoji. The BeReal app’s view of emojis has changed the field. RealMojis and other inventions from BeReal social network augment emojis. BeReal’s RealMojis, a title it gave their post reactions, are one of its most unique features.

You can “like” a post with RealMojis instead of Instagram and Facebook’s like, dislike, or celebration reactions. You can see social media differently with BeReal. Be it photo authenticity or emoji replies. Create your own emoji reactions with BeReal by capturing your face or reaction. RealMojis are emoji reactions or images. This tutorial explains how to Change BeReal Emojis on Android and iPhone. Let’s begin.

What are BeReal Emojis?

BeReal’s RealMojis react to platform posts. The name plays on emoji. For instance, Instagram users “like” posts with hearts. Leave a RealMoji on BeReal. You can take RealMojis of yourself reacting to the post. Two RealMojis exist: saved and instant. Saved RealMojis are BeReal photographs you take when asked, like a thumbs up. That image can be used to like posts. You surely know that all social media encourage users to connect with other users’ posts.

Most of these networks offer a “Like” button for this (plus the rare Facebook-like reaction), and it works effectively. BeReal offers a similar system, however RealMoji makes it different. Instant RealMojis are photos of you taken when you react to the post and are not saved. This prevents you from using the image in another post. RealMojis from other users appear at the bottom of BeReal posts. If no RealMojis are shown, that post has none left. You could start!

How to Change BeReal Emojis

  1. Tap the emoji icon at the bottom right of any BeReal post.
  2. Tap and hold the RealMoji to change. The x icon will display.
  3. Tap RealMoji again. On Android, click Confirm to delete. Tap Delete on iPhone.
  4. New RealMojis are available. Tap RealMoji to take a new one as usual.

Understanding the Importance of Emojis in Communication

  1. Expressiveness: Emojis enable you express yourself and convey your feelings in writing. Emojis can boost sincerity in BeReal, which values authenticity.
  2. Clarity: Emojis highlight communication intent. A thumbs-up emoji can show agreement or support without explanation, eliminating misunderstandings.
  3. Emojis make interactions: more interesting and visually appealing. They can attract attention, inspire interest, and get others to react, making BeReal discussions more alive.
  4. Cultural context: Emojis are language-independent symbols. They are understood worldwide, so you can communicate with people from other cultures on BeReal without problems.
  5. Emojis let you express: your personality and flair in messages. Emojis express your emotions and personalise your messages, whether you’re serious or humorous.
  6. Memorability: Emojis enhance message recall. Emojis make BeReal interactions more memorable and meaningful because people recall them visually.


Discovering BeReal emojis can improve your platform communication. Emojis help you express emotions, spice up messages, and connect with others. Understand how BeReal emojis affect the tone and expression of your posts to create more engaging and meaningful connections. Using emojis successfully in tales, conversations, and creative expression can make your work more relatable and pleasant. Try different emoji combinations on BeReal to see how they might boost your messaging.

Questions and Answers

Why won t my BeReal emojis work?

It could be the BeReal app acting up. This simple fix usually works: Force the app to shut and restart. Android and iPhone app closure instructions are here. Restart BeReal after closing.

Does it say if you screenshot someone’s BeReal reaction?

Does BeReal Alert You to Screenshots? The push notice for a BeReal post screenshot will not be sent. The user will not be notified if you screenshot. Viewing your BeReal post will show you if someone screenshotted it.

Can you hide your BeReal from a friend?

Privacy. BeReal posts are private by default and only available to friends. You can upload an image publicly on the Discovery timeline if you choose this option. You can make your image private after posting if you change your mind.

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